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Season: 1 2 3 4
10/3/1952 Ep 1: Pilot (aka Trying to Pick a Fight)
Walter tells Miss Brooks how arguments with his girlfriend improve their relationship. Hoping it will light a fire under her beau, Connie picks a fight with Mr. Boynton.
10/10/1952 Ep 2: The Loaded Custodian
Miss Brooks wants to replace the school janitor's broken window, but cheapskate Conklin won't budge.
10/17/1952 Ep 3: The Embezzled Dress
Mrs. Davis uses money meant for the school to buy Miss Brooks a new dress.
10/24/1952 Ep 4: The Birthday Bag
Connie has her heart set on a green alligator purse she saw at the department store. Her friends what to give her the purse as a birthday gift, and hatch a scheme to prevent her from buying the item herself.
10/31/1952 Ep 5: Boynton Play-Acts (aka Miss Brooks Play-Acts)
Mr. Boynton is on a job hunt and asks Connie to play Mrs. Boynton—his mother, not his wife.
11/7/1952 Ep 6: Living Statues
Conklin orders Miss Brooks to fix the cracks and scratches on his office walls. Joined by Walter and Mr. Boynton, the three redo his office using a clear paint concocted by Walter in the school lab. They discover too late that a main ingredient is a liquid cement.
11/14/1952 Ep 7: Madison Country Club
Mr. Conklin intends to squeeze money out of a rich dowager so he can redecorate his office. When she arrives, he plans on staging quite a show of poverty, complete with the staff dressed like bums. Miss Brooks and company have other plans.
11/21/1952 Ep 8: Mr. Whipple
Mrs. Davis gets Connie and the gang whipped into a frenzy with her incorrect story of Mr. Whipple, who they believe to be an impoverished man who hasn't eaten in 10 days.
11/28/1952 Ep 9: The Big Game
Madison High is looking forward to the big football game against arch-rival Clay. It's discovered that former Madison football star/present day coach "Snake Hips" Geary never graduated. He failed English, so Mr. Conklin wants Miss Brooks give him a crash course and give him a passing grade.
12/5/1952 Ep 10: Blue Goldfish
Penny-pinching Conklin has the thermostat cranked so low the goldfish in the biology lab have turned blue. The only way the gang can get him to spend a little money on heat is to make him think the cold is making everyone sick.
12/12/1952 Ep 11: The Stolen Aerial
When word gets around school that Miss Brooks is having her TV antenna repaired for free, everyone dumps their broken aerials on Connie to take to the shop. Mr. Conklin becomes suspicious and is convinced that Miss Brooks is an out-of-control antenna thief.
12/19/1952 Ep 12: The Hobby Show
The students and faculty of Madison High propose a hobby show as a diversion for overworked Miss Brooks, but she ends up even more exhausted.
12/27/1952 Ep 13: Christmas Show 1952
Connie is broke so she exchanges a gift to buy presents for her friends. Nobody gets what they want, so there's a steady stream of customers at the department store's gift exchange.
1/2/1953 Ep 14: Aunt Mattie Boynton
Connie will not sit quietly while Conklin gives Miss Enright a promotion. Wanting to show off her business skills, she gets a great deal on fuel oil for Conklin's furnace, not knowing that he's just had it converted to a forced air unit.
1/9/1953 Ep 15: The Pet Shop
Connie is in the dumps because she believes she was stood up on a date by Mr. Boynton. Love guru Walter suggests she give Boynton a taste of his own medicine: make a date with him and then leave him holding the bag.
1/16/1953 Ep 16: The Hurricane
While listening to Walter's homemade shortwave radio, Harriet and Miss Brooks hear a weather warning of an impending hurricane. As acting principal, Connie shuts down the school and the gang takes refuge at the Conklin home.
1/30/1953 Ep 17: Monsieur LaBlanche
Miss Brooks receives a note written in French from new teacher Maurice LeBlanche. Failing French student Walter interprets it as a love note asking for a date. In reality, LeBlanche is asking for a $50 loan.
2/6/1953 Ep 18: Old Marblehead
Conklin lives up to his unflattering nickname, Old Marblehead, when he commissions a bust of himself for Madison High's library. He finances it with Conklin's Carelessness Code, a scam in which he fines students and teachers for breaking rules he makes up on the spot.
