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The Twilight Zone

Weeknights at 11 PM

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With its inimitable brand of disturbing fantasy and nightmarish science fiction, Rod Serling's 'The Twilight Zone' puts its characters into situations that allow the human psyche to be probed in ways conventional drama cannot. Encapsulated in Serling's narration, the parables and plot twists of 'The Twilight Zone' touch on everything from Cold War anxieties to "what if" flights of fancy.


Can you guess the TV show by the episode description?

We give you the synopsis from the TV listings. You guess the TV show.

Can you guess the TV show by emoji only?

If you text, odds are you've sent an emoji. From showing your mood with a smiley face to blowing a kiss to your family, those little pictures come in handy when expressing yourself via text message. With hundreds of emojis to now choose from, the little pictures are a language unto themselves. So we described 11 classic television shows in emojis only. Can you name them?

Which Twilight Zone is your worst nightmare?

Consider if you will a quiz, a measure of your deepest fears. All of us are frightened of something that keeps us up at night. The genius of The Twilight Zone is that the show managed to find that inner fear in all of us. Over five decades later, Rod Serling's classic television series still manages to dazzle and frighten us with its moral tales of suspense and surprise endings. Whether you're afraid of heights, spiders or aging, there is one episode of The Twilight Zone custom tailored to make your skin crawl.  Answer these questions and discover which episode is your worst nightmare.

Quiz: Do you know your TV robots?

Lost in Space is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the Robot still looks great. He hasn't aged a day. He was not the first robot actor. The first fictional robot rolled off the assembly line in 1921, in Karel ńĆapek's stage drama R.U.R . A few years later, the golden Maria appeared in Metropolis . Since then, androids, cyborgs and robots have been a constant part of pop culture, from C-3PO to HitchBOT. Robby the Robot was a Hollywood regular, initially appearing in Forbidden Planet and popping up in  The Twilight Zone ,  The Addams Family ,  Columbo ,  Mork & Mindy  and more.  Television robots have been big and small, boxy and humanoid. How well do you remember them, TV lovers? Need more Robot? Watch  Lost in Space Saturdays at Midnight | 11C on MeTV.


A new Rod Serling exhibit opens in the Twilight Zone creator's hometown

The Bundy Museum of History and Art will host props and memorabilia from The Rod Serling Archive.

Star Wars star Mark Hamill talks classic TV

The Jedi knight and MeTV superfan chats about Star Wars, The Twilight Zone, Phil Silvers, westerns, sitcoms and tons of classic pop culture.

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Before slipping on the tan rain coat, the famous television detective played thugs, thieves, murderers and gamblers. Dig into the best of his delicious early work.

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