Are these Tom and Jerry cartoons or songs about cats?

Do you know the difference between “The Cat Concerto” and “Year of the Cat”?

 Warner Brothers

There are many great songs about cats (or at least songs that mention cats in the title). Of course, most Tom and Jerry cartoons also have feline-centric names. Put them all together and it may be harder to tell the difference than you think.

We’ve compiled both kitten-themed tunes and Tom and Jerry titles. Can you tell which ones are cat songs and which are cartoons?

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  1. The Bowling Alley-Cat
  2. Cat Scratch Fever
  3. The Cat Concerto
  4. Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog
  5. Year of the Cat
  6. The Million Dollar Cat
  7. Look What the Cat Dragged In
  8. All Cats Are Grey
  9. Salt Water Tabby
  10. Cue Ball Cat
  11. Me and My Friend the Cat
  12. Sufferin’ Cat
  13. Pads, Paws, and Claws
  14. Cat’s in the Cradle
  15. Posse Cat
  16. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  17. Cat Napping
  18. Mean Eyed Cat
  19. Switchin’ Kitten
  20. Blue Cat Blues

Are these Tom and Jerry cartoons or songs about cats?

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SammyBoy86 13 days ago
15/20 I was a Little Flat on this one..
Bapa1 17 days ago
Not a mention of Phoebe's 'Smelly Cat' from Friends.
BorisK Bapa1 14 days ago
They said songs, not jokes.
Bapa1 17 days ago
19/20, missed the last one. And as long as we are on the subject, big Cat Stevens fan.
BorisK Bapa1 14 days ago
Before he radicalized.
cperrynaples 17 days ago
17/20 and comments! [2] Ted Nugent! [4] Could someone explain this one? [5] Al Stewart! [7] Poison! [12] Isn't this a Sylvester toon...LOL! [13] I could NEVER miss an Elvis Costello song! [14] Harry Chapin! [16] A '60's classic!
FestusFan2312 17 days ago
17/20…made a guess on about half. Never heard of some of the songs.
FLETCH 18 days ago
18 out of 20! A lot of lucky guesses 🙃
nightshade 18 days ago
18/20 better than the Flintstone ones
KJExpress 18 days ago
15/20. Considering that I guessed at most of them, I'm quite happy with my score. 😸
MikefromJersey 18 days ago
"You got 15 out of 20. You were a little flat on this quiz. Better luck next time!"

I would have done better but I was distracted. I had just given my cat a bath and still
had fur on my tongue.

Okay, so I stole that line from Steve Martin.
Remember when he juggled cats in The Jerk?
Bapa1 cperrynaples 17 days ago
No #1 sport in Mexico.
I think Martin must be a cat lover as he has often worked them into his work over the decades.
Witness "Murders in the Building" where he unfairly targets a cat worshiping, cat hair covered
putz as a killer.
Steve sneaks a look into his fridge while his confederate distracts the guy, discovering a
frozen cat in the freezer, he pulls it out and breaks off a leg, in a panic pushes the cat
in, still holding the leg, which he pockets. Then leaving the apartment, which has cat
fur all over the furniture and floating in the air.
Later at a tenants meeting the poor guy is upset that some mad man broke into his
apartment and stole his dead kitty's leg.
It doesn't sound funny written out here , but it is hilarious on screen.
And then there's the bit from his first album where he asks the audience where he can buy cat handcuffs, after discovering that his cat was stealing from him because his little house had about three thousand dollars worth of cat toys in it.
I remember that bit, now that you brought it up. Very funny, I award it 4 out of 5 on the
fur ball scale.
BorisK MikefromJersey 14 days ago
Doesn't sound like someone who loves cats.
MikefromJersey BorisK 14 days ago
On the contrary, check out the scene in the "The Jerk" where he juggles three puttys,
even Sylvester would approve.
Sway 18 days ago
14/20long quiz when you’re getting them wrong 😾
KJExpress Sway 18 days ago
I kept hoping it would end before I got too many wrong!
Snickers 18 days ago
19/20 Missed the last one.
KJExpress Snickers 18 days ago
Wow! Good job!
Snickers KJExpress 17 days ago
If it's a quiz about cartoons I seem to do well. Guess all those hours watching Saturday morning cartoons finally payed off.
Big3Fan 18 days ago
Only thirteen in my litter. Rest in peace, Harry Chapin.
cperrynaples Big3Fan 17 days ago
You meant 14, didn't you? 13 is my favorite Elvis!
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