Are these episodes of Leave It to Beaver or The Waltons?

Can you guess the right TV family from these episode titles alone?

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Both Leave It to Beaver and The Waltons have come to epitomize wholesome family entertainment. Though they originally aired decades apart, they share many similarities. No matter if growing up in 1950s suburbia or the Blue Ridge Mountains in the 1930s, there are certain things about growing up that never change.

Here are 20 episode titles from both shows. Can you guess which ones belong to each series?

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  1. The Haircut
  2. The Foundling
  3. The Mustache
  4. The Dust Bowl Cousins
  5. The Quilting
  6. The Perfume Salesman
  7. The Ferris Wheel
  8. The Pipe
  9. The Black Eye
  10. The Great Motorcycle Race
  11. The Younger Brother
  12. The Statue
  13. The Visiting Aunts
  14. The Ghost Story
  15. The Late Edition
  16. The Boat Builders
  17. The Car
  18. The Yard Birds
  19. The Family Tree
  20. The First Day

Are these episodes of Leave It to Beaver or The Waltons?

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CaroleThorpe 9 days ago
You got 19 out of 20
Mr. Cleaver would be proud. Great job!
ClassicTVRocks 11 days ago
That was Fun!!! I got 16 out of 20, I'm such a TV Fanatic, I thought I'd get them all. Lol 😆😂 I Love these quizzes.I already knew that Hugh Beaumont was a Minister, it shows in His Aura, the way He was even while playing Ward Cleaver. Of course, John Walton was no slouch either as a Father, Actor Ralph Waite was Great as John Walton. May You Both Rest in Peace. Anyway, on with the next quiz!!!
Gunsmoked 13 days ago
14/20 We all make odd choices now and again 🫤
FLETCH 14 days ago
12 out of 20 Not bad considering they are all guesses 😑
mda 14 days ago
20/20. I know LITB but seldom watch The Waltons.
LoveMETV22 14 days ago

Always liked the episodes with Larry.
Sweendog LoveMETV22 14 days ago
Me, too!!’
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