A Nightmare on Quiz Street

Knife fingers? Red and green sweater? Brown fedora? It's Freddy!


"One, two, Freddy's coming for you.

Three, four, better lock your door..."

Do you believe in the boogeyman? What is the thing that haunts you most as you close your eyes to fall asleep? For many of us, the burned visage of Freddy Krueger will forever keep us up at night. 

How well do you remember the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise? Is Freddy your favorite, or do you prefer Jason? Let's take a walk through the franchise with the following questions. Here's hoping you have the answers. If you don't, you better not fall asleep.

  1. Where is Elm Street?
  2. Which of these famous faces never appeared in a Nightmare movie?
  3. According to actor Robert Englund, Freddy's signature poise and gait are based on which actor?
  4. In which of these movies does Freddy appear as a video game character during a dream sequence?
  5. Which of these is not a real NOES franchise subtitle?
  6. True or False: No director has ever helmed more than one NOES movie.
  7. Which entry is the final Freddy film of the '80s?
  8. Which member of Destiny's Child has appeared in a Freddy flick?
  9. Ronny Yu, director of Freddy vs Jason, directed an entry for which other slasher icon?
  10. Which studio was saved from bankruptcy by the first film, earning itself the nickname "The House That Freddy Built."
  11. How many times are the words "Elm Street" spoken in the original movie?
  12. Which franchise entry is the only one with a male central protagonist?
  13. Which is the first film in the series in which Robert Englund receives top billing?
  14. Which rap group scored a crossover hit with the Freddy-centric song "A Nightmare on My Street?"
  15. Who contributed the 1987 song "Dream Warriors" to the soundtrack of the movie with the same name?

A Nightmare on Quiz Street

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eyegor 7 months ago
4/15. All guesses. I've never seen any of the movies.
Bob 7 months ago
14/15. I can't believe I missed one!
Maverick66 7 months ago
5/15. All guesses. Haven't cared to watch a single one of the Elm Street movies.
CaptainDunsel 7 months ago
About the only one I knew was #10, about which studio made NOES.
Snickers 7 months ago
6/15. Not a fan of horror movies.
TownOfMayberry 7 months ago
I guessed a a couple
You got 15 out of 15

Phew! Nothing but safe, gentle dreams for you tonight.
tadlem 7 months ago
I don't know ANYTHING about horror movies.........and just proved it. lol
kathyo 7 months ago
7/15 with most of them being guesses...
Muleskinner 7 months ago
2/15. All guesses. Most of them WRONG!
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