Meet Zac Vege: Inside the Collection

Take a closer look at the KISStacular items in Zac Vege's enviable KISS collection.

Apr. 21, 2019

Zac Vege has loved the rock band KISS since he was a kid — and he has the basement to prove it. Zac played in a KISS tribute band with his father, who passed away two years ago. His collection of all things KISS includes Ace Frehley-designed guitars, an original KISS pinball machine, KISS trading cards, and the rare original KISS promotional poster sent to radio stations with the first KISS record.

Zac is joined by his wife Melanie, and we’ve brought along KISStorian David Ashdown to value Zac’s collection. David also brought a limited-edition vinyl album from the KISS Cruise signed by the entire band in hopes to make a trade for one of Zac’s items.

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1. Paul Stanley Cracked Mirror Guitar

Appraised value: $12,500

2. Original KISS Album Promotional Poster

Appraised value: $2,000

3. KISS Vinyl Album Crate

Appraised value: $2,000

4. 1978 KISS Pinball Machine

Appraised value: $6,500

5. 1978 KISS Marvel Comic Book

Appraised value: $300

6. Unopened Box of KISS Collector Card Packs

Appraised value: $500

7. KISS Collector Card Complete Set and View-Master Reels

Appraised value: $50

8. KISS View-Master Reel

A closer look at these vintage slides

9. Lisa, David, Zac and Melanie play pinball

10. Zac shows Lisa his KISS comics rack

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