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Daniel Boone

The Impostor Boone masterminds a scheme to deny the British use of a revolutionary rifle that would turn the tide of war.

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Angry Astronaut Astronaut Matthew Heller is suspected of killing his old service rival, General Addison Brand, after Brand is put in charge of the astronaut program.


The Defense Matlock defends teenager Danny Hayes, who is accused of murdering his father. Danny insists that his father was going to kill his mother, but the...

Quincy, M.E.

Nowhere To Run Quincy doesn't believe Monahan's theory that a teenager pushed his pregnant girlfriend to her death.

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The Rockford Files

Charlie Harris At Large An old bunkmate from prison calls Jim for help; he is wanted for the murder of his wife. The man has an alibi in a mystery woman named Cassandra,...


The Sisters Trapper Pack Landers finds his cabin occupied by three nuns and two children he has never seen. The sisters are bringing the children to Landers,...


The Blood Line The son of Luke Grayson wants revenge when he discovers that Ben Cartwright killed his father, even though it was in self-defense. Despite this,...

The Rifleman

The Indian U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart arrives in North Fork in search of renegade indians suspected of the brutal killing of a Texas Ranger and his family. The...

The Rifleman

The Boarding House Reformed card shark Julia Massini now runs a respectable boarding house in North Fork, but Sid Fallon is threatening to reveal her sordid past...


Loose Ends Johnny tries to win a ticket-selling contest. Dr. Backett blames himself when he is involved in a car accident that leaves the other driver dead...


An Ounce Of Prevention A man with chest pains is trapped on a ferris wheel. A child ingests an illegal pesticide. While making a TV appearance to discuss fire prevention,...


Speedway Fever Ponch and Bobby go after a gang of high-speed bike bandits, and a young cadet at the CHP Academy tries to help his brother.


Abyssinia, Henry Henry finally gets his discharge. While he is tying things up, Burns prepares for his new command. Henry bids a tearful adieu, but not before...


Welcome To Korea (part 1) "Trapper is shipped home while Hawkeye is on R&R. Hawkeye speeds to Kimpo with Radar to catch Trapper's plane, but they just miss him. While they...

The Andy Griffith Show

Opie's Rival Opie is afraid that Andy's new girlfriend, Peggy, will take his place in his father's heart, and sets out to sabotage their relationship.

The Andy Griffith Show

Convicts-at-large Barney and Floyd run out of gas while coming home from a fishing trip. While looking for a telephone they are captured by three female escaped...

Happy Days

Fonzie And Leather Tuscadero: Part 2 After Howard refuses to let Joanie go on tour with Leather, she follows through with her threat to run away from home.

Laverne & Shirley

The Beatnik Show After being introduced to beatnik culture, Shirley begins wearing black, moping around and complaining that nothing is "cool" anymore.

Hogan's Heroes

Klink's Rocket Hogan plans to detour the German bombers that normally attack London to a nearby Allied airbase.

Hogan's Heroes

Information Please After detecting an information leak in the area of Stalag 13, the Germans replace Klink with a more efficient officer, who Hogan sets up to take...

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guest Steve Lawrence In Double Calamity, the gang parodies the film-noir classic "Double Indemnity", with Carol as Barbara Stanwyck and Steve as Fred McMurray.

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Artful Dodger Allen Sheridan has more enemies than you can shake a stick at, even though he's due to inherit the healthy sum of $162,000. When Allen turns up...

The Man With The Golden Hat

MeTV Mystery Movie After hanging his Stetson in a diner one night, McCloud is stymied by various attempts to relieve him of it. His clues lead to a ballet company on...

Night Gallery

Class Of '99 / Satisfaction Guaranteed A graduating class of the future takes a chilling final exam. An employment service has a difficult time fulfilling a customer's request for staff.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

An Out For Oscar Weighed down by an adulterous partner and her money-mad lover, a shy bank teller schemes to free himself via the "perfect crime."


The Weird Tailor A man attempts to bring his dead son back to life with the use of black magic and an unusual suit of clothes.
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