10 rabbits and actors in bunny costumes that hopped up on television

Get in the Easter mood with these classic bunny appearances on sitcoms and beyond. Candy not included.

Television shows celebrate Easter far less frequently than other holidays. There are a plethora of Santa scenes from the small screen, yet the Easter Bunny is a rather rare sighting. Heck, one of the bunny appearances below came during a Halloween episode. 

Still, to celebrate the season of egg hunts and candy baskets, we have rounded up some of the most memorable rabbit appearances on classic TV — both real and costumed.

1. Mr. Bunny Rabbit on Captain Kangaroo


The beloved bespectacled bunny of the long-running children's show was created and operated by the same man behind (under?) Mr. Moose, Cosmo Allegretti.

2. Beaver in a bunny suit on Leave It to Beaver


Long before A Christmas Story examined a boy's shame at having to wear a cute bunny suit, the Beav was stuck walking to a school pageant in this fuzzy get-up. This scene arrived in season five, in "Beaver, the Bunny."

3. Tim Conway as Chuckie Cottontail on McHale's Navy


The Easter episode "Chuckie Cottontail" delivers alcoholic egg nog, egg hunts and Tim Conway with giant whiskers and ears. Conway must have enjoyed his time as a rabbit, as we shall see below.

4. The White Rabbit on Star Trek


In "Shore Leave," the Enterprise crew take a breather on a planet in the Omicron Delta system and travel down the rabbit hole to a Wonderland of illusions. The gang returns to the planet in episode nine of Star Trek: The Animated Series.

5. Carol Wayne as Bunny on Bewitched


Paul Lynde mistakenly summons a "cocktail bunny" instead of a "cottontail bunny" in "A Bunny for Tabitha." Wayne was a regular on The Tonight Show.

6. Hoss in bunny suit on Bonanza


The Western did not shy away from comedy and holidays, and Hoss was typically the goof. In season five, a gang of leprechauns assaults Dan Blocker's character, smacking him over the head and pulling down his pants. Six years later, the middle Cartwright son dresses up as the Easter bunny for an orphanage and foils the plans of stagecoach robbers while in costume.

7. Tim Conway as F. Lee Bunny on The Carol Burnett Show


Conway got back into the bunny suit and into the spirit of the animal for the hilarious "Huntington and Bunny Attorneys" skit in season six, episode seven, of The Carol Burnett Show.

8. This adorable bunny with the Hulk


Hulk do more than SMASH. Hulk find me time in forest in "Solitary Place." Hulk pet bunny.

9. The Fonz in a bunny suit


If you don't remember this one, perhaps it is because you did not stick it out until the very end. In "Fonzie's Spots," the series finale that aired in September 1984, the Fonz, Chachi and Roger go through an initiation to join the Leopard Lodge. Winkler was nearly 40 years old when he slipped into the fuzzy costume.

10. Chandler in a bunny costume on Friends


Though it was a Halloween episode, "The One With The Halloween Party," this classic outing of Friends featured the most memorable Easter Bunny outfit of modern times. It remains a popular reference for costume parties.

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VaughnBaskin 36 months ago
But there is only one Bugs Bunny, and he is no Easter Rabbit.
JohnBates 36 months ago
Davy Jones on "The Monkees."
JohnBates JohnBates 36 months ago
And Peter Tork!
JohnBates JohnBates 36 months ago
And Benny Hill!
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