2/13/1953 Ep 19: The Model Teacher
A female photographer who arrives to take pictures of a model teacher catches the eye of Mr. Boynton. This infuriates Miss Brooks who forces herself between the two.
2/20/1953 Ep 20: Wake-Up Plan
Miss Brooks oversleeps for class thanks to some sleeping pills Mrs. Davis had stored in an aspirin bottle. She brings them in to explain to Conklin what happened, but he'll hear none of it. The "spiked" aspirin bottle left sitting on his desk soon has others dozing off in his office.
2/27/1953 Ep 21: The Cafeteria Strike
The students go on strike for better food.
3/6/1953 Ep 22: Mr. Casey's Will
Conklin, Boynton and Miss Brooks attend the reading of the will of Mr. Casey; the late Mr. Casey is a cat.
3/13/1953 Ep 23: Conklin's Love Nest
Mr. Conklin has a room to rent. Via the French teacher, Miss Brooks sends a message to Mr. Boynton that two can live as cheaply as one.
3/20/1953 Ep 24: The Honest Burglar
Miss Brooks gets a hungry burglar a job in the school cafeteria.
3/27/1953 Ep 25: Fisher's Pawn Shop
Thanks to Conklin's lousy management of the athletic budget, the baseball team's season opener might be canceled because of no uniforms. Miss Brooks and other faculty members start hocking school valuables at the pawn shop for the needed funds.
4/3/1953 Ep 26: Lulu, the Pin-Up Boat
Conklin demands the students dress more conservatively. He should have known better than that!
4/10/1953 Ep 27: The Yodar Kritch Award
Miss Brooks must present an award to a dim-witted student, or his father will cancel the big barbecue that she and Mr. Boynton are invited to.
4/17/1953 Ep 28: Madame Brooks DuBarry
Mr. Conklin is convinced Harriet is modeling her behavior on that of noted hussy Miss Brooks. Harriet talks her father into spying on Miss Brooks and cold fish Mr. Boynton one evening to prove that there's nothing untoward going on between the two.
4/24/1953 Ep 29: Marinated Herring
Principal Conklin proclaims "Board of Education Day."
5/1/1953 Ep 30: The Festival
Miss Brooks plays matchmaker between a reluctant janitor and a cleaning lady. To help the woman out, Connie switches clothes with the shabbily attired lady. Mr. Boynton wants the janitor to look good, too, so he switches wardrobe with the old man.
5/8/1953 Ep 31: Suzy Prentisss
Miss Brooks is ordered to find out what's wrong with star baseball player Bones Snodgrass. It turns out he's in love with Suzy Prentisss, the only student stupider than he is. Connie acquires formals so the young couple can attend a banquet, even though someone else is planning on wearing them.
5/15/1953 Ep 32: Conklin Plays Detective
Someone has broken into Principal Conklin's office, stolen his typewriter and made a long distance call. Evidence points to Mr. Boynton as the guilty party, so Conklin stakes out his office by hiding in a suit of armor.
5/29/1953 Ep 33: Mrs. Davis Reads Tea Leaves
Connie becomes excited when Mrs. Davis reads tea leaves that say marriage is in her near future. This leads Connie to misinterpret Mr. Boynton's proposal to join him in running a summer camp.
6/5/1953 Ep 34: The Stolen Wardrobe
Two thieves who have stolen expensive women's clothing hide from the police in Madison High. In order to escape, they trick Miss Brooks into thinking the clothes are hers for an advertising campaign.
6/12/1953 Ep 35: Cure That Habit
After seeing Conklin with literature from Alcoholics Anonymous, people assume he's the one with the problem.
6/19/1953 Ep 36: Capistrano's Revenge
Mrs. Davis finds an injured bird in the yard and asks Connie to take it to Mr. Boynton for care. After examining the bird, none of the men has the nerve to tell her that her winged friend has passed to that great aviary in the sky.
6/26/1953 Ep 37: June Bride
Connie agrees to act as a proxy and stand in for Mr. LeBlanche's overseas bride in a wedding ceremony. Walter overhears only part of the conversation and thinks the two teachers are getting hitched.
