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Mister Ed

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Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6
1/5/1961 Ep 1: The First Meeting
Wilbur is overwhelmed when he goes into his barn and his pet horse starts talking to him. Wilbur's poor wife and neigbors think he's crazy when he tries to tell them. Ed finally explains to Wilbur that he will talk to Wilbur and nobody else.
1/12/1961 Ep 2: The Ventriloquist
Wilbur is trying to win a contract to build a clubhouse, but Ed gets him into trouble and botches the idea.
1/19/1961 Ep 3: Busy Wife
Carol gets wrapped up in a woman's club and completely ignores Wilbur. It's up to Ed to try and help her overcome the obsession.
1/26/1961 Ep 4: Kiddy Park
Wilbur and Carol plan a trip to go to a park, which hurts Ed's feelings; he feels left out. Ed then takes it upon himself to run away to start a new life.
2/2/1961 Ep 5: Stable for Three
Ed becomes trouble when he knocks over a barbecue and then eats Carol's planted vegetables. After all this, Wilbur and Addison both end up having to sleep in the barn.
2/9/1961 Ep 6: Sorority House
Ed is used as a team mascot and Wilbur must come to his rescue when Ed is stolen by a rival team.
2/16/1961 Ep 7: Ed the Lover
Ed thinks it's silly to play in a Western play. But Wilbur persuades him to act when he tells Ed that a filly horse has fallen in love with Ed. Wilbur then talks Ed into returning back to the set.
2/23/1961 Ep 8: Pageant Show
Wilbur makes Ed angry when he takes the phone extension out of the barn. Ed reacts by playing tricks on Wilbur and Carol.
3/2/1961 Ep 9: The Aunt
Wilbur's well deserving vacation plans come to a close when an annoying aunt with her talking parrot comes to visit for the duration.
3/9/1961 Ep 10: The Missing Statue
Carol wants an antique statue and Wilbur won't let her buy one. She then tells him that she will go on a fish diet if she can't get the statue. She then buys it anyway and Wilbur finds it and takes it back. Finally Wilbur changes his mind and buys it for
3/16/1961 Ep 11: Ed the Witness
When Wilbur ends up in a Mexican jail after refusing to pay a repair bill to a mechanic to damaged his trailer, Ed comes to the rescue.
3/23/1961 Ep 12: Ed's Mother
Ed bids for his mother at an auction when he finds out that his mother is used on a farm as a plow horse.
3/30/1961 Ep 13: Ed the Tout
With the help of Ed, Wilbur picks a winning racehorse for Carol and his neigbors. Unfortunatelly they end up betting on a horse that Wilbur has mistakenly circled.
4/6/1961 Ep 14: Ed the Songwriter
Through a musical experience, Wilbur has a music publisher record a song written, composed, and sung by Ed.
4/13/1961 Ep 15: Ed the Stoolpigeon
Wilbur and Carol adopt a puppy for an extra pet and Ed gets so jealous that he tries to get the pup in trouble so that Ed can get all the attention.
4/20/1961 Ep 16: Psychoanalyst Show
Ed is afraid of heights and Wilbur gets help from a psychiatrist to help Ed, unfortunately everyone around Wilbur think that the psychiatric help is for him.
4/27/1961 Ep 17: A Man for Velma
Addison and Kay hire a 4-star cook who threatens to quit because there are no eligible men around the property.
5/4/1961 Ep 18: Ed's New Shoes
A handman hired by Wilbur creates a problem when he squirts water on a photographer for a fancy magazine.
5/11/1961 Ep 19: Little Boy
A new boy enters the neighborhood and none of the kids like him. To try to get the kid together with the other kids, Carol throws a party. Ed then hatches a scheme. He will feign meanness, and let the boy show he is brave riding him.
5/18/1961 Ep 20: Ed Agrees to Talk
Ed gets angry at Carol and thinks she is mistreating him because she has Ed hitched to a surrey when Wilbur refuses to buy her a new car.
5/21/1961 Ep 21: The Mustache
Addison convinces Wilbur to grow a mustache to look older, so that he can land a promising architectual job he's been wanting.
6/4/1961 Ep 22: The Other Woman
To Carol's shock, Wilbur whispers the name of another woman in his sleep. After being mad and upset, she is relieved to learn that the name he mentioned was a female horse that Ed wanted him to buy for the barn.
