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The Rifleman

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Dispatching the bad guys with a souped-up, rapid-fire Winchester rifle, Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors) is The Rifleman, a widower, homesteader and peacekeeper in North Fork, New Mexico Territory. A Union veteran of the Civil War, McCain helps maintain order in the rough Old West town while striving to raise his son, Mark (Johnny Crawford), into an honorable and strong man, promoting such values as fair play, neighborliness and the use of violence only as a last resort.

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The Illustrator

Lucas encourages a drunken artist charged with murder to use his talents to identify the true killer.

The Silent Knife

Lucas and Mark try to persuade a persecuted young mute to return stolen money.

Miss Bertie

A lively old lady arrives in town hot on the trail of a notorious bandit—and the reward money for capturing him.

Six Years and a Day

A doctor seeks revenge on the man he blames for ruining his practice.

Flowers by the Door

Lucas unmasks a killer posing as a door-to-door seed salesman.

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