Season: 1 2 3 4
10/2/1953 Ep 38: Clay City Chaperone
After battling it out with Miss Enright, Connie wins the honor of chaperoning the football team to a game in nearby Clay City. Mostly, she just wants to spend the weekend with Mr. Boynton.
10/9/1953 Ep 39: Bones, Son of Cyrano
The anonymous love poems Harriet is receiving upsets Walter. He turns to Mr. Boynton who writes out his favorite quote from Cyrano de Bergerac. Before the day is done, the poem has fallen into the hands of practically everyone, each thinking someone has secretly sent it to them.
10/16/1953 Ep 40: Spare The Rod
Mr. Conklin finds a letter from the school board to the previous principal chastising him for his tyrannical rule. Fearing trouble for himself, he institutes a "spare the rod" policy that fails miserably.
10/23/1953 Ep 41: Faculty Band
Connie's only reason for joining the faculty band is its conductor: Mr. Boynton.
10/30/1953 Ep 42: The Little Visitor
Connie assumes the Conklins are expecting when she hears about the impending arrival of a "little visitor." Connie and Mr. Boynton jeopardize Mr. Conklin's promotion with their talk of a baby he claims to know nothing about.
11/6/1953 Ep 43: Trial By Jury
Miss Brooks has a little secret: she got a traffic ticket during Conklin's safe driving campaign.
11/13/1953 Ep 44: Phone Book Follies
Conklin blames Miss Brooks for swiping his phone book. Connie thinks Conklin absconded with hers.
11/20/1953 Ep 45: Thanksgiving Show
With Mrs. Davis only cooking a tiny squab for Thanksgiving, Miss Brooks goes in search of a dinner invitation. Her friends and co-workers all misunderstand and show up at her house expecting a huge meal.
11/27/1953 Ep 46: Vitamin E-4
Unbeknownst to each other, Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton each have accepted a lucrative job offer. Since they signed agreements promising not to quit mid-semester, they set out to force Mr. Conklin to fire them.
12/11/1953 Ep 47: Swap Week
New student Larry Clayton introduces the idea of bartering to Madison High with students and teachers swapping their useless junk for the junk of another. An important educators meeting has Mr. Boynton and "Old Marblehead" trading like mad for majority ownership of Walter Denton's old car.
12/18/1953 Ep 48: Golden Slippers
Planning to attend the school's masquerade ball, Miss Brooks heads to the shoe store to purchase slippers for the event. The shoe salesman insists on a pair of golden slippers in her size. She begins to feel like a real Cinderella when a fabulous ball gown and flowers are delivered to her from a secret admirer.
12/25/1953 Ep 49: Christmas Show (aka The Magic Tree)
Connie Brooks is resigned to spending a quiet Christmas Eve with Mrs. Davis' cat, Minerva. After buying a "magic" Christmas tree from a slick young salesman, she dozes off and dreams that all her friends drop by for a surprise visit.
1/8/1954 Ep 50: Hospital Capers
Miss Brooks forgets to mail a letter for Mr. Conklin, resulting in his insurance not being paid. Mr. Boynton is injured on property owned by Conklin and ends up in the hospital. The threat of a lawsuit from Boynton's ambulance-chasing lawyer has Conklin worked into a panic.
1/15/1954 Ep 51: Postage Due
Miss Brooks receives a letter with postage due and plans to pay dear old Mr. Bagley, the mailman, the 20 cents she owes. Upon learning he abruptly quit his job and left no forwarding address, she's convinced he's met with foul play.
1/22/1954 Ep 52: Do It Yourself
After Walter greatly exaggerates Miss Brooks' carpentry skills, Connie is put in charge of rebuilding the garage Mr. Conklin's electrical skills exploded.
1/29/1954 Ep 53: Bobsey Twin in Stir
Mrs. Davis lands in the hoosegow for unwittingly selling phony tickets to the Policeman's Ball. Not knowing the tickets are "hot," Miss Brooks and friends help out and sell them around the school.
2/12/1954 Ep 54: The Jockey
Miss Brooks helps Mr. Boynton hide a jockey and his horse from gangsters who are owed money. When Billy Bunker shows up at school, the pair try to pass him off as a student. Since Mr. Conklin knows every student who ever went to Madison High, they make "Old Marblehead" think that he's losing his memory.