6/11/1961 Ep 23: Ed Cries Wolf
Ed manipulates Wilbur to try to get him to play chess with him. But Wilbur doesn't believe him when Ed tells him that there is a burglar loose in the house.
6/18/1961 Ep 24: The Contest
Ed tutors Wilbur on everything from reference books to foreign languages to win a contest that awards $5,000.
6/25/1961 Ep 25: Pine Lake Lodge
Ed protests when Wilbur and Carol go to Pine Lake Lodge for vacation. Despite his protests, they leave him behind this time anyway.
7/2/1961 Ep 26: Wilbur Sells Ed
Ed falls in love with a filly owned by an important builder and convinces Wilbur to sell him. The man gets so mad that it almost ruins Wilbur's contract.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6
10/1/1961 Ep 27: My Son, My Son
After finding a grey hair on his tail, Ed is convinced that he is getting old and wants a boy of his own to carry Ed's name.
10/8/1961 Ep 28: The Horsetronaut
Business makes Wibur take an office down town. Ed feels unwanted and decides to get out of Wilbur's way for good.
10/15/1961 Ep 29: Ed's Ancestors
Ed is used as a model for a park statue glorifying the American Palomino. But Ed refuses to go any further when he finds out something about his ancestry.
10/22/1961 Ep 30: Ed the Redecorator
Carol wants the house redecorated and Ed thinks that the barn should be redecorated first.
10/29/1961 Ep 31: My Horse, the Jumper
An old college buddy of Wilbur taunts him into entering Ed in a jumping contest against his own racing horse.
11/5/1961 Ep 32: Ed the Voter
Ed tells Wilbur that he objects to Carol's idea for the barn to be used as a voter's polling booth.
11/12/1961 Ep 33: Hunting Show
When Ed finds out that the Posts and Addisons use their weeekend to hunt for sport, Ed is against it and tries to stop it.
11/19/1961 Ep 34: Mister Ed's Blues
Wilbur is recruited by a nearly bankrupt music company to compose a song.
11/26/1961 Ep 35: Ed the Hero
After Ed saves the life of a small girl in the park, a grateful Grandfather invites Ed and the Posts to his estate in Catalina and Ed doesn't want to go.
12/3/1961 Ep 36: Ed, the Salesman
On their first anniversary together, Ed expects a present from Wilbur - like a color TV set. When Ed brings up the idea, Wilbur refuses and Ed takes it upon himself to come up with an idea.
12/17/1961 Ep 37: Ed and the Elephant
Wilbur takes in a magician's elephant in the barn and Jumbo drives Ed crazy with his antics.
1/7/1962 Ep 38: The Wrestler
Wilbur and Addison go half and half into taking care of a wrestler who eats them out of house and home, and takes ballet lessons with the girls.
1/14/1962 Ep 39: Ed's Bed
Carol is jealous and wants to leave Wilbur because he is spending most of his time with Ed, trying to help him cure his cold.
1/21/1962 Ep 40: Ed the Beneficiary
Ed reads in the paper about a cat who is willed a great deal of money, and Ed wants to know if he is in Wilbur's will.
1/28/1962 Ep 41: Zsa Zsa
Zsa Zsa Gabor has to make a western movie but is uncomfortable with horses. Eventually Wilbur lends Ed to Zsa Zsa to overcome her fear.
2/4/1962 Ep 42: Horse Wash
Ed diets to impress a filly, while at the same time, Wilbur's father-in-law decides to drop by and visit.
2/11/1962 Ep 43: Ed the Horse Doctor
Addison buys a race horse that shows success until she comes down with an unknown illness. Ed then comes to her rescue.
2/18/1962 Ep 44: George Burns Meets Mister Ed
George Burns stops by and offers $25,000 to make a Las Vegas appearance with Ed. Wilbur then realizes that Ed is worth a diamond mine.
2/25/1962 Ep 45: Ed's Word of Honor
Ed's word of honor is at stake when Addison and Wilbur have a gag argument over a birthday gift from the Posts.
3/4/1962 Ep 46: No Horses Allowed
Wilbur tries to have a petition eliminating horses from the neighborhood recalled after Carol unwittingly signs a petition to get rid of them.
