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Diana Harris has around 500 Barbies in her massive collection. She has been a Barbie girl since birth, so let's step into her Barbie world.

Jul. 24, 2023

Stepping into Diana Harris' Barbie room is like stepping into a real-life Barbie Dreamhouse. With pink everywhere in sight, her Barbie collection features around 500 dolls, each more fashionable than the next.

As a young girl, Diana loved to play with Barbies and had a special interest in dressing them up and exploring the fashion behind the doll. As a Barbie collector, she finds herself drawn to the more fashion-forward Barbies with designer clothes.

With everything from a Christian Dior Barbie to the Ekaterina Silkstone Barbie, her collection is packed with the finest dolled-up Barbie dolls.

Diana is a Barbie girl in her own Barbie world. With around 20,000 Barbie dolls created, let's take a tour through a few of Diana's most special Barbies from all different nationalities, designers, careers, TV shows and more.

Come on, Barbie! Let's go take a look.

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1. Ekaterina Silkstone Barbie

This Barbie is part of a Russian line and is a Silkstone Barbie made of porcelain. She's a little heavier than your average Barbie, which adds to her rarity.

It was the first Silkstone Barbie Diana had ever received; she now has close to 100 of them. In order to get this specific Barbie, you had to be part of the Barbie Fan Club at the time.

For Diana, this Barbie's red hair reeled her in. According to the expert, the detail in her makeup, fur, boots and hair adds to the total value of this Barbie today.

Today this Barbie would be worth around $1,500. Have you ever seen a Barbie from Russia before?

2. New Look Christian Dior Barbie

This New Look Christian Dior Barbie was based on an actual design from Dior, which came out in 1947.

Diana had been searching for this doll since the '90s and was lucky to receive it as a gift. She even saw this look in person when his exhibit came to her state. The Barbie blouse is made of silk and the look is complete with black gloves, a straw hat and a large level of detail.

Today this Barbie would be worth around $125, but most Barbie dolls go up in value after their 25th birthday. Looks like we'll have to check back in soon.

3. 1964 Brunette Swirl Ponytail Barbie

This is one of the rare Barbies that Diana leaves out of the box. This vintage Barbie is one of Diana's favorites. She is partial to brunettes and she loved this Barbie's ponytail. 

The ponytail still has its original pin in it, most likely because her hair has never been restyled, adding to its rarity.

Today this item looks to be in almost mint condition and is worth around $350.

4. Starbright Boudior Barbie Clock

This is one of the first pieces of Barbie merchandise released by Mattel. This clock came out in 1964 and featured the iconic swirled ponytail.

It's one of Diana's only merchandise products, but it means a lot to her because she got this item as a gift at a very life-changing time. She got this item as a gift after she had finished chemotherapy.

It's an elusive item to find, and today it would be worth around $600, but it's priceless for Diana.

5. Sweet Roses PJ

Sweet Roses PJ is named Sweet Roses, well, because she smells like roses. That's right. It's essentially a scratch-and-sniff Barbie. 

Sweet Roses PJ was released as one of Barbie's friends. Diana had this exact doll when she was a kid and it was the brunette doll that started it all for her. 

Can someone confirm they've smelled the roses? This vintage Barbie has never been opened and much like most of Diana's collection, it remains in the box.

Sweet Roses PJ is now worth $100.

6. The total value of Diana Harris' Barbie collection:

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DeniseMarie 12 months ago
Love the red-haired Barbie. She's stunning!
325tar 12 months ago
I was trying to get in touch with Diane Harris. I have an original Barbie with her black and white bathing suit straps. Could you give her my email. I'm wanting to sell my Barbie. I have no one to leave her too or give too. Also that would take care of her. Thank you for your help. Theresa R
healingmindn 12 months ago
I guess this counts like a diverse investment - like any other collection.
dazeofwine 12 months ago
Sounds like Diana needs to find another hobby.
DeniseMarie dazeofwine 12 months ago
Now now, to each his own. Sounds like you need to down some more wine and lighten up lol.
Mblack 12 months ago
I remember when GI Joe had a sort of "soldier of the world" collection. A German and a mountie, but others.
Runeshaper 12 months ago
DANG! That's a lot of Barbies lol
Bapa1 12 months ago
Not a Barbie fan, and neither was my daughter. But this was interesting. What was cool were the Barbies on the shelf in the background. I saw a 'That Girl' a 'Munsters' and even a 'Speed Racer'.
AltBill Bapa1 11 months ago
We love this show, but you bring up a good point. There is so much cool stuff to show, AND they would have more time to show those things if they would cut back on repeating stuff over and over, we KNOW there is going to be a possible trade at the end and we remember what we were just shown, good grief the show is less than 30 minutes long! Stop repeating things said and shown. and show more.
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