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Here is what your favorite toys from the 1970s are worth today

You'll have to save up for that Stretch Armstrong these days.

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We hope you kept your toys. And never played with them.

Wait, scratch that. As nice as it would be to have a few grand in the pocket for flipping some old Star Wars and Stretch Armstrong toys, the experience of playing with them in our youth was priceless.

Besides, you never know which toys will be worth a fortune and which ones will be worth about as much as sponges and rocks. (Hint: Probably the sponges and rocks.) We dove into eBay to find some of our favorite toys from the 1970s. Do you still have any of these?


Original Nerf Ball


A wide range of prices for the "first official indoor ball" released in 1970. But it can be had for cheap. Perhaps because it's still on the market — and is just a round sponge.

Source: eBay


Hoppity Mickey Mouse


Surprisingly cheap for such a beloved bouncy toy, though they all saw hard use against cement basement floors. Also, a grown person can't play with it.

Source: eBay


Little Professor Calculator


Originally $14.95, this Texas Instruments math machine sold a million units in 1977.

Source: eBay


Kenner Easy Bake Oven


Batter not included.

Source: eBay


Pet Rock Food


Pet Rocks, that ultimate fad of 1975, are as cheap as, well, stones. But Pet Rock Food (a tin can of sand)? That's a different story.

Source: eBay


MEGO Micronauts Andromeda - Baron Karza's Stallion


Micronauts were cool. Case in point: a pony with missles!

Source: eBay


Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle


The instruction booklet drives up the price. You've gotta have the instructions.

Source: eBay


Speak & Spell


Do not be fooled by later models. The original toy released in 1978 had raised buttons.

Source: eBay


Mattel Electronic Pocket Football handheld game


The Gameboy of 1977, this sports game of red rectancles originally cost $29.95 — $117 in today's money. So it's lost value, really.

Source: eBay


Lester ventriloquist doll


Why were we so into ventriloquism in the 1970s?

Source: eBay


Donny & Marie Sing-A-Long Phonograph


This kiddie karoake machine for Osmondites cost $29.97 in 1977.

Source: eBay


1973 Sunshine Family dolls


The most 1970s toys of the 1970s, this Earth-loving clan can fetch a lot of green.

Source: eBay


Hasbro GI Joe Adventure Team Secret of the Mummy's Tomb


Do you prefer big GI Joe or little GI Joe figures?

Source: eBay


Fonzie's Garage playset


Wow. We played with our Happy Days doll. Perhaps it would have been better to "sit on it."

Source: eBay


Stretch Armstrong


Unstretched Stretch can fetch a whole lot of money. The 1976 phenom in mint condition is quite a prize.

Source: eBay


1977 "Early Bird" Luke Skywalker with double telescoping lightsaber


Okay, well that's just stupid. And we say this as Star Wars fanatics.

Source: eBay

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