3/18/1962 Ep 47: Bald Horse
Ed thinks he's going bald and gets Wilbur to go out and get a bunch of treatments and remedies. Ed then realizes the real reason why the hair was disappearing.
3/25/1962 Ep 48: Ed's New Neighbors
The Addisons inherit a large estate in the east and prepare to move there. After seeing the new neighbors arrive, Ed starts to miss the Addisons. But the Adissons do not end up moving up there after all.
4/1/1962 Ep 49: Ed the Beachcomber
Addison's beach property is in trouble by a bunch of beatnicks. When Wilbur tries to help with Addison's problem, Wilbur develops his own beatnick problem.
4/8/1962 Ep 50: Lie Detector
Addison asks Wilbur to help him finance a lie detector machine, causing fights, arguments, and chaos in the Post home.
4/22/1962 Ep 51: Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed
A temporary party line on the barn phone allows Ed to court Clint Eastwood's horse. However, Ed's ways to arrange things wreak havoc between Clint and Wilbur.
4/29/1962 Ep 52: Ed the Matchmaker
The teen daughter of the Posts' new neighbors gets Wilbur and Carol involved in her romantic problems.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6
9/27/1962 Ep 53: Ed Gets Amnesia
Ed gets accidentally hit in the head with a bucket of carrots and he can't remember Wilbur or who he is.
10/4/1962 Ep 54: Wilbur, the Good Samaritan
When Ed causes a newsboy to lose his job, Wilbur and Addison each suspect each other of being the one who did it.
10/11/1962 Ep 55: Wilbur and Ed in Showbiz
While Wilbur is working on nice living quarters for an elephant, Ed is taking apples from Addison's apple tree.
10/18/1962 Ep 56: The Bashful Clipper
Wilbur thinks that Ed looks ungroomed and needs a good haircut, so he gets a hairdresser to do the job
10/25/1962 Ep 57: Ed and the Allergy
Wilbur has promised to take Ed camping, but the visit of Addison's mother spoils that from happening.
11/1/1962 Ep 58: Horse Sense
Addison's letter to the editor fails when he wants the bridle path removed so that they can use the space to add on to the golf course.
11/8/1962 Ep 59: Wilbur in the Lion's Den
Feeling afraid of what Carol and the neighbors might think, Wilbur tries to talk Ed out of it when Ed asks Wilbur to take him kite flying.
11/15/1962 Ep 60: Horse Party
Ed realizes that it's his birthday and tries to persuade Wilbur to throw a birthday party.
11/22/1962 Ep 61: Ed the Pilgrim
Ed tells how a horse was involved in the true story of Thanksgiving, in the hopes that Wilbur will consider giving him some of the Thanksgiving dinner.
11/29/1962 Ep 62: Disappearing Horse
Ed hesitates to participate in Wilbur's stage magic act.
12/6/1962 Ep 63: Ed and Paul Revere
Addison, being the Chairman and a distant relative from Paul Revere, hires a sculptor to create an image of Paul. Ed also thinks it's fair to have him on his ancestor also......a horse of course of course.
12/13/1962 Ep 64: Wilbur the Masher
Wilbur gets into trouble with a married woman in the park as he is riding Ed. Ed also has the hots for a filly that this married woman is riding.
12/20/1962 Ep 65: Horse of a Different Color
The circus comes to town, and they intend to place it on the Addisons' property.
1/3/1963 Ep 66: Ed and the Bicycle
Ed's feelings are hurt when Wilbur begins to ride a bike daily. Wilbur then realizes that he can't talk to a bike and that a bike cannot care for him the way Ed does.
1/10/1963 Ep 67: Ol' Rockin' Chair
Wilbur constructs a rocking chair out of Ed's old shoes. Everyone thinks that Wilbur's chair is ridiculous until an antique buyer is willing to pay some cash for it.
1/17/1963 Ep 68: Big Pine Lodge
The Posts, Addisons, and Ed all go to a ski lodge. During the trip they fall victim to card sharks. That is until they use Ed to try and help them out.
1/24/1963 Ep 69: Unemployment Show
Ed becomes unemployed when Wilbur works him in the stable. After that happens, Ed feels that he is entitled to unemployment insurance.
1/31/1963 Ep 70: Horse Talk
Wilbur and Ed help an old handyman who was wrongfully accused of drugging a horse before a big race.
