Meet Kenneth Ladd: Inside the Collection

Take a look inside this dazzling magic collection!

Apr. 24, 2022

Kenneth Ladd leads a magical life as the owner of a museum filled with magic memorabilia, a store owner filled with magic tricks. He is also a theater owner, where he performs as a magician. Joining Kenneth is his son Kevin, who helps collect and curate the magic memorabilia.  We’ve brought along our expert, Greg Abbott, a man whose magic company just so happens to have made the Sword Basket trick and other special magic items. Greg will appraise Kenneth’s collection and then see if he can trade one of his magic tricks for one of Kenneth’s prized possessions.

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1. Magic diploma

Kenneth isn't just a magician - he's a doctor of magic! And he has the diploma hanging on his wall to prove it.

2. Magi Boxes

In this classic illusion, an assistant gets in the boxes, metal sheets are inserted between them, and then the boxes are dissasembled and put back together in the wrong order! This one is specially hand-painted.

3. The clown jammer

Harry Blackstone Sr. and Jr. were famous world-class magicians. This special trick comes from one of their 1977 shows, where the empty box would be displayed, only for the curtains to be drawn and children to come spilling out. Inside the box, Kenneth displays the actual suit that Harry Blackstone Jr. wore to sign autographs after the show!

4. Sword basket

Kenneth painted this basket to give it a "woven" appearance. He performs this trick with his great-grandson, who's following in the magic family footsteps!

5. Le Grand David table

From one of the longest-running magic shows in the world, David Bull used this table to stall for time if the next illusion wasn't ready. With a variety of magic props on the table, the magician could easily entertain the audience until the next feat was prepared.

6. George American tour billboard

When a magician named George was preparing for an American tour, a more accomplished magician, Howard Thurston, made him dissapear! Well, kind of. He threatened to never perform again at venues that hosted George, and effectively cancelled the tour. So these vintage billboards are from a tour that never happened!

7. The dissector

Our expert has brought along this sharp item to offer for a trade. Put your hand inside, pull the blade down - and emerge unharmed. It's a thrilling trick! Will Kenneth pull a trade out of his hat?

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