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The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

The Devil And Dobie Gillis "Chatsworth approaches Dobie with a scheme to rig the raffle at the Osborne charity bazaar and split the $5,000 prize. Dobie needs the money, but...

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

The Right Triangle Older brother Davey convinces Dobie to invent an affair with a married woman in order to impress a new girl in school. But, as usual, things blow...

The Abbott and Costello Show

The Western Story Bud and Lou accept Hillary's invitation to visit her uncle's B-Bar-Bop ranch.

The Abbott and Costello Show

The Haunted Castle Hillary will inherit a castle if she spends one night there. Bud and Lou come along with her for protection and Lou is scared out of his mind by...


The Great Crash Diet Conducting a fire inspection, Roy and John rescue a diver in a fish tank. A birthday boy eats raw dough and gets a stomachache. An experiment in...

Welcome Back, Kotter

A Love Story Epstein really loses his temper when his sister, Cameron, becomes a Sweathog and Barbarino asks her for a date.

Welcome Back, Kotter

Caruso's Way Barbarino is humiliated when the school gym teacher hits him in front of the girl's gym class.

Gilligan's Island

Gilligan Vs. Gilligan Gilligan meets his double, a foreign spy.

Gilligan's Island

Pass The Vegetables, Please Gilligan finds a crate of radioactive vegetable seeds.

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Saved by the Bell

Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind Looking for a way to make a quick buck, Slater and Zack have Screech dress up as an alien from outer space to trick a tabloid.

Saved by the Bell

Slater's Friend Slater unwittingly dooms his chameleon when he leaves it with Screech.

The Brady Bunch

Two Petes In A Pod Peter is stunned after he runs into a boy who looks exactly like him at school. His look alike comes in handy when Peter inadvertently makes two...

The Brady Bunch

Top Secret When an FBI agent makes a visit to check Mike's security clearance, Bobby and Oliver both become convinced that Mike is working on some plans for a...

The Brady Bunch

The Snooperstar Marcia is fed up with Cindy snooping in her diary. To teach her a lesson, she plants a bogus story about submitting a picture of Cindy to a talent...

The Brady Bunch

The Hustler The Brady family tries to figure out who would send them a pool table and later learn that Mike's boss, Mr. Matthews is the one. Meanwhile, Bobby...

Gilligan's Island

The Producer A famous Hollywood producer crash-lands on the island. When he insults Ginger, the castaways stage a "Hamlet" musical play to restore her confidence.

Gilligan's Island

Voodoo A witch doctor makes voodoo dolls from the castaways' personal affects, which he has stolen from their huts.

Happy Days

Arnold's Wedding Arnold asks Fonzie to be the best man at his wedding, but Fonzie is hesitant because of the "Fonzarelli curse." Arnold's fiance calls the wedding...

Laverne & Shirley

You Oughta Be In Pictures The girls jump at the chance to be the stars in a movie, unaware that the film they will be starring in is an Army hygiene film.
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I Love Lucy

No Children Allowed When a cranky tenant (Elizabeth Patterson in her first appearance as Mrs. Trumble) threatens to move because of Little Ricky's loud crying, Ethel...

I Love Lucy

Lucy Hires A Maid Lucy's sleepless nights with the new baby are exhausting, so the Ricardos hire a maid. Unfortunately, this new maid turns out to be a terrible...

The Love Boat

Vicki's Dilemma "Gopher's uncle secretly opens a shop in his cabin; Vicki gets involved with a teenager who pops pills to compensate for his neglectful mother."

The Love Boat

So Help Me, Hannah "Hannah, an elderly, creative free spirit, spreads her philosophy of chasing your dreams among the crew, as well as the son of a former flame, who...

The Andy Griffith Show

Opie And The Spoiled Kid When Arnold the spoiled kid moves to town, he thinks he can walk all over the townsfolk, including Andy and Barney.

The Andy Griffith Show

The Great Filling Station Robbery A young man is accused of being the mysterious crook who's been robbing Wally's filling station. Andy and Barney try to determine his guilt or...


Dead Weight After learning that he is being investigated for embezzling military funds, Major General Martin Hollister shoots his partner in crime, who decided...


War Of Nerves The 4077th, caught up in tension and nerves, creates a bonfire to release their pressure. Meanwhile, Sidney Freedman is depressed over a young...

The Odd Couple

Your Mother Wears Army Boots Felix helps Oscar get a job with Howard Cosell.

The Honeymooners

Pal O'mine Ralph's feelings are bruised when Ed buys a friendship ring for one of his pals on the sewer crew. Though Ralph gets it stuck on his finger, they...


Love Is A Really, Really, Perfectly Okay Thing In the afterglow of their intimate encounter, Rebecca becomes determined to deny that it ever happened to the gang at the bar, to Robin and to...

The Bob Newhart Show

Dr. Ryan's Express Bob's office routine becomes a wreck when Jerry hires a temporary receptionist. She's a very nice but very vague woman who can't even get Bob's...

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Better Late... That's A Pun... Than Never "To relieve her boredom, Mary jokingly writes a humorous obituary of one of the people in the WJM-TV file. Coincidentally, the same person dies the...


Louie Meets The Folks Zena brings Louie home to meet her parents.

Get Smart

Supersonic Boom KAOS attacks the CONTROL headquarters with a sonic boom and threatens to use it on New York City.

The Phil Silvers Show

Hollywood Hollywood plans a film of the ' Battle of Kabuchi' and they hire Bilko as the technical adviser, but after a couple of days he has taken over the...

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The Cherry Blossom Affair THRUSH Eastern in Japan acquires a volcano-activating device, and Solo and Illya, along with Cricket Okasada, a film student, infiltrate a toy...

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Starring The Defense When his child is accused of murder, former actor Miles Crawford decides to "act" as the boy's legal representative.


Dark Legacy The patriarch of a family of magicians dies and leaves his nephew his book of secrets—and it is indeed a dark legacy involving satanic...
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