Meet Patrick Brickley: Inside the Collection

Patrick has expanded his house to make room for his lifelong collection!

Mar. 27, 2022

Patrick Brickley’s collections cover his home from floor to ceiling. A lifelong lover of film and television, he shares his favorite screen-used and screen-worn movie props and costumes, including memorable items from modern classics like Seinfeld (1989-1998), Good Will Hunting (1997), Almost Famous (2000), and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982). Movie props expert Mark Short joins Lisa to appraise Patrick's vast collection and to entice Patrick to trade one of his beloved pieces for another screen-used item on his wishlist.

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1. John Belushi's chair from "Animal House"

John Belushi gave his set chair to one of the security team after wrapping up the 1978 classic, Animal House. Ten years ago, it went up for auction and Patrick was able to snag it. The wear and tear of the chair actually doubles the value, since you can tell it was used.

2. Matt Damon's costume from "Good Will Hunting"

Matt Damon wore this iconic jumpsuit in the famous scene where he solves the math problem at the board.

3. Kate Hudson's blouse from "Almost Famous"

Kate Hudson wore this blouse in a few scenes, but Patrick's favorite is when she was on the bus singing Elton John. As a big Cameron Crowe fan, this is one of Patrick's prized items.

4. Beatles purse

In late 1962, a girl named Rosa got to meet the Beatles backstage, but didn't have anything for them to sign. In a panic, she offered her purse, and that's the item that Patrick has today!

5. Beatles purse inside

You can see signatures from John Lennon and Paul McCartney on the inside.

6. Signed "Seinfeld" script

This script, from the Seinfeld episode "The Fatigues," has been signed by all four of the main cast. Additionally, it comes with a letter from NBC that helps this script stand out from all the other Seinfeld memorabilia out there.

7. Sean Penn's signed shoe from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"

Sean Penn has an iconic scene where he hits himself with one of his checkered Vans shoes as the slacker stoner in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. At the wrap party, he gave one to his casting agent, and one to director Cameron Crowe. Patrick got the casting agent's shoe!

8. James Gandolfini's "Sopranos" shirt

James Gandolfini wore this shirt as Tony Soprano in the much-acclaimed The Sopranos. As a lover of all things gangster related, this is one of Patrick's favorites. But can our expert convince him to make a trade?

9. Patrick's Polaroids

Patrick's home is covered in memorabilia.... and polaroids! His ceiling and even the bathroom walls are covered in Polaroids.

10. Lisa's polaroid

Of course, he had to add a Polaroid of Lisa to the collection — no trade required!

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dmirarh 28 months ago
The best part of the collection... the picture of Lisa.
Kingjr dmirarh 26 months ago
It is a great Polaroid of one of the best, and hangs proudly.
Thom385 28 months ago
There's a fine line between Hobby, Habit, Obsession, and Addiction. This Uber Collector has crossed the line into Addiction. He needs to seek Mental Help.
Kingjr Thom385 26 months ago
Naaa all is well, hope you are as well…
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