2/19/1954 Ep 55: Brooks' New Car
Connie backs her new used vehicle into Mr. Conklin's car, pushing it down a hill and into a fruit stand. With Miss Brooks scrambling to come up with money to cover the repairs, Conklin decides to trade his wreck in for another vehicle at the garage: the one that belongs to Miss Brooks.
2/26/1954 Ep 56: The Hobo Jungle
Honor student Harvey Brent lives with his widowed dad and two other "fathers" on an empty lot. To keep him from being taken away from his family, Miss Brooks makes Conklin think he lives across the street.
3/12/1954 Ep 57: Wild Goose Chase
Walter plays an early April Fool's Day trick on Mr. Conklin. Pretending to be a radio quiz host, he tells "Marblehead" to come by the department store and pick up the TV he's won.
3/19/1954 Ep 58: Hello Mr. Chips
After hearing Mr. Boynton say he'll marry when he's too old to enjoy anything else, Miss Brooks schemes with Angela to make him feel ancient. In the meantime, Connie accompanies very handsome British education expert Hetherington Philpot around the school and on a date.
3/23/1954 Ep 59: The Parlor Game
Principal Conklin is unhappy when Walter Denton takes a romantic interest in his daughter.
4/9/1954 Ep 60: Dry Scalp Is Better Than None
Hypochondriac Angela, upset because her medical tests found nothing wrong, drums up sympathy by announcing she has just one month to live. She says her only wish is to have one more Christmas.
4/16/1954 Ep 61: The English Test
Mr. Conklin orders Miss Brooks to help students after school.
4/23/1954 Ep 62: Second Hand-First Aid
Miss Brooks is unqualified to teach first aid, as she proves on Mr. Conklin and Miss Enright using bandages and splints.
4/30/1954 Ep 63: The Egg
Mr. Conklin is obsessed with taking a series of photos of an egg hatching for a photography contest. What he doesn't know is that Walter has substituted the egg with a rock so Conklin's flash bulbs won't traumatize the little chick.
5/21/1954 Ep 64: Old Age Plan
The power of suggestion turns Boynton and Conklin into shambling wrecks with one foot in the grave. Miss Brooks is trying to sell an old-age savings plan to the guys and, after reading the signs of old age to them, they come down with all the symptoms.
5/30/1954 Ep 65: The Hawkins Travel Agency
Miss Brooks and Conklin, Boynton and Stone can each get a cheap vacation through the Hawkins Travel Agency if they can convince three others to come along. None realize the others have the same agency deal, so all four are trying to pitch the others on a vacation.
6/11/1954 Ep 66: The Bicycle Thief
One of Miss Brooks' students is suspected of stealing Mr. Conklin's beloved bicycle. Connie becomes involved in keeping the student from being caught.
6/18/1954 Ep 67: Red River Valley
To get jobs with the "Deacon Jones Hillbilly Troupe," Connie and her Madison High friends put on a hillbilly act for Mr. Jones when he arrives in town. Only trouble is, he turns out to be the wrong Jones—the one from the board of education.
Season: 1 2 3 4
10/1/1954 Ep 68: The Miserable Caballero
Miss Brooks tries to help an 11-year-old Mexican boy who says he's run away from his cruel uncle. The child's way with flattery allows him to wrap everyone around his finger, including Mr. Conklin, who turns into a blubbering softie.
10/22/1954 Ep 69: Life Can Be Bones
As far as Connie is concerned, Mr. Boynton is showing too much interest in his new biology assistant, Miss Sanders. To focus attention back on herself, Miss Brooks has Walter bury some old bones in her backyard to get Boynton interested in hunting for her fossils.
10/29/1954 Ep 70: Two-Way Stretch Snodgrass
Mr. Conklin's arch ememy, Hamilton High principal Jasper Flint, is scheming to steal Madison's football hero, Stretch Snodgrass. To keep him from transferring, Miss Brooks and Conklin masquerade as Stretch's none-too-bright parents and refuse to let him change schools.
11/5/1954 Ep 71: Angela's Wedding
Miss Brooks becomes part of a romantic triangle. A good-looking new football coach starts at Madison High. His compliments about Connie almost leads to blows with Mr. Boynton.
