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The Donna Reed Show

Weekdays at 7 AM

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Oscar- and Golden Globe-winning actress Donna Reed stars as happy homemaker Donna Stone on this classic feel-good sitcom. 'The Donna Reed Show' portrays a loving family—Donna Stone, husband Alex (Carl Betz) and children Mary and Jeff (Shelly Fabares and Paul Peterson)—that resolves its quarrels with laughter and love. The series includes many cameo appearances by celebrities of the day such as baseball superstars Don Drysdale and Willie May, teen heartthrob James Darren and canine actress Lassie.   

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Mouse at Play

Donna's friend, Iris (Cloris Leachman), convinces her to go to the hair stylist (John Astin) and change her hair color.

The Monster

The large animal that keeps wandering around the Stone's house during the night ends up being a dog in need of a home.

New Girl in Town

Donna tries to fix up Jeff with Angie (Candy Moore), a girl whose family just moved to town.

One of Those Days

Donna and Alex decide to take a day off and spend time in the country.


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