The '91 Andy Griffith Show episode rankings revisited

Tell us how you'd rank 'em!

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It's always interesting to see who shares our opinions, and where are ideas diverge. 

Way back in '91, the Orlando Sentinel conducted a poll with The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club to determine the fans' five favorite episodes.

Now, all these years later, we're re-publishing the results in hopes of sparking conversation. We want to know where you agree, where you disagree, and whether you would've been a part of that club.

Think an episode is too high? Would you replace one with another? Tell us! We want you to fill the comments section with an active discussion about YOUR favorite episodes and how they compare to this fan club from the past! 

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1. The Pickle Story

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Is this your king? Can this episode be unanimously crowned the undisputed greatest episode of The Andy Griffith Show? Well, for starters, it's got everything we love about the show. Andy and Barney go to great lengths just so they don't have to speak a discouraging word. Now, ain't that nice?

2. Man in a Hurry

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If aliens came down to earth and asked us what makes Mayberry so great, we'd point them toward this episode. A stranger comes through town and is furious at the town's slow pace and over-friendly citizens. He can't stand the place. Until... Well, you'll have to watch the episode to find out. But is it really #2 of all time?

3. Barney's Sidecar

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There's speeding out on that there highway and Barney aims to nip it in the bud. His motorcycle outfit alone is worth the price of admission (or a few commercial breaks, anyhow). The folks around town take none too kindly to this new nuisance, so Barney needs to ditch the hog. Do you love this episode?

4. Citizen's Arrest

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Sure, Andy's name is right there in the title. But if you want funny, you turn to some of the supporting players in the show. Barney and Gomer are a laugh-a-minute in this one where they compete to see who can be the most law-abiding. The pair are fun friends, but funnier enemies! Is #4 an appropriate slot here?

5. Convicts-at-Large

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Here's another odd-couple pairing. Barney and Floyd are held hostage by three escaped prisoners. The catch? These rough-and-tumble convicts are women, and they want the boys to dance! Everybody is a fish-out-of-water in this one, and we want to know whether it's the fifth best episode!

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markmac33 16 days ago
Mountain Wedding has to be top 5.
Bowie47 23 days ago
"Mr. McBeeVee". The scene with Opie(Ron Howard) & Andy at the upstairs window is stellar.
Henderson Bowie47 20 days ago
Agree with you about Mr McBeevee, but also one of my faves is Aunt Bee's Medicine Man, where all the ladies got "crocked"...haha....hilarious
SalIanni 23 days ago
A couple of others that would make my personal list: 1. The Sermon For Today - This is like Man In A Hurry in reverse where all of Mayberry find themselves in a rush without any need for it. 2. Goober Takes A Car Apart - Goober dismantles an entire car right inside the courthouse in order to fix it. If you don't think Goober was that funny, this episode showed him at his hilarious best. With guest star Larry Hovis of Hogan's Heroes. 3. Gomer Pyle USMC - The pilot for the TV spinoff which is my favorite Andy Griffith episode and was also chosen #1 when TBS viewers voted for their favorites during the show's 40th anniversary.
Chazitup 23 days ago
Christmas Story was fantastic!
Chazitup 23 days ago
Andy and Barney in the Big City
The Haunted House
Barney Gets His Man
The Manhunt
Man in a Hurry
JeffPaul76 23 days ago
Hello. Number 4, "Citizen's Arrest" should be #1, #2 "Man in a Hurry" is right where it belongs, #3 leave it there, #1 should be #5 and #5 should be #4.
ElwooodBlues 24 days ago
1. Opie’s Charity (Poor Horacio.)
2. Convicts-At-Large
3. The Songfesters
4. The Manhunt
5. Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee

My favorites. Lots of other good episodes too. Things went downhill
CrumblyCrunchies 24 days ago
I don't know about the order of those five, but the episode where Opie and friend hit a baseball in to a "haunted" house is classic Barney and Gomer.

episode where Opie hits the baseball in
CANARYMETV666 24 days ago
I like when Opie took care of baby birds after he killed the mommy
Larrey25 24 days ago
My favorites are Opie saving for a coat for his girlfriend and Mr. Mcbeevee
Barb 24 days ago
I would replace Sidecar and Citizens Arrest with Mr McBeevy and Barney in the Choir.
Sweendog Barb 23 days ago
Yes!!! The Choir was hilarious 😂
ASperos 24 days ago
Love all of these episodes!!! But Barney and the Choir is one of my faves too.
superdonwu 25 days ago
Mr McBeevy and Haunted House should be there in place of Barney's motorcycle and convicts at large
KawiVulc 25 days ago
Drop 4 & 5, add MacBeevee #1, Loaded Goat #2.
cheflynn 25 days ago
Mr. McBeevee is my favorite. Such a true representation of what a father and son's relationship should have.
FLETCH 25 days ago
A little surprised at the list. Only agree with Convicts-at-Large.

Some of my favs are -

Class Reunion (funny but also a little sad. An episode must of us can relate to)

Andy and Barney in the Big City

Three Wishes for Opie

Floyd, the Gay Deceiver

The Farmer Takes a Wife (the Skipper!)

The Haunted House
Jeff_Woo10 FLETCH 22 days ago
"Three Wishes for Opie" is tied with "My Fair Ernest T. Bass" for my favorite episode. There's just something about the way it builds and builds then the Miss Crump promotion reveal. I never tire of that episode and feels really under-rated by fandom.
Ilovereruns 25 days ago
I don't know the name of the episode, but my favorite is the one where Barney joins the town choir and he's the only one who doesn't know he's singing off key. Then my favorite part is they have him "sing" the solo, but it's really a different guy back stage who's singing the part. The look on his face when he thinks that deep baritone voice coming through is his, is just too classic.
Dysall Ilovereruns 24 days ago
I love that one, too.
ASperos Ilovereruns 24 days ago
The one you are talking about is called Barney and the Choir. It should be on the list too!!!
ncadams27 25 days ago
The Pickle Story seems contrived. Aunt Bee is a good cook. It’s hard to believe she could make pickles - and just pickles - so bad and not notice.
Henderson ncadams27 20 days ago
Yeah, but also her marmalade too!
mayerb 26 days ago
My favorite episode is the Mayberry band.
Still have a good chuckle even after watching it many times over the years. The dialogue for the trumpet player is funny.
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