Meet Stewart Berkowitz: Inside the Collection

This multi-million dollar collection spans decades of classic TV.

May. 22, 2022

Stewart‘s passion for the TV shows he grew up with has evolved into a collection like no other. Gilligan’s shirt, Fonzie’s jacket, and Jeannie’s harem costume feature prominently in this classic TV prop collection. Stewart’s favorite comedian, Jackie Gleason, and his comedy classic, The Honeymooners may be the capstone in this finely curated, close-to museum-like collection. Our expert and certified appraiser, Judy Martin is tasked with putting a value on this colossal collection. Then, she will try trading the special classic TV prop she brought in exchange for one of Stewart’s classic TV costumes.

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1. Ginger's gown

Stewart considers this one of his "holy grail" items. Tina Louise cosigned it to an auction house herself back in 1995. It was bought by a Planet Hollywood where it stayed until recently, when Stewart was finally able to snap it up!

2. Gilligan's hat and shirt

Stewart knew that if he wanted an iconic Gilligan's Island collection, he needed Bob Denver's classic Gilligan outfit. Denver himself looked at and authenticated this shirt.

3. Jeanie's genie outfit

This costume was lent out after the show and was never returned. It ended up sitting in a storage unit - imagine seeing that on Storage Wars!

4. Jeanie's bottle

If this bottle looks a little different than you remember, it's because this was a bottle used on season one of I Dream of Jeanie. When a series is picked up for a second season onward, they often get more money, and there are cosmetic changes with a bigger budget. 

5. Fonzie's jacket

Ayyyy! While Stewart usually likes to collect things from the Fifties and Sixties, he had to make an exception for Fonzie's classic jacket on Happy Days. Another one of these jackets is currently in the Smithsonian! 

6. Jackie Gleason's Honeymooners costume

Stewart's all-time favorite show is The Honeymooners, so of course he had to get his hands on this costume! He found the jacket first, and then years later was able to snag the pants that went with it.

7. The Honeymooners set

Stewart also has the kitchen set from the 1960s color episodes of The Honeymooners! It includes the ice box, the kitchen sink, the stove, table, and four chairs. Today, it's worth a quarter million.

8. Jackie Gleason's limo

Stewart was able to get Jackie Gleason's personal custom-made limo! This 1978 Lincoln Continental has a bar, a TV, VHS, and even a cigar burn from the man himself.

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HopeDuchaine 25 months ago
Wow! What a fantastic collection!!
WGH 26 months ago
I love when a person pursues their passion with such energy.

Here's an idea for MeTV. Get Svengoolie to go along to meet someone (virtually) that has a classic horror movie collection.
AndyAusley 26 months ago
Wow! Loved this episode! This is an incredible collection! Really hope he opens a museum. I wonder if he has a website or some way we can get a more comprehensive look at everything he's collected.
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