11/12/1954 Ep 72: Van Gogh, Man, Gogh
The teachers all become competitive artists when art dealer Paul Batiste offers a prize for the most promising painter. He sees Miss Brooks' self-portrait and wants to make a deal. Conklin has his eye on winning the prize and sets out to buy it first.
11/26/1954 Ep 73: The Jewel Robbery
Connie confesses to robbery to save Mr. Boynton after seeing him at a jewelry store heist. Mr. Conklin accidentally broke the store's window earlier and confesses, not realizing there was a robbery. Boynton and Mrs. Davis also confess to save Connie. Everybody's claiming responsibility except for the thief, who's right under their noses.
12/3/1954 Ep 74: Space, Who Needs It?
As a joke, Walter puts a BB in Old Marblehead's telescope, prompting his discovery of a new planet he humbly names "Conklin, Jr." By the time Walter's through with him, Conklin thinks he's found three additional moons and the Earth is being invaded by flying saucers.
12/10/1954 Ep 75: The Novelist
Miss Brooks feels the heat when a former student writes a book about his years at Madison High. Some of her unkind remarks about blowhard Mr. Conklin come back to haunt her.
12/17/1954 Ep 76: Four Leaf Clover
Connie's discovery of a four-leaf clover brings luck—bad luck. She gets tire blowouts, an auto repair bill, parking tickets, a damage claim against her and pays the cost of an airline ticket.
1/7/1955 Ep 77: The Citizen's League
Miss Brooks runs into trouble with the Citizens League when it publishes a pamphlet on good citizenship. Connie, Mr. Conklin and Mr. Boynton consider leaving town.
1/14/1955 Ep 78: Buddy
Miss Brooks gets a letter of unknown origin in which someone named "Buddy" is going to be killed. Both Mr. Boynton and Mr. Conklin think that they are the "Buddy" referred to in the letter. Miss Brooks discovers that "Buddy" is actually a bull that a friend is planning to fight and kill.
1/21/1955 Ep 79: Daughter of Medic (aka Noodnick)
After overhearing part of a conversation, Conklin thinks Miss Brooks is about to replace him as principal. After encountering her doing everything from custodial work to giving physicals, he figures his goose is cooked and turns in his resignation, unaware that Connie's promotion is only to head of the English department.
1/28/1955 Ep 80: The Stuffed Gopher
Miss Brooks forgot to lock up the school so she's being held responsible for damage done by vandals.
2/4/1955 Ep 81: Safari O'Toole
Connie and Mr. Boynton are in and out of the pawnshop, trying to get enough money for birthday gifts for landlady Mrs. Davis. On hand for the festivities, Mrs. Davis' boyfriend.
2/11/1955 Ep 82: The Weighing Machine
Connie has had enough of vending machines that take her penny but don't work. Her complaint to the Busy Bee Weighing Machine Company causes an uproar for the school and law enforcement officers.
2/18/1955 Ep 83: Public Speaker's Nightmare
Walter and Miss Brooks try to talk Mr. Conklin into pre-recording the speech he's giving to the Board of Education.
2/25/1955 Ep 84: The Auction
A gala charity event is being held at Madison High, raising money for underprivileged kids. Mr. Conklin is excited about making it a huge success—until Miss Brooks gets carried away and auctions off his office furniture.
3/4/1955 Ep 85: The Mambo
When a mambo craze sweeps through Madison High, the students aren't the only ones swept up by it. An uncomfortable situation arises when Miss Brooks runs into Mr. Conklin at a mambo club declared off limits to school employees.
3/11/1955 Ep 86: The Dream
Connie dreams the impossible dream: she finally marries Mr. Boynton. In it, the two are new grandparents to the child of Osgood Conklin, Jr.
3/25/1955 Ep 87: The Return Of Red Smith
When an ex-boyfriend announces a visit, Mrs. Davis wants to impress him by pretending to be wealthy. This leads to Connie posing as her personal secretary, even as the bill collectors are knocking at the door.
4/8/1955 Ep 88: Le Chien Chaud Et Le Mouton Noir
Miss Brooks plans to make extra money as a waitress, not knowing that the hot dog stand is owned by Osgood Conklin.
