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Our Miss Brooks

Wake-up Plan Miss Brooks oversleeps for class thanks to some sleeping pills Mrs. Davis had stored in an aspirin bottle. She brings them in to explain to Conklin...

The Donna Reed Show

Big Star Mary discovers a great singing talent in her boyfriend, who is shy and afraid of an audience. Shelley Fabares sings "Big Star."

Mister Ed

Ed Agrees To Talk Ed gets angry at Carol and thinks she is mistreating him because she has Ed hitched to a surrey when Wilbur refuses to buy her a new car.

I Love Lucy

The Golf Game Championship golfer Jimmy Demaret visits the Ricardos when Lucy and Ethel arrive at a bizarre scheme for combating their "golf widowship." The...

The Brady Bunch

Love And The Older Man Marcia falls for Dr. Vogel, the family's new dentist. When he asks Mike if Marcia would be interested in doing some babysitting for his kids, she's...

Petticoat Junction

Selma Plout's Plot Selma Plout's scheme to snag a husband for her daughter almost forces Steve out of the crop-dusting business.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Brewster's Baby After Drysdale stops the clan from going back home to deliver a baby, the Clampetts try to help the Brewsters with their baby, while Jethro...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Great Jethro Jed and Granny decide Jethro needs a job. They send him down to the bank to try to get work. While he is there, he runs into a magician, Marvo the...

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Gambler Matlock goes to Las Vegas to defend his friend, Jim Manning, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Laura, who worked for the mob laundering...

Diagnosis Murder

Bachelor Fathers Dr. Sloan tries to solve the murder of a young woman whose twin sister claims that Jesse fathered her infant son.

The Big Valley

The Profit And The Lost Heath saves the life of a hired killer who is on the way to stockton to kill—Heath.


Help Me Kitty Kitty and an unmarried expectant mother end up stranded in the desert when bandits attack their stagecoach.


The Desperado A fugitive black man holds Hoss hostage—and has no problems killing a white man.

The Rifleman

Two Ounces Of Tin Sammy Davis Jr. stars as Tip Corey, son of a man allegedly murdered in North Fork.

The Rifleman

Deadly Image On the trail Len Richards and his brother, Ab, confront a Lucas McCain look-alike, Earl Bantry and his sidekick K.C. Peters, for slaughtering one...


School Days A new trainee appears to be lacking in confidence; a bookcase falls on an elderly gentleman searching for a book; a baseball player is injured; an...
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The Professor A man shows signs of schizophrenia for no apparent reason and the Secret Service won't give any clues. Roy has an admirer, yet John accuses him of...

Mama's Family

Cell Mates When the family goes out to celebrate Eunice's birthday, a fight between Mama and Eunice ends with both of them getting arrested.

Mama's Family

Mama Gets A Job Despondent and feeling old and useless, Mama takes Naomi's advice and gets a job at a travel agency.


Abyssinia, Henry Henry finally gets his discharge. While he is tying things up, Burns prepares for his new command. Henry bids a tearful adieu, but not before...


Welcome To Korea (part 1) "Trapper is shipped home while Hawkeye is on R&R. Hawkeye speeds to Kimpo with Radar to catch Trapper's plane, but they just miss him. While they...

The Andy Griffith Show

Sheriff Barney Barney gets an offer to become the sheriff of Greendale, and Andy tries to discourage him. Unsure how to handle matters, Andy gets the idea to let...

The Andy Griffith Show

The Farmer Takes A Wife Jeff Pruitt, a farmer from the hills, comes to Mayberry in search of a wife. He enlists Barney and Andy's help and ends up picking Thelma Lou!

Happy Days

Sweet Sixteen Joanie thinks she's found true love in Jefferson High's star quarterback. However, when she sees him sweet-talking another girl, she breaks up with...

Gilligan's Island

Will The Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up? The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is spending all of his money.

Hogan's Heroes

The General Swap Hogan captures a German general to trade for an American general who dislikes Hogan.

Hogan's Heroes

The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery Hogan robs a bank to help pay for a map to German rocket installations.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Torchy Song In Torchy Song, the gang parodies the classic film, with Carol playing a demanding Joan Crawford on a warpath.

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Bedeviled Doctor Dr. David Craig discovers that tapes of conversations with his psychiatric patients are missing and being used for blackmail purposes. When the...

The Twilight Zone

One For The Angels A street salesman cleverly eludes Death. But if he lives, a little girl must die in his place.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Change Of Address A couple moves into an isolated seaside residence in a last-ditch effort to save their unstable marriage.


Law Dance Kojak searches for the killer of a key witness in a prominent murder trial

Project Phoenix

MeTV Mystery Movie An experimental vehicle is stolen, complete with the train car carrying it, while en route from Middlefield to Boston. Making matters even more...

Night Gallery

There Aren't Anymore Macbanes Arthur Porter threatens to cut off his freeloading nephew, who turns to the occult for revenge.
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