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From Barbies, to posters, to masks, every trace of Alyssa's house is haunted with over 1,000 scary collectibles!

May. 29, 2023

Alyssa was born to be a monster collector. Her whole family watched scary movies together and enjoyed sharing anything and everything creepy, spooky and macabre. By the time she was a little girl, Alyssa was collecting monster memorabilia. As she shows us today, her most prized possessions are her female-centric monsters, like the Bride of Frankenstein and Queen of the Dark Forest Barbie due to their "girl power" independence, but she still treasures and is proud to show off some other creepy collectibles like Frankenstein, Dracula, the Creature and Godzilla. Joining us at Alyssa's haunted house is a toy shop owner and monster lover himself, expert Michael Tomaso, who'll evaluate Alyssa's monstrous collection and try not to frighten her with his terrifying trade offer. But, just when you think you're safe, check out Alyssa's blood-curdling screams when we surprise her with one of her horror heroes...

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1. Bride of Frankenstein

This 2001 version of the Bride of Frankenstein is what started it all for Alyssa! This limited-edition figurine is a true collectible and will be tough to find anywhere online. Not only is it valuable on any market, it has plenty of sentimental value too, solidifying this piece in Alyssa's collection for many more years to come!

2. Limited-edition Dracula & Frankenstein busts

Alyssa's family is also super spooky! And these figures, much like the Bride of Frankenstein, were gifts from her brother! The value in these limited-edition busts is hidden in the details. These pieces, from 2005, could be worth double what they originally sold for according to our expert! 

3. Dark Forest Barbie

No, this isn't another version of the Bride of Frankenstein, but an often forgotten member of the Barbie line, Dark Forest Barbie! The long black dress and accompanying diamonds stood out immediately for Alyssa when she was about 17 years old. Another early-2000s item, this one has certainly appreciated, going from a $90 retail price to five-times that amount today!

4. Swamp Thing

Alyssa's love for all things spooky includes comic books, which is part of the reason she had to have Alec Holland from The Swamp Thing comics! This figure is the perfect representation of what happens after the chemical spill! She was able to score this 2011 Comic Con exclusive while toy shopping in Chicago. Other than exclusivity, this find is unique because of the packaging it came in, a much bigger version of Swamp Thing's head! 

5. Terror Twins

Another perfect fit for Alyssa's collection are these original, limited-edition Terror Twins! Alyssa is all about girl-power, and these figures are the epitome of just that! These vinyl characters are original pieces from a Japanese toy line and are handcrafted and hand-molded. 

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JHP 12 months ago

drive past any house this mem day weekend and find someone's Else's shoe's or dainties that you can wear - ahhhh NO!
dmirarh 12 months ago
Dang I want to collect me a little bit of Lisa. Love the show...
HDS 19 months ago
Awesome Collection!!!! I collect similar items, but my collection tiny compared to Alyssa's.
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