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Gilligan's Island

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After departing from Honolulu on a three-hour tour, the two-man crew and five passengers aboard the S.S. Minnow find themselves swept away in a violent tropical storm. Becoming marooned on an uncharted island, the castaways—the bumbling Gilligan (Bob Denver), the stalwart Skipper (Alan Hale, Jr.), the super-rich Howells (Jim Backus and Natalie Schafer), the movie star Ginger (Tina Louise), the Professor (Russell Johnson) and girl-next-door Mary Ann (Dawn Wells)—make the most of their adventuresome new life while perpetually concocting botched attempts at escape.


Here's the Story of The Summer of Me

That's the way we all became The Summer of Me! Tune in for The Summer of Me weekdays starting at 4PM | 3C.

Gilligan's Island - Weekdays

Why are ALF and Barry Williams stranded alongside Gilligan and the Skipper? Tune in to The Summer of Me, weekdays starting at 4PM | 3C, to find out! And watch 'Gilligan's Island' weekdays at 5:30PM | 4:30C.


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