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Hopefully this collection can give you some satisfaction. Take a look at this very colorful collection dedicated to the very colorful band.

Jul. 3, 2023

Larry Leibowitz has been hooked on The Rolling Stones ever since he was 6 years old. With over 50 years of collecting, Larry's love turned into a rockin' Rolling Stones collection with over 5,000 pieces of merchandise and memorabilia.

Larry's collection includes pieces from the band's beginnings to modern-day albums and merchandise. He's used his connections and collecting know-how to obtain some one-of-a-kind and rare pieces, including Cue cards used by Mick Jagger on Saturday Night Live, rare off-color album covers and more.

Collecting is more than just the merchandise for him; it's mostly about the stories. Larry has passed down his stories and knowledge of this British rock band to his children. They even have their own band, The My Three Sons Band, as well as a Rolling Stones tribute band.

Larry has been teaching people about the history of The Rolling Stones for years. Take a look at his massive collection dedicated to the band, and learn along with us!

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1. 1962 Jazz News Magazine

This is an original copy of a 1962 Jazz Magazine based in the United Kingdom. This specific copy has an original ad written by vocalist and guitarist Brian Jones, who sought musicians to join their band.

Larry considers this item to be the one to have started it all for The Rolling Stones. It was essentially how the rock band was formed, changing rock music forever.

The ad specified that whoever reached out had to be ready to rehearse with the band; little did they know just how much of their life would be dedicated to playing.

The original seller of this magazine didn't know the historical value of the ad, so he got this rare magazine for a great value and in great condition.

Today this 1962 copy of Jazz Magazine would be worth around $4,000.

2. 1964 tour book and poster

This is a rare Ronettes and Rolling Stones tour book and ticket from January 1964. This is the earliest known copy, or at least that Larry has seen in his many years of collecting. 

Did you know the Rolling Stones toured with The Ronettes? What a combo!

Collecting tickets and concert programs is popular in the collecting community. Just like Mick Jagger, these items are in great condition for their age. 

This set is worth around $900.

3. The Rolling Stones autographs

Larry got these rare autographs directly from The Rolling Stones band members when he was only 19 years old and while on a first date.

His sister worked at NBC during the time The Rolling Stones performed on Saturday Night Live in 1978. Larry is very proud of this item because it was difficult to obtain all these autographs.

Today this item would be worth around $6,000.

(We'd also pay that much for Lisa Whelchel's autograph).

4. Saturday Night Live cue card

This is a cue card from Saturday Night Live that lead singer of The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, read off of during his guest appearance in 1993.

Mick Jagger only had one line in the sketch, and this cue card shows it. Do you remember this famous Saturday Night Live moment?

Today this item would be worth around $1,000, but for Larry, this item is all about the story.

5. "December's Children," album with white background

This is one of Larry's favorite pieces of The Rolling Stones merchandise. This was the album "December's Children," which was released in December 1965.

This specific record differs from other copies because it has a white background with black lettering. Larry has both copies, but this is the only version of the album he's seen in all his years of collecting. It's not documented, discussed or heard in the collecting community.

He only spent $5 for this record originally, and today it would be worth around $2,000. Larry loves finding the prototypes, the misprints and the mistakes.

6. 1978 "Some Girls" store display

This item is a 1978 record story display meant to promote The Rolling Stones album, "Some Girls." There weren't many of these made, and they weren't available to the public. The only way to get one would be to ask the record store staff after it was done being displayed.

Promotional items like this one are very valuable items for collectors. Today this item would be worth around $700.

Larry loves this album, so he would never sell it. What is your favorite album by The Rolling Stones?

7. The total value of Larry Leibowitz Rolling Stones collection:

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ceepelle 12 months ago
So I have that Some Girls cover. How do I sell it?
Moverfan 12 months ago
Larry has been hooked on the Stones since he was six years old.

Larry is a bit of a weirdo.

Larry will fit right in with this crowd. Welcome, brother!
cyntbennett 12 months ago
My favorite album by the rolling stones was Tattoo You... And I still have the album and cover.. And my favorite song on that album is I'll Take You To The Top. Fyi.
Bapa1 12 months ago
Good show, am a fan of The Stones. Ron Wood used to own a club down here in SoFL called Woody's on the Beach. Used to go there, actually saw him there once.
Mblack 12 months ago
Someone got up very early on a holiday Monday to post this.
BrittReid 12 months ago
Very cool stuff. Love The Rolling Stones.
LoveMETV22 12 months ago
As the new season has past its halfway point, hopefully plans are in the works for another season?
Enjoy the show as it is the one show on Sunday's that changes from week to week.
Runeshaper 12 months ago
Very impressive collection! Great gong, Larry!
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