Viewer Collection: Jeremy Wagner's awesome vintage arcade

This basement is an '80s kid's dream!

Sep. 9, 2020

Jeremy Wagner procured his first two arcade games in 1996 and hasn't stopped since. Over 20-plus years, he has bought and sold almost 100 games and right now has 45 in his collection. He moved into his current house 11 years ago and designed the basement to be a place where he could create his own gaming haven.

"Being an '80s kid, this was a dream of mine my entire life, to have my own personal arcade," he says. We'd have to agree — it looks like a dream come true! 

Take a look at the collection below, including some of Jeremy's favorites and cool vintage accompaniments like a jukebox and a soda machine.

You can find out more about the collection, and read the stories behind how Jeremy got some of his classic games, on his website.

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1. How about a game of Bumper Pool?

Along with videogames, the arcade has both regular and bumper pool tables!

2. Star Wars

One of Jeremy's favorites is this vintage Star Wars game, released by Atari in 1983.

3. Tapper

Another favorite is Tapper.

4. Pinball and Racing Games

The collection includes pinball tables and plenty of racing games.

5. Vintage Candy Crane and Soda Machine

There is even a vintage candy crane and soda machine!

6. Paperboy

Paperboy is another one of Jeremy's favorites.

7. Q*bert

And who doesn't love Q*bert?

8. Air Hockey Table

What arcade would be complete without air hockey?

9. Vintage Jukebox

A vintage 1977 Rockola jukebox plays 45s.

10. Consoles old and new

Jeremy also has retro consoles like the Atari 2600 and ColecoVision plus Nintendo systems from the original to the Wii.

11. Posters and Lights

Classic posters and neon signs add to the retro vibe.

12. Tron

Last but definitely not least, Tron is also one of Jeremy's favorite games in the collection.

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