4/15/1955 Ep 89: Kritch Cave
Miss Brooks tries help dispose of some worthless property next to the school. Unknowingly, she sells the deed to the land that Madison High is sitting on.
4/22/1955 Ep 90: Mr. Fargo's Whiskers
Mr. Boynton fails to notice Miss Brooks' new hairdo, so she wears a series of ridiculous wigs to see if he will ever notice. Principal Conklin notices and thinks she's finally gone over the edge. He wants her out of the school next week when Mr. Fargo, the new inspector, visits.
4/29/1955 Ep 91: The Great Baseball Slide
Miss Brooks gets a tiny piece of Stretch Snodgrass' future baseball income.
5/6/1955 Ep 92: Turnabout Day
Walter tricks the principal into approving "Turnabout Day." The teachers become the students, and students act as teachers, with Walter as principal.
5/13/1955 Ep 93: Here Is Your Past
Miss Brooks and Mrs. Davis are both being stalked by a mysterious man with a black mustache. The stranger forces Connie to a TV studio where she's guest of honor on the Here is Your Past TV program.
5/20/1955 Ep 94: The Madison Mascot
Mr. Conklin tries to publicize the school's mascot.
5/27/1955 Ep 95: The Big Jump
Publicity-hungry Conklin agrees to jump into a net from the school roof as a Civil Defense stunt, but chickens out and fakes an injury. Despite their macho bragging, all the male teachers suddenly develop equally crippling afflictions to avoid taking his place.
6/3/1955 Ep 96: Home Cooked Meal
After accidentally locking Mr. Conklin in the cafeteria freezer, Miss Brooks attempts to cook dinner for Mr. Boynton, but fails to realize that his new stove isn't lit and is spewing gas.
Season: 1 2 3 4
10/7/1955 Ep 97: The Blind Date
After another feud between Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton, Walter and Harriet arrange "blind dates" for the two. Things get crazier with Conklin and an old flame added to the situation.
10/14/1955 Ep 98: Transition Show
With Madison High about be be razed for a freeway, Miss Brooks is hired by a private school. Not realizing Conklin will be the new principal at the same school, Connie tells him what a pompous windbag he is.
10/21/1955 Ep 99: Who's Who?
Now at Mrs. Nestor's school, Connie makes friends with student Benny Romero, who held a grudge against her for replacing his favorite teacher. Forced to move closer to work because of school rules, Miss Brooks sadly leaves Mrs. Davis to board with her sister.
10/28/1955 Ep 100: Picnic Basket
Mr. Conklin wrestles control of the school's annual picnic from a sore Mr. Munsey. Miss Brooks, sentenced to sandwich-making, doesn't realize the door labeled "cold storage" is actually the incinerator and destroys all but one of the baskets of food.
11/4/1955 Ep 101: Big Ears
Angela's card reading predicts trouble for Miss Brooks involving "big ears"—rabbits to be exact. Mrs. Nestor wants all the long-eared creatures out of her school and instructs the faculty to collect them.
11/11/1955 Ep 102: Have Bed, Will Travel
Connie hates that Mrs. Davis lives alone, so she schemes a way to get her to move in with Angela and herself.
11/18/1955 Ep 103: Protest Meeting
A set of ridiculous new rules and duties posted by Mr. Conklin has the faculty in a tizzy. Miss Brooks calls an emergency meeting at her house, but the bus carrying the teachers gets lost, leaving Connie and Mr. Munsey in a bit of a pickle when Mrs. Nestor arrives.
11/25/1955 Ep 104: The King And Miss Brooks
After a young boy becomes enamored with Miss Brooks, his father, a rich maharajah, tries to persuade her to return to India with them. Connie has a dream à la 'The King and I,' with Munsey as the royal physician, Conklin as the harem guard, Mrs. "Swivel Hips" Davis as an exotic dancer and Desi Arnaz as himself.
12/2/1955 Ep 105: Mad Man Munsey
After Mr. Conklin installs an intercom system in the school, Connie and Mr. Munsey stage a special conversation just for Conklin's ears.
12/9/1955 Ep 106: Connie And Bonnie
Miss Brooks is in a gambling joint when it's raided, giving Conklin just the excuse he needs to fire her. To save her job, she invents a twin sister and pretends to be the fictional woman.