2/7/1963 Ep 71: Ed and the Secret Service
Carol and Kay try to persuade their husbands to join the hunt club to emulate the First Lady. Wilbur agrees to join, but Ed won't let Wilbur ride him in the hunt.
2/14/1963 Ep 72: Working Wives
After cutting the budget on their wives spending, it's up to Wilbur and Addison to keep house while the women work and make the money.
2/28/1963 Ep 73: Wilbur's Father
Ed confuses Wilbur about his father's plans to remarry.
3/7/1963 Ep 74: The Price of Apples
Ed has an uncotrollable urge for Addison's apples and constantly takes them from Addison's apple tree. Addison gets very angy at Ed and threatens Wilbur to stop Ed, or there will be trouble.
3/21/1963 Ep 75: Ed the Zebra
Roger wants to dress up Ed in a suit, so he can shoot a photo of him to enter in a photography contest.
3/24/1963 Ep 76: Ed the Emancipator
The Posts buy Kay a cockatoo bird for her birthday. Addison is dissapointed in the gift and Ed is pleased with the gift.
3/31/1963 Ep 77: Doctor Ed
Addison's TV set stops working and Wilbur lends him his. Ed gets upset because he won't be able to watch his favorite doctor show.
5/12/1963 Ep 78: The Blessed Event
Joy hits Ed when he learns that he is about to become an Uncle. When he hears of this news, he goes straight to the typewriter and starts to list a bunch of names suitable to fit the little guy.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6
9/29/1963 Ep 79: Leo Durocher Meets Mister Ed
Ed, who is a die-hard Dodgers fan, notices some weaknesses from the line-up while watching a televised game. Ed then takes it to the field when he himself bats a few and slides onto bases himself at the L.A. Dodgers Stadium.
10/6/1963 Ep 80: Wilbur Post, Honorary Horse
Addison gets Wilbur to come up with a design for a building that Addison wants to build. Ed then distracts Wilbur with ideas for a horse book.
10/13/1963 Ep 81: Ed Discovers America
The city's American History Museum offers Wilbur a task to build a monument. The best part is that they offer Wilbur a commission, but he doesn't know what he should create.
10/20/1963 Ep 82: Patter of Little Hooves
Ed enters Wilbur in a newspaper puzzle contest and Wilbur ends up winning a little horse which Ed adopts as his own son.
10/27/1963 Ep 83: Be Kind to Humans
Wilbur and Ed get lost while they were riding out. As they got lost, they met a few bums and while Wilbur's attention was caught by something else, Ed invites them to stay at the Posts' home.
11/3/1963 Ep 84: Don't Laugh at Horses
Kay's brother offends Wilbur by dressing up as a horse for a costume ball.
11/10/1963 Ep 85: Getting Ed's Goat
Ed has adopted a wild goat and decides to give it to Wilbur as a birthday present.
11/17/1963 Ep 86: Oh, Those Hats!
Wilbur is paid to build a brand new beach house for a popular female columnist.
12/1/1963 Ep 87: Taller Than She
Ed falls madly in love with a French female horse, but is turned off a little when he realizes that she is taller than him.
12/8/1963 Ep 88: Home Sweet Trailer
Wilbur's former Air Force commander, Gordon Kirkwood and his wife Winnie come to town and park their trailer in the Post's back yard. As the trailer is sitting there, Ed feels that his territory is being invaded.
12/15/1963 Ep 89: Love Thy New Neighbor
Kirkwood officially buys the house next door, which causes Wilbur to go back to his old behavior of when Kirkwood commanded Post in the Air Force. This causes Wilbur to become overly helpful and just a pain in Gordon's neck.
12/22/1963 Ep 90: Ed's Christmas Story
Christmastime comes around the Post household and this year, Wilbur decides to be a little bit more frugal in buying gifts - until he gets Ed's Christmas list.
1/5/1964 Ep 91: Ed Gets the Mumps
The Posts and Kirkwoods look after a neighbor's baby, which in turn makes Ed feel neglected, which in turn causes him to get the mumps.
1/12/1964 Ep 92: Ed's Dentist
Ed constantly is complaining about a toothache. Wilbur tries to fix it by hiring the vet to come and take a look at Ed. When Ed sees the needle from the shot he is about to get, Ed disappears from the scene.
