Meet Al Sorenson: Inside the collection

Autographed memorabilia from the worlds of television, sports, movies and music!

Mar. 8, 2020

Al Sorenson is a grade-school teacher who also has a separate career as a professional artist, specializing in sketches of legendary sports figures, which he offers for sale at trade shows throughout the country. Al's passion as a collector is for celebrity-autographed memorabilia.

Some of his celebrity-autographed items are sports-related — like the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey jersey signed by the entire "Miracle On Ice" team. Others have connections to television — like the 1975 Happy Days script signed by the Fonz, Henry Winkler.

But all the signed items from Al's collection are unique.

Al is joined by his wife Cindy, who encouraged Al to start his collection years ago. Our host Lisa has brought along Scott Ibarra, a sports memorabilia dealer and collector himself who, like Al, is a huge Chicago Cubs fan. The trade item that Scott has brought to Al just happens to represent one of their favorite team's great moments.

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1. Autographed Michael Jordan sketches

Al drew this sketch of Michael Jordan. "MJ" himself autographed it later.

2. Chicago Cubs World Series baseball

3. Evel Knievel autograph

4. William Shatner-signed Star Trek tunic

5. Lee Majors-signed Six Million Dollar Man toy

6. Henry Winkler autograph on original Happy Days script

7. Beach Boys album signed by bandmembers

8. Mickey Mouse Club lunch box

9. Sammy Davis Jr. personal check

10. Adam West signed Batphone

11. 1980 "Miracle on Ice" autographed jersey

12. Rocky robe signed by Sylvester Stallone

13. Autographed boxing gloves and footballs

14. Al's basement

15. The staircase leading to the collection

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KennethPreston 53 months ago
I saw that Lunch box, Lisa. especially with painings of you. by the way, be sure to carry plenty of hand sanitizer. I don't want the coronavirus, to get you. I'm so worried. Love, Ken.
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