Meet Vivian Eisenstadt: Inside the Collection

Take a look inside this "wonder"-ful collection!

Apr. 17, 2022

Vivian has been a fan of Wonder Woman ever since she was a little girl and began watching it on TV. After she was given a Wonder Woman compilation comic book, Vivian became obsessed with collecting Wonder Woman merchandise and memorabilia. Her underoos, mego dolls, comic books, and 1940’s Wonder Woman Valentine’s Day Card are just some of her favorite items. Rob Klein, a pop-culture historian is joining us to put a value on Vivian’s massive collection, and then, will try tempting Vivian into making a superhero-like trade.

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1. Early comics compilation book

This is what sparked Vivian's love of Wonder Woman! Originally gifted from her grandfather, Vivian read her copy of this book so many times it fell apart. She bought a new, preserved copy, but still hangs on to the well-loved original.

2. Wonder Woman Underoos

When Vivian was young, she begged her parents for Wonder Woman Underoos. Instead, she got Bat Girl ones (the horror!). As an adult, she finally got her Wonder Woman set for her collection.

3. 1940s Valentine card

This 1940s card is one of the first Wonder Woman non-comic products. Usually having something written on it would decrease the value, but Vivian loves the story behind it. 

4. Wonder Woman #1

This is it: Wonder Woman's first comic of her very own! 1.5 may seem like a low value (it's out of 10), but because this comic is so rare and so highly sought after, even a 1.5 is still worth $13-14,000. Paper drives during WWII mean that many comic books from that era no longer exist, making this even rarer.

5. Mego dolls

Mego eight-inch dolls, like the one on the left, are the "holy grail" for collectors. These dolls from the Seventies are highly sought after, and the Kresge card (the tall thin card on the doll on the right) adds significant value.

6. 1977 lamp

Our expert had a hard time tracking down this lamp, which means that it may have been part of a larger piece or even customized! It's been hanging in Vivian's house, lighting her room, for twenty years.

7. Jill Thompson-signed Wonder Woman book

Jill Thompson, an artist for Wonder Woman, not only signed this George Perez volume of Wonder Woman - her first work with DC Comics - but she did this beautiful custom drawing of Wonder Woman inside just for Vivian!

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TZ_TAGS_59NC 27 months ago
Vivian is built like Wonder Woman, shes also a very intelligent collector.
top_cat_james_1 27 months ago
Could she model the Underoos, please?
JimmyD 27 months ago
I watched the show. Kind of annoying that it was all done remotely. I thought we were over that by now.
Henry30 27 months ago
What a great collection, and a pretty lady as the collector!
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