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The Patty Duke Show

Are Mothers People? Natalie feels that her family has been uncaring toward her and devises a plan for revenge.

The Lucy Show

Lucy And Viv Learn Judo Alarmed by break-ins in the neighborhood, Lucy and Viv decide to take judo lessons.

The Brady Bunch

Brace Yourself Marcia is distraught after getting braces, and is convinced that they've made her ugly. Her brothers and sisters try their best to make Marcia feel...

Petticoat Junction

It's Not Easy To Be A Mother Kate juggles assisting Betty Jo in learning how to cook and snag a husband with protecting Billie Jo from the perils of show business. Finding...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Frog Family Granny thinks Jethro has turned into a frog after he went swimming and takes him to Dr. Klinger in the bank building. Jethro stops by the bank and...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Farm In The Ocean Mark shows the family a movie of the ocean’s depths, but it still does not impress Granny. Meanwhile, Drysdale is trying to impress Mark. He...

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The Dare An eccentric millionaire tells Matlock that he wouldn't be able to solve the perfect murder if it were handed to him on a silver platter. To prove...

Diagnosis Murder

Drill For Death A hospital emergency preparedness drill turns deadly when an unpopular and ambitious nurse is found dead, with only an eccentric artist as a witness.

The Big Valley

My Son, My Son Audra wants to flirt with Evan Miles, a childhood friend back from the east. Little does she know that he suffers from a dangerous emotional...


Cale A young rider is wounded when he's suspected of being a horse thief's accomplice.


Something Hurt, Something Wild The Cartwrights' friendship with a neighboring rancher is threatened when their mentally unstable daughter accuses Joe of attacking her.

The Rifleman

A Young Man's Fancy The pangs of first love are painful for Mark: the object of his affections has eyes for another.

The Rifleman

The Man From Salinas Banker Hamilton is closing up for the day when Rudy Gray persuades him to stay open for one more transaction—a withdrawal at gunpoint.


Kidding Johnny is assigned to conduct a school tour of Rampart hospital; the youngsters are highly inquisitive. A veteran mentally reliving a battle is...


High Flyer Ponch fights his fear of flying and Jon copes with a teenage girl's crush on him.

Mama's Family

War Of The Roses Vint and Naomi get in an argument, and Mama and Iola compete to grow the winning rose for the annual flower show.

Mama's Family

Mama Takes A Dive After slipping on a role of pennies at the bank, a shady lawyer convinces Mama that she is badly injured and needs to sue.


The Yalu Brick Road Hawkeye and B.J. lose their way while rushing urgently needed antibiotics to the 4077th, which is wracked with low-mileage Thanksgiving...


Life Time Hawkeye and B.J. race against the clock to save a soldier from paralysis. B.J.'s harvesting an aorta from a dead soldier doesn't sit well with the...

The Andy Griffith Show

Barney's Replacement Barney believes that Andy is grooming a new man to replace him as deputy.

The Andy Griffith Show

Andy And The Woman Speeder A stubborn but charming lady speeder makes life difficult for Andy.

Happy Days

Kiss Me Sickly Fonzie asks Richie to watch after his girl, Denise, while he's out of town at a demolition derby. Denise, upon hearing what Fonzie's asked Richie...
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Gilligan's Island

It's Magic The castaways discover a magician's trunk on the island, using its contents to scare away unfriendly natives from nearby islands.

Hogan's Heroes

The Hostage Hogan plays a waiting game with a German general. The scheming general has planted a rocket-fuel depot right outside Stalag 13 in hopes of trapping...

Hogan's Heroes

Carter Turns Traitor Carter pretends to be a traitor so he can learn the location of a chemical plant.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guest Tim Conway In The Family, Eunice and Mama stop by her husband's hardware store, only to get in another fight. Then, in Shower Blackout, Carol steps out of the...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Scarlet Scandal Another fishing trip goes awry for Mason when he's drawn into the murder of a woman who was killed while delivering a blackmail payment.

The Twilight Zone

Static An old radio returns a bitter bachelor to happier times when it starts picking up programs from the past.

The Rockford Files

The Queen Of Peru Having retrieved a stolen diamond for an insurance company, Jim hides the rock in his barbecue grill, which turns out to be a terrible idea when a...


Both Sides Of The Law Kojak competes with a world-famous criminologist to recover five priceless Rembrandt drawings.

Horse Of A Slightly Different Color

MeTV Mystery Movie "Banacek tries to figure out how a $5 million racehorse was switched for another during its morning workout."

Night Gallery

The Phantom Farmhouse A psychiatrist finds himself falling for a mysterious woman whose last visitor was killed—so police conclude—by wild animals.
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