12/23/1955 Ep 107: Music Box Revue (aka Christmas Show)
Connie buys mysterious music boxes that are said to play only for people properly in the Christmas spirit.
12/30/1955 Ep 108: The New Gym Instructor
Gene Barry joins the cast as Mr. Talbot, the new gym instructor. Almost immediately, he's taken with Connie.
1/6/1956 Ep 109: The Skeleton in the Closet
A blackmailer is threatening to tell Conklin about an event from Connie's past if she doesn't pay up. She fears she'll lose her job until the school's publicity agent digs up a piece of dirt on Coklin.
1/13/1956 Ep 110: Amalgamation
Mrs. Nestor has cut a deal to share Connie and Conklin with Mrs. Pryor's school for child actors. The two discover Mrs. Pryor believes in a "progressive" environment where the kids can express themselves freely. In other words, they're little monsters running amok.
1/20/1956 Ep 111: Reunion
Miss Brooks is envious of two of her married friends. They convince Connie that to meet a man, she needs a job where she meets the public. To keep her from leaving teaching, Conklin, Muncy and Talbot scheme to make the married friends envious of single Connie by posing as her extremely romantic suitors.
1/27/1956 Ep 112: Twins at School
Miss Brooks brings back her imaginary twin sister, Bonnie, to circumvent a school policy. Before she knows it, her "sister" is about to be offered a teaching position.
2/3/1956 Ep 113: Mrs. Nestor's Boyfriend
Mrs. Nestor has forbidden faculty members and students from fraternizing with members of the the opposite sex. She's even imposed a fine on those she catches. Figuring she'd drop her edit if she wasn't lonely, Connie proceeds to fix up Mrs. Nestor with the old coot Mrs. Davis is trying to dump.
2/10/1956 Ep 114: Acting Director
A casting director from Warner Brothers comes to the school. The faculty members, including Mr. Conklin, trip over each other to be discovered. Miss Brooks seems a shoe-in for the role of Lady Godiva.
2/17/1956 Ep 115: Mr. Boynton's Return
A handsome gym-instructor complicates matters between Miss Brooks and Mr. Boynton.
3/2/1956 Ep 117: The Great Land Purchase
Mr. Conklin unloads a broken-down house on Mrs. Davis. It isn't long before he regrets it once Connie learns what he's done.
3/9/1956 Ep 118: Raffle Ticket
Miss Brooks has trouble collecting on a $1,000 raffle ticket.
3/16/1956 Ep 119: Library Quiz
Miss Brooks and Mr. Conklin show their knowledge of history and English when they compete against two children in a school quiz.
3/23/1956 Ep 120: A Mother for Benny
One of Miss Brooks' students tries to fix her up with his widowed father.
3/30/1956 Ep 121: Connie and Frankie
Miss Brooks is delighted when her former sweetie, Mr. Boynton, joins the faculty at Mrs. Nestor's school. She's less than happy when she meets his "friend," the blonde and beautiful athletic director.
4/6/1956 Ep 122: White Tie, Top Hat, and Bindle
Miss Brooks participates in a proxy wedding.
4/13/1956 Ep 123: Twenty Four Hours
With Spring in the air and lovey-dovey couples all around, Mr. Boynton makes a bet with Miss Brooks. He promises to drop his aversion to marriage if they can go 24 hours without encountering any feuding couples. Connie makes sure the deck is stacked in her favor.
4/20/1956 Ep 124: Geraldine
Miss Brooks campaigns to save a milk-wagon horse named Geraldine.
4/24/1956 Ep 116: White Lies
Fearing that she hasn't aged well, Mrs. Davis convinces Connie to masquerade as her when a boyfriend of 35 years earlier returns to court her.
4/27/1956 Ep 125: The $350,000 Question
A question submitted by Miss Brooks is used on 'The $350,000 Question' quiz show and stumps the contestant. Connie wins a huge batch of prizes, which Conklin, Munsey and Boynton promptly lay claim to as her "helper."
5/4/1956 Ep 126: Principal for a Day
Mr. Conklin gives Miss Brooks a chance to be "principal for a day."
5/11/1956 Ep 127: Travel Crazy
Miss Brooks encourages the other teachers to pool their vacation money.