Episode 5: Inside the collection

What makes a toy worth $60,000, $100,000? The tags help.

Apr. 28, 2019

Wizard of Oz collector Walter Krueger is joined by his best friend and fellow Oz enthusiast Sean Barrett as he shows Collector's Call host Lisa Whelchel through his giant and valuable collection of all things related to The Wizard of Oz. From the first edition book by L. Frank Baum to promotional items and costumes from the film, Walter’s collection fills his house — and a series of secret rooms!

Lifelong Wizard of Oz Collector J.P. Cafiero valued Walter’s collection. Take a closer look at the rarities seen in Episode 5 of Collector's Call.

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1. Stuffed elephant signed by the cast of 'The Wizard of Oz' film

Appraised value: $60,000

2. Stuffed elephant, flip side

Here you can see the autograph of Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch.

3. Signed elephant, back side

It's an adorable little autograph elephant.

4. Woozie Toy hand carved by author L. Frank Baum

Appraised value: $100,000

5. 'Wizard of Oz' film Guardsman costume coat

Appraised value: $20,000

6. 'Wizard of Oz' film Guardsman costume pants

Appraised value: $10,000

7. Guardsman costume

Collector Walter Krueger shows off his prized costume from the 1939 blockbuster.

8. 1st edition 'The Wizard of Oz' hardback novel

Appraised value: $18,000

9. The Ruby Red Slipper bar

J.P. Cafiero, Lisa Whelchel and Walter Krueger sit before Walter's giant ruby slipper bar.

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