These ‘70s models definitively prove matching outfits bring couples closer together

It's a different kind of match game that married couples know well.

Images: Wishbook Web

It happens to the best couples: After a certain amount of time together, you naturally start dressing alike. In most cases, this is as simple as gravitating toward the same color shirts, but for soulmates who share an exact sense of style, the effect can be much more extreme. Just last year, this Florida couple who have been married for 52 years went viral for taking their matchy-matchy ways to the next level.

It's couples like that who must've logged time paging through 1970s holiday catalogues. It is perhaps the best way for today's couples to achieve their ultimate wardrobe-coordinating relationship goals. There's just something about the attempted candid poses of '70s model couples wearing matching outfits in these catalogues that rings of true love and sweet superiority.

Could it be that their love is greater than yours, just because they own the same sweater? Spend enough time lurking the pages of the 1972 Sears catalogue, and it's enough to make even the strongest couple question their compatability. It seems that soulmates are just way more convincing when they match in every way, these catalogue models seem to say.

So steel your heart and scroll through these photos of couples below. And maybe prepare to convince your wife or hubby to sync up your wardrobes in the near future. It's all in the name of love, of course (and maybe a little in the name of pushing clothes, thanks to meddling department stores like JC Penney and their catalogue's unrealistic ideals).

1. They're twinsies!


Not only did this couple have no problem committing to the same print shirt, but they even look like they shared the same hair products. Mirror images have more fun, it seems.

2. Where one stripe ends, the other begins


She lightly holds his chin so they can lock eyes. Some soulmates are just of the same stripe, ya know? Cut from the same cloth. Leopards who never have to change their spots. (You get the gist.)

3. How do you find true love? The answer is more mustard.


She's the model of confidence. He's the model of loyalty. Together, they're a mustard-colored supercouple, where they both agree to wear the pants. (The exact same pair, actually.)

4. It doesn't matter if your sweater's black or white.


In mock turtlenecks, this pair of clear equals mocks us, with sweaters that show they're on the same page, but not the same person or anything.

5. Suited for eachother.


They've head-to-toe adopted the same look, immaculate leisure suits to lounge in their love, obviously. They even took it one step further, choosing to strike roughly the same pose.

6. Who wore it best? Both, duh.


It doesn't matter who's riding whose coat-tails in this scenario, because the only thing stronger than a cold front moving in is love in the air.

7. No secrets when you share a closet.


We told you the answer was more mustard. Here's another couple skipping together down that yellow brick road to true love. We imagine he's saying, "Why don't we get it in blue, too!"

8. Maybe NOT matching is the boring choice.


There's close-knit couples, and then there's these knitted soulmates whose smug smiles and downcast eyes seem to suggest: Maybe if you had the same sweater, upkeep in your relationship would be no sweat at all.

9. It's a case of he said, she said.


Only they both said in unison: bold blue pajamas. That's why they're having a little laugh.

10. Part of the same secret club.


In most relationships, there's plenty of calling a spade a spade going around, but this couple seems to have chosen a different card from the same deck. Decked out in red club pajamas, hands clasped, it almost looks like they're considering following Peter Pan's shadow off to Never Never Land. They do say true love keeps you young!

11. They just get each other.


This couple proves that matching long underwear can be the key to a life of loafing around together. With her arm casually slung over his shoulder and their thoughts drifting away, this is basically a picture of a '70s symbiotic being.

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