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Our Miss Brooks

Amalgamation Mrs. Nestor has cut a deal to share Connie and Conklin with Mrs. Pryor's school for child actors. The two discover Mrs. Pryor believes in a...

The Donna Reed Show

Mary Comes Home "Mary's unexpected return from college causes problems for the Stone household."

Mister Ed

Ed Gets The Mumps The Posts and Kirkwoods look after a neighbor's baby, which in turn makes Ed feel neglected, which in turn causes him to get the mumps.

I Love Lucy

The Saxophone When Lucy fails her saxophone audition for Ricky's band, she tries to stop him from going on the road by pretending there's another man in her...

Petticoat Junction

Jury At The Shady Rest Gluttonous jurors, lodged at the Shady Rest, refuse to reach a verdict because they like Kate's cooking so much.

My Three Sons

Heat Wave A summer heatwave has tempers flaring.

My Three Sons

The Beauty Contest Mike is dragged into being the judge of a campus beauty contest, in which his girlfriend is a contestant.

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver's Pigeons Beaver, Larry and Whitey begin a pigeon club and they each purchase pigeons of their own. Beaver names his two Miss Canfield and Miss Landers,...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Artful Dodger Allen Sheridan has more enemies than you can shake a stick at, even though he's due to inherit the healthy sum of $162,000. When Allen turns up...


The Revenge When it becomes apparent that someone is trying to sully Matlock's good name, he, Cliff and Conrad begin sorting through the list of recently...

Remington Steele

Steele Searching: Part 1 In London, Laura and Scotland Yard are both looking for Steele, who is hot on the trail of a man who holds a clue to his past.

The Big Valley

The Brawlers A group of Irish immigrants settles on Barkley land, believing they have bought the land from a reputable agent. Nick thinks of them purely as...


What The Whiskey Drummer Heard "Matt goes inside The Long Branch and meets Wilbur Hawkins a whiskey Drummer tells Matt he will die. Matt is almost shot while feeding the horses,...


Cheap Labour "Matt meets Fos Capper, who wants to marry Flora Stancil. Flora's brother Ben may give Matt some trouble that may lead to Foss Capper's death."


The Newcomers John Pennington and his crew want to mine the Ponderosa land by hydraulic means. Ben is totally against this method and evicts them in short order....

The Rifleman

Waste: Part 1 Marshal Torrance is heading home from a cattle sale with Lucas and Mark when the old lawman mysteriously disappears. They trace him to a nearby...

The Rifleman

Waste: Part 2 After Alphonso's wife gives birth, the bandits holding Marshal Torrance relax their guard, enabling Lucas and Mark to rescue the old man.

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Garden Party Mrs. Drysdale is having a garden party and tells the Clampetts not to attend. However, they misunderstand and think she wants them to come. Jane...

Leave It to Beaver

The Tooth Beaver learns he has to go to the dentist and that's when his friends tell him some horror stories about the drill the dentist is going to use....

The Brady Bunch

Every Boy Does It Once After watching "Cinderella" on TV, Bobby becomes concerned about stepmothers - especially when Carol asks him to sweep out the fireplace. Soon...

Gilligan's Island

Castaways Pictures Presents The castaways make a silent movie in the hopes that it will lead to their rescue.

Happy Days

Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 2 Surgery fixes the Fonz's injured knee but the Cunningham's coddling and his fear that pain will make him appear "uncool" keeps him lying on the...
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The Andy Griffith Show

Only A Rose Opie and Arnold accidentally destroy Aunt Bee's prized rose, which she has been growing for more than a year for inclusion in Mayberry's annual...


The Late Captain Pierce When Hawkeye's father is notified that he's dead, he finds it's no easy matter either to get word to him or to establish otherwise.


The Bus Driving back from a medical conference, Radar, Hawkeye, B.J., Sherman and Frank find themselves lost. When they decide to turn around, the bus does...

The Andy Griffith Show

Barney And The Governor Barney is goaded into ticketing the governor's car and mistakenly believes Andy is setting him up for a dressing-down by the governor.

The Andy Griffith Show

Man In A Hurry Big businessman Malcolm Tucker is stuck in Mayberry on a Sunday when his car breaks down outside the city limits. He's soon driven to frustration...

Mama's Family

The Wedding: Part 2 Having survived Vint and Naomi's wedding, Mama's peace is disturbed when the married couple return, announcing that they've been swindled out of...


Someone To Watch Over Me: Part 2 It's up to Willie to save ALF from the SWAT team surrounding the Ochomonek house, in which ALF had been chasing a prowler.

Hogan's Heroes

Standing Room Only Hogan tries to save Klink from an officer who plans on turning him in for not having balanced books.

Hogan's Heroes

Six Lessons From Madame Lagrange Hogan and a singer plan to stop the Gestapo from arresting all the area's Allied agents.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Jean Stapleton And Phil Silvers In Tacky Lady, Carol sings dressed as Cher. Then, in TV Commercials, Carol and the gang parody TV products, including Boritos Corn Chips, Zerts,...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Positive Negative A respected retired general is blackmailed into declining an offer to clean up the city of San Carlos, which is being tarnished by the operations...

The Twilight Zone

To Serve Man The Kanamits, nine-foot-tall aliens, arrive on Earth with one lofty goal: To Serve Man.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Enough Rope For Two A criminal released after 10 years in imprison plans to recover his stash.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Last Request A longtime criminal is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.


The Girl In The Polka Dot Dress Mannix scoffs at a psychic's tale about a woman in danger. Then the prophecy comes true.


The Caller After agreeing to housesit for a friend, Fran Belding begins to receive suspicious telephone calls, which soon become rather more sinister. When a...

77 Sunset Strip

Nightmare A psychiatrist hires Jeff to look for the truth behind a patient's recurring dream of murder.
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