1/19/1964 Ep 93: Ed the Shish Kebab
Wilbur is invited to attend a convention held by a bunch of magicians (The Great Blackstones), and decides to take Carol and Ed along also.
2/2/1964 Ep 94: Ed in the Peace Corps
Ed is frustrated when Wilbur hires a secretary who happens to be a Japanese exchange student. The reason Ed is so angry is because she is always there and Ed can't speak to Wilbur which causes him to get frustrated.
2/16/1964 Ep 95: Ed the Desert Rat
After a fight with Wilbur, Ed heads for all open land which in turn takes him to the desert which he falls victim to all types of misadventures.
2/23/1964 Ep 96: Ed the Donkey
Ed is offended when he is constantly called a jackass all the time, so Ed insists that Wilbur take him to the vet to make sure that Ed is still a horse.
3/1/1964 Ep 97: Ed Visits a Gypsy
Ed wants Wilbur to take him to a Gypsy to get his hoof read. That way, he will get with a spirited filly whom he is in love with.
3/8/1964 Ep 98: Ol' Swayback
Ed becomes friends with an old swayback horse, whom everyone ridicules, and convinces Wilbur to let the horse stay with them.
3/22/1964 Ep 99: Mae West Meets Mister Ed
Ed overhears Mae West commissioning Wilbur on creating ultra deluxe stables for her horses. When Ed overhears the conversation, he starts to get discontented with his own surroundings.
4/12/1964 Ep 100: Ed the Chauffeur
Ed tells Wilbur that there is nothing to driving a car. Wilbur scoffs at the idea and Ed must show up Wilbur.
4/19/1964 Ep 101: Ed the Musician
Everyone gets involved in a local variety show, which makes Ed feel left out. Ed then concocts a plan which he can be a one-horse band and starts to practice in the barn after midnight.
4/26/1964 Ep 102: The Prowler
While a prowler is loose in the neighborhood, Wilbur plays detective while Ed is holding the prowler.
5/3/1964 Ep 103: Saddles and Gowns
Wilbur refuses to buy Ed a new saddle and Carol a new dress.
5/17/1964 Ep 104: Moko
Kirkwood plans a party for his straight-laced, former Commanding General. Problems hit when a little Martian changes the whole thing around.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6
10/4/1964 Ep 105: Hi-Fi Horse
Wilbur buys a stereo for his and Carol's anniversary, but Carol complains that it isn't a very personal gift.
10/11/1964 Ep 106: Ed the Pool Player
Kirkwood goes over the line in playing with pool sharks so Ed comes to his rescue.
10/18/1964 Ep 107: Ed Writes Dear Abby
Ed writes to Dear Abby on account of getting a bachelor stall.
10/25/1964 Ep 108: Ed's Tunnel to Freedom
To teach Ed a lesson, Wilbur locks him in his stall so he can't steal any more brownies and warm baking pies out from the kitchen window.
12/30/1964 Ep 109: The Heavy Rider
After a recommendation for Wilbur's architectural abilities, Wilbur's next job is to design a shopping mall. When the really heavy investor wants to ride Ed around, Wilbur doesn't see a problem. But Ed does.
1/6/1965 Ep 110: Ed the Pilot
Ed desires to learn how to fly an airplane.
1/13/1965 Ep 111: Animal Jury
Wilbur's visiting aunt stops by with her pet parrot. The bird ends up at the pet store and Ed must convince Wilbur that a cat drove the parrot there.
1/20/1965 Ep 112: What Kind of Foal Am I?
Carol's father stops by to visit, which gives Ed the idea to search for his father.
1/27/1965 Ep 113: Ed the Race Horse
Kirkwood starts taking up horseback riding and his new horse is really fast, so he challenges Wilbur and Ed in a race.
2/3/1965 Ep 114: Ed's Juice Stand
Kirkwood is trying to find a small business to invest in while Ed opens a juice stand.
2/10/1965 Ep 115: Like Father, Like Horse
Ed tries to pull a prank on Kirkwood but the joke is on him.
2/17/1965 Ep 116: Ed the Stowaway
The Posts and the Kirkwoods are on their way to a vacation together, and while they left Ed behind, Ed decides to track them down.
2/24/1965 Ep 117: Never Ride Horses
Carol's father visits again and Ed decides that people should not ride horses.
3/3/1965 Ep 118: Ed the Sentry
Carol all of a sudden starts developing an allergy to horses. On account of that Ed decides to become a volunteer for Air Force sentry duty.
