Are these plot descriptions from Dragnet or In the Heat of the Night?

Who done it? And who caught them?

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Think you can tell the difference between the gritty streets of Los Angeles and the intense heat of Sparta, Mississippi? Put your knowledge to the test with this exciting quiz!

You'll be presented with plot descriptions, and your task is to decide whether they belong to an episode of the iconic series Dragnet or the beloved In the Heat of the Night. Can you identify which is which?

Sharpen your detective skills and dive into the world of classic TV cops. Share your score in the comments section below, and we'll see who is the ultimate aficionado!

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  1. "The murder of a well-respected man turns up a shocking secret about his family."
  2. "A man is found shot to death in a locked room. The case is initially ruled a suicide until the medical examiner reports that he was shot twice and that a different caliber handgun was used."
  3. "A bitter labor strike at a local factory leads to a murder investigation on a snowy day."
  4. "A series of daring daylight house burglaries take place, seemingly planned from wedding, funeral, and event notices in local newspapers."
  5. "A female real estate agent goes missing and turns up dead in a vacant house. The only suspect, the woman's ex-boyfriend, is cleared. Suddenly, the victim's credit card starts getting billed for purchases she could not have made."
  6. "17-year-old Hal Rustin is a car thief whose mother Eunice Rustin is helpless to stop him. He is given a tour of the jail in an attempt to impress him of the consequences for choosing crime. But it doesn't work, and he later kills someone with a shotgun."
  7. "A lawyer has personal reasons for trying to gain early release for a man who was sent to prison after an accident that he caused while drinking and driving."
  8. "A costumed thief calling himself 'The Crimson Crusader' has been stealing comic books, movie posters and publicity photos of various superheroes."
  9. "A local high school student goes missing after being called to the vice principal's office to receive an honor. The student had not missed any days of school or been late, which worries the vice principal."
  10. "A judge schemes to get rid of his wife after she tries to blackmail him into giving her a divorce and a generous settlement by revealing a secret from his past."

Are these plot descriptions from Dragnet or In the Heat of the Night?

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TammyMeador 10 days ago
You got 8 out of 10
TGIF. Thank goodness it's (Joe) Friday!
kkvegas 16 days ago
10/10. I've never seen ITHOTN TV show (although I've seen the movie multiple times), but I've seen every Dragnet episode more times than I can count.
Bob kkvegas 10 days ago
Same here. Same reason.
Jdelks72 17 days ago
10/10. Only because I like watching both shows occasionally.
MeFanFromSavan 17 days ago
9/10 Missed #9, thought it was a Sparta High based episode.
ERROL 18 days ago
You got 10 out of 10
TGIF. Thank goodness it's (Joe) Friday!
morticia77 18 days ago
kkvegas morticia77 16 days ago
It was a good episode. One of the best parts is a gas receipt that shows the victim bought a whole tank of gas for something like $6.00.
spalding69 18 days ago
10/10 I blowed it away. Dragnet, my all time favorite. The 1950's episodes were much better than the color ones. 67-70 Joe was a real stiff.
rubyslippers1234 20 days ago
8/10. Never have seen ITHOTN. Missed #6 & 9. Both Dragnet. 🙄
Coldnorth 20 days ago
If you know heat of the night, then you know the others have to be Dragnet. 10/10
kkvegas Coldnorth 16 days ago
For me, it was just the opposite, but the result was the same (10/10).
Coldnorth kkvegas 16 days ago
It all depends on who you watch
BorisK 21 days ago
Ouch ... 8/10 .... but for the record 'The Crimson Crusader' is one of the best ever Dragnets. Featuring Tim Donnelly who went on to 'Emergency'! Jack Webb hired him for the Crimson Crusader role weeks in advance and had him put on as much weight as possible to play the poor fat Stanley Stover. A killer episode in the best Dragnet tradition.
TijuanaSlim 21 days ago
missed two... I thought Credit Cards were too new in Dragnet's era to have been made a plot point
and was thinking the Missing student with heretofore perfect attendance was vague/vanilla enough to set up a 'dark and mysterious secret life' reveal that the 80s drama's liked to pull
JayBurd 24 days ago
9 if 10 #6 shot me out of the saddle
NickG 24 days ago
10 of 10. Love Heat but watch and love Dragnet more. Plus, it has less color episodes. Wish Me-TV would air the B&W episodes
Wiseguy70005 NickG 18 days ago
Only if they could find the original films and restore them. The ones floating around now are copies. The series wasn't saved very well by whoever owned them (Jack Webb? Universal?) and there are only 60+ episodes (out of 276) are available and nobody seems to be interested in finding them.
WordsmithWorks 24 days ago
10/10. Never watched "Heat." However, I've seen "Dragnet" many, many times.
BorisK WordsmithWorks 21 days ago
Just the facts ...
Bapa1 24 days ago
10/10, only because I have seen every Dragnet numerous times.
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