We definitely watched these 9 shows when we stayed home sick from school

These programs made our sick days much more bearable.

It was never fun to be sick as a kid, but it helped knowing there was a great daytime TV lineup ready for us on the days we stayed home. Even though the flu kept us from going to school, we actually learned a lot from programs like Jeopardy! and Let's Make a Deal.

Here's what kept us entertained while we stayed home from school with the flu. Tell us, did you watch any of these? What did we forget to include?

1. Captain Kangaroo


If you were up early enough, you probably started your day with the Captain and Mr. Moose. 

Image: YouTube

2. Jeopardy!


It didn't matter that you weren't in school, especially because you were gaining knowledge by watching Jeopardy! during your sick days. 

Image: CBS Television

3. The Brady Bunch


Chances are, your parents controlled the TV during primetime and didn't want to watch The Brady Bunch. But when the show started reruns during the day in 1975 at 11:30AM, sick days were the perfect time to catch up on how the Brady kids were doing. 

4. The Hollywood Squares


While in a daze, you might have asked yourself, "was that The Brady Bunch theme song or The Hollywood Squares?" Other than that, nothing was similar about these two shows. It was fun to see some of your favorite celebrities ham it up while playing tic-tac-toe, even though your mom probably cringed whenever Joan Rivers answered a question. 

Image: Wikipedia

5. Days of Our Lives


At this point in the day, you had to sacrifice the TV so your mom could watch Days of our Lives (or another soap opera like The Guiding Light, As The World Turns or All My Children). If your mom felt sorry for you, she would let you watch with her, and you would feel like an adult. 

Image: Wikipedia

6. The Price Is Right


Instead of taking an economics class, you learned about pricing trends for common goods on The Price Is Right. Bob Barker was so good as a host, he kind of became your second caregiver.

Image: CBS Television

7. Let's Make A Deal


Was there really a huge difference between The Price is Right and Let's Make a Deal? It didn't matter, as both shows were entertaining enough to get your mind off the stomach flu. This one was fun to watch too because of the crazy costumes people wore. 

Image: Wikipedia

8. Password


You may have been frustrated a few times when the celebrity couldn't guess the password, but that was the whole fun of it. And if Betty White guest starred on a day when you were sick, you knew you hit the jackpot. 

Image: Wikipedia

9. Dark Shadows


As the day came to a close, there was only one more program worth watching: Dark Shadows. The supernatural soap opera was must-see-TV, especially when Barnabas Collins joined the cast after the first season. 

Image: CBS Television

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VaughnBaskin 38 months ago
Don't froget about The Transformers, Sesame Street, DeGrassi, Dennis The Menace, i mean the list goes on.
TimHarper 38 months ago
Cannot forget The NEW ZOO REVUE.
145khoury TimHarper 24 months ago
Emmy Jo was this 10 year old's dream! lol
MarioSmith 50 months ago
The Match Game with Gene Rayburn.
RedSamRackham 50 months ago
* Also there were the locally produced kiddy shows! ☺
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