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Carol Burnett and Friends

Weeknights at 11 PM

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The variety show that made Carol Burnett and her comedy troupe household names, 'Carol Burnett and Friends' stars Burnett alongside comedians Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Lyle Waggoner and Tim Conway. The show is famous for its memorable sketch comedy, often consisting of movie parodies, such as "Went with the Wind," an upside-down take on "Gone with the Wind," and original situational comedy, such as recurring sketches "The Family," which was spun off as television series "Mama's Family," and "Kitchen Commercials."

Next Airings

  • 4/27 11:00PMGuests Steve Lawrence and Paul Sand
  • 4/28 11:00PMGuests Joel Grey and Cass Elliott
  • 5/1 11:00PMGuest Carl Reiner
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Carol Burnett - Weeknights at 11PM | 10C

Funny is always in fashion with Carol Burnett. Watch 'Carol Burnett & Friends' weeknights at 11PM | 10C.


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