10 things we miss about pizza from back in the day

When you saw that red roof, you knew dinner was gonna be good.

Image: Snax Time

Menu items change, and restaurants come and go. But one thing has remained the same after all these years: Pizza is still fantastic!

Take a look back at all things pizza. Get ready for your mouth to water!

1. Domino's Noid

The mischievous mascot's sole purpose was to thwart fast and efficient pizza delivery by Domino's in the 1980s. 

Image: Time

2. Showbiz Pizza

Before the days when kids flocked to Chuck E. Cheese's for pizza and games, there was ShowBiz Pizza. Kids either loved or hated the animatronic mascots, there was no in between. 

Image: Tumblr

3. Pizzarias

The Keebler elves are known for their cookies, but at one point they made some really tasty pizza flavored chips. Who remembers these?

Image: Reddit

4. Celentano frozen pizza

Many people think the first frozen pizza on the market is still the best to this day. Do you agree?

Image: YouTube

5. McPizza

After a brief run with pizza in the 1980s and 1990s, McDonalds abandoned the cheesy menu item because it took too long to make. However, two locations still serve it in the United States. 

Image: BBR

6. Pizza Hut Electronic Baking Oven

If it wasn't enough that kids could bake their own pizzas in the 1970s, the oven was shaped like an actual Pizza Hut. 

Image: History's Dumpster

7. Pizza Hut's iconic red roof

This type of roof helped give the Pizza Hut brand some distinction. Although some older locations still have the roof, newer ones are going for a more modern look. 

Image: Wikipedia

8. Pizza Pete

Before Pizza Hut became known for its red roof logo, it had a mascot. Pizza Pete was created in the late 1960s and was phased out a decade later. 

Image: Brady's Bunch of Lorain County Nostalgia

9. Pizza flavored Doritos

Pizza flavored chips didn't stop with Pizzarias. In the 1990s, Doritos came out with their own version. 

Image: Walmart

10. Pizza Day at school

Don't you remember looking forward to this day at school all week? It makes us wish they would institute a pizza day at work. 

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nunknown 48 months ago
Back in the day we had pizza at our house every two weeks and it was always Appian Way. It came from a box. It was TERRIFIC! I agree with this article: http://www.therobotspajamas.com/appian-way-pizza-the-greatest-boxed-pizza-of-all-time/
idkwut2use 48 months ago
Think I recall Celentano. And I think cheese or pepperoni pizza was an option virtually every day in my elementary school. xD
Nooooo, you CANNOT change the iconic Pizza Hut look!!!! D+
Amalthea 48 months ago
You can't talk about classic pizza without talking about Shakey's Pizza Parlour, with its player piano, classic cartoons, Shakey Chef-shaped birthday balloons, and actually getting to WATCH the pizza being made!
seengodinyou 48 months ago
I had a pizza at a Mcdonald's on International Drive in Orlando, Fl. about 12 years ago. I loved it. It was cooked in a big brick oven in the middle of the store off to the side of the dining room on the bottom floor of the 2 story restaurant.
seengodinyou 48 months ago
We had the rectangular slices of pepperoni pizza once a week at school. My favorite day of lunch. I would save extra lunch money for 1 more slice. :)
RedSamRackham seengodinyou 48 months ago
When my high school had pizza day lunch it came with side order of mashed potatoes. ♣
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