7 reasons why Cloris Leachman is the most energetic nonagenarian on the planet

She's the life of the party - just ask her costars!

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Betty White gets a lot of credit for being the most energetic nonagenarian in Hollywood. Every time she pops up on television, the public goes crazy and declares her to be a national treasure.

The same can be said about Dick Van Dyke. Last year, we boldly declared he had a better year than all of us.

There's no doubt White and Van Dyke are adored by everyone — us included! But they don't even come close to Cloris Leachman.

The actress will turn 91 this Sunday, and she's still working as hard as she was at the peak of her career in the 1970s. Not only is she working, she's having fun!

1. Retirement? Not even close!

Last year, The Hollywood Reporter profiled Leachman as part of its series "Creative Until You Die." When asked by the reporter if she was going to retire, she replied... Well, we can't write down the expletive in this article. But it's a resounding "No."  

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2. She still knows how to have a good time.

While most people her age go to bed early, Leachman is the center of attention at some of Hollywood's hottest parties. According to Page Six,the actress turned heads at a party for the upcoming Starz series American Gods. Says one partygoer, "She was one of the last to leave and joked on the way out that she was going to another bar."

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3. She's still working hard.

It's an uncomfortable truth in Hollywood — roles for women over 40 years old are few and far between. If you're over 90? Forget about it. However, Leachman has dodged this trend. The actress recently wrapped up the primetime sitcom Raising Hope in 2014. This Sunday, on Leachman's 91st birthday, she'll appear in the new series American Gods. 

Image: Starz

4. She was the oldest contestant on 'Dancing with the Stars.'

In 2008, at the age of 82, Leachman became the oldest contestant on Dancing with the Stars. She outlasted celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Toni Braxton and Ted McGinley. "My memory of that is being close to the floor most of the time," she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Image: ABC

5. She's still winning.

Leachman has won more Primetime Emmy Awards than any other performer in history. That's right — more than Mary Tyler Moore, more than Dick Van Dyke, more than Julia Louis Dreyfus. It doesn't seem like she's done collecting trophies just yet. In 2011, she was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for Raising Hope. 

Image: Associated Press

6. What's her secret?

She won't tell you the secret to how she stays so active, mostly because she doesn't really know. However, Leachman credits healthy eating, some exercise and continuously working. 

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7. She's down for whatever.

While most established stars have limits to what roles they'll accept, that's not the case for Leachman. "I am willing to do whatever," Leachman told the Des Moines Register in 2016. That includes talk shows, reality competitions, acting gigs and other appearances. 

Image: 20th Century FOX

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