3/10/1965 Ep 119: Ed's Diction Teacher
Wilbur accidentally ends up pulling the stuffing out of a toy horse. When Ed overhears Wilbur talking about "Stuffing the horse", Ed goes into shock.
3/17/1965 Ep 120: Ed the Godfather
Ed becomes a Godfather when a filly has her baby horse when her owner is away.
3/24/1965 Ep 121: Ed's Contact Lenses
Ed decides to get contact lenses when he is spotted in public wearing glasses.
3/31/1965 Ep 122: The Dragon Horse
A collection of items are gathered for an auction and are stored in Ed's barn. The collection of objects reveal a fierce looking dragon horse.
4/7/1965 Ep 123: Ed's Cold Tail
Ed wants a heater for the barn and Carol needs a new refrigerator.
4/14/1965 Ep 124: The Bank Robbery
Ed accidentally becomes the "drop" for stolen money, taken from a bank where Wilbur was making a deposit.
4/28/1965 Ep 125: My Horse, the Mailman
When Wilbur designs a spot office with a Pony Express statue, Ed becomes amazed at the thought that his ancestors used to deliver mail.
5/5/1965 Ep 126: Whiskers and Tails
Ed is paranoid over a new neighbor who happens to be an archeology professor and who has a mustache and a beard.
5/12/1965 Ep 127: Robin Hood Ed
A movie producer is looking for a fresh face to play Robin Hood in his new film and Carol convinces Wilbur to try out, but he keeps flubbing his cues.
5/19/1965 Ep 128: Ed the Artist
Ed takes up painting as a hobby and comes up with an ugly portrait of Carol which to some may make him famous.
6/9/1965 Ep 129: Jon Provost Meets Mister Ed
John Provost stars as the pitcher for Wilbur's little league game, but almost misses Wilbur's baseball game.
6/16/1965 Ep 130: My Horse, the Ranger
Carol prepares a ranger outing for girls. Wilbur is asked to do the same type of things for the boys also. Ed is interested in participating.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6
9/12/1965 Ep 131: Ed the Counterspy
Ed discovers that some spies are using the park to drop secret messages. When Wilbur then finds some microfilm, his imagination starts to fly.
9/19/1965 Ep 132: Ed-a-Go-Go
A neighbor who happens to be a builder needs an architect. Ed comes up with an idea that go-go music might just help Wilbur get that job.
9/26/1965 Ep 133: Ed Sniffs Out a Cold Clue
The Chief of the Secret Intelligence Agency calls on Wilbur to find a tiny secret radio that has disappeared. Ed finds the only clue to it.
10/3/1965 Ep 134: Spies Strike Back
When Ed and Wilbur recover a mini radio for the Secret Intelligence Agency, the two are threatened by spies.
10/10/1965 Ep 135: Love and the Single Horse
Carol attemps to publish Ed's memoirs.
10/17/1965 Ep 136: Anybody Got a Zebra?
The Secret Intelligence Agency calls on Wilbur to try and find out who exactly has been stealing papers from the agency.
10/24/1965 Ep 137: TV or Not TV
Ed answers a hard question regarding chess on a radio game show and ends up winning Wilbur a new color TV set.
10/31/1965 Ep 138: The Horse and the Pussycat
Carol offers to look after a friend's cat, but Wilbur ends up doing most of the work, making him busy. Ed then starts feeling neglected.
11/7/1965 Ep 139: Don't Skin That Bear
Ed is opposed to a gift that Wilbur received. It is a bearskin rug and Wilbur refuses to get rid of it until it gets up to chase him.
12/26/1965 Ep 140: Ed the Bridegroom
Ed begs Wilbur to find him a Justice of the Peace so that Ed can marry his favorite filly.
1/2/1966 Ep 141: Ed and the Motorcycle
Ed decides that he only wants to be ridden bareback and does not want Wilbur to use a saddle on him, so Wilbur then goes and rents a motorcycle.
1/9/1966 Ep 142: Cherokee Ed
Ed discovers that he's part Indian steed and refuses association with a parrot descended from General Custer's parrot.
2/6/1966 Ep 143: Ed Goes to College
Wilbur pleads with Ed to stick to being a horse, especially when Ed wants to go to college to become a Doctor.