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The Big Valley

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Season: 1 2 3 4
9/15/1965 Ep 1: Palms of Glory
The Barkleys lead the resistance when the Coastal and Western Railroad hires bully-boys to force farmers to give up their land for a pittance. Meanwhile, a young man appears claiming to be Tom Barkley’s bastard son.
9/22/1965 Ep 2: Forty Rifles
Nick’s former Civil War commander and idol stirs up trouble among ranch hands dissatisfied with working for Heath, who is having trouble being accepted as a Barkley.
9/29/1965 Ep 3: Boots with My Father's Name
Victoria starts brooding about how Tom could truly love her if he was unfaithful and fathered a bastard child. She journeys to Heath’s hometown to try to find the truth about Tom’s relationship with Heath’s mother.
10/6/1965 Ep 4: Young Marauders
Audra is saved from serious injury by a young man who says he is a mustang hunter. She falls in love with him; her brothers find him a suspicious character.
10/13/1965 Ep 5: The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner
Victoria sells land to an old friend who has deeply sentimental reasons for owning it, despite the fact that her own sons are part of a plan to flood that land with waters from a dam.
10/20/1965 Ep 6: Heritage
Heath investigates violence during a strike at a Barkley mine. He finds that the miners hate the Barkleys for promises not kept. The family sets out to make things right before the Molly Maguires strike again.
10/27/1965 Ep 7: Winner Lose All
A hispanic family is in a land dispute with the Barkleys. Maria, the young daughter of the family, falls in love with Heath. Her father disapproves of Heath’s illegitimate birth, and uses the land crisis as leverage to force Heath and Maria apart.
11/3/1965 Ep 8: My Son, My Son
Audra wants to flirt with Evan Miles, a childhood friend back from the east. Little does she know that he suffers from a dangerous emotional instability.
11/10/1965 Ep 9: Earthquake!
During an earthquake a mission church collapses into a forgotten mine that lies under it. Victoria is trapped there with a pregnant indian woman and a man with a grudge: He's a ranch hand that Nick recently fired.
11/17/1965 Ep 10: The Murdered Party
Jarrod defends a member of a ne’er-do-well family on a charge of murder, even though the main witness against him is Heath.
11/24/1965 Ep 11: The Way to Kill a Killer
The only chance Mariano Montoya’s herd has to survive anthrax is the immunization that Eugene learned about at college. Montoya says that if the Barkleys want to prove that the procedure is safe, they must test it on their own prize bull.
12/1/1965 Ep 12: Night of the Wolf
Nick is bit by a rabid wolf, a virtual death sentence. Not wanting his family to witness his decline, he leaves, making Heath swear he won’t tell the others what has happened. Nick hopes that in his final 60 days he will do something worthwhile.
12/8/1965 Ep 13: The Guilt of Matt Bentell
The Barkleys learn that the man they have hired to run their logging operations was the commandant of a notorious Civil War prisoner camp, in which Heath was held prisoner.
12/15/1965 Ep 14: The Brawlers
A group of Irish immigrants settles on Barkley land, believing they have bought the land from a reputable agent. Nick thinks of them purely as squatters, while they refuse to believe they've been scammed.
12/22/1965 Ep 15: Judgement in Heaven
Jarrod risks inviting his client home for a Christmas visit. She's a young woman accused of aiding and abetting her boyfriend, an outlaw who has recently escaped from jail.
12/29/1965 Ep 16: The Invaders
A gang of rawhiders injures Heath, and then takes him to the ranch looking for a reward for “saving” him from ambush. While there, they realize the rest of the men folk are away, leaving the ranch vulnerable to their thievery.
1/5/1966 Ep 17: By Fires Unseen
Nick brings his bride-to-be back from San Francisco; the family doubts, however, that she’s ready to marry.
1/19/1966 Ep 18: A Time to Kill
Jarrod welcomes an old law school friend to the valley, only to find that a secret service agent is on his trail. It seems that every place the friend travels, counterfeit money comes into circulation.
2/2/1966 Ep 19: Teacher of Outlaws
Victoria is kidnapped by outlaws who think she’s the local schoolteacher. The reason is unusual: The gang leader wants her to teach him how to read.
2/9/1966 Ep 20: Under a Dark Star
Jarrod is guilt-ridden because he helped convict Keeno Nash of a crime he now knows Nash didn't commit. When he is released, Jarrod offers Nash help, despite the fact that he had threatened Jarrod’s life at the trial.
2/16/1966 Ep 21: Barbary Red
Nick is shanghaied at a saloon by a woman whom Jarrod once defended for that very crime.
2/23/1966 Ep 22: The Death Merchant
The Barkleys are plagued by neighbors who claim a boundary changed when a stream changed course. Into the picture comes Handy Random, a gunman who once did the Barkleys a great service.
3/2/1966 Ep 23: The Fallen Hawk
Heath’s guilt gets the better of him when he blames himself for a friend’s injury. He seems oblivious to the fact that his friend is manipulating him.
3/9/1966 Ep 24: Hazard
Gil Anders, once a friend of Heath’s, is ambushed by bounty hunters. The Barkleys hide him, and Jarrod seeks to discover the truth about the crime of which Anders has been accused, despite the fact that Heath believes Anders deserves death.
3/23/1966 Ep 25: Into the Widow's Web
Heath’s boyhood sweetheart comes to town in a traveling show. When her drunken husband turns up murdered, Heath is arrested by the new district attorney, who is out to show that the Barkleys can’t get away with murder despite their wealth and reputation.
3/30/1966 Ep 26: By Force and Violence
When Heath is trapped under a broken-down wagon, the only person who can help Victoria save him is an escaped convict.
4/6/1966 Ep 27: The River Monarch
The Barkleys’ riverboat is recovered years after its sinking, but the government gold it had been carrying is missing. The local newspaper editor starts a smear campaign, accusing the late Tom Barkley of having stolen the shipment.
4/13/1966 Ep 28: The Midas Man
Scott Breckinridge offers to loan money to ranchers during a serious drought. When he will not give an extension to the loans, the ranchers believe the Barkleys are part of a plot to buy up foreclosed land.
4/20/1966 Ep 29: Tunnel of Gold
Victoria extends credit to help an old friend open a store in Stockton, not knowing that the woman’s husband has a shady background and that his old associates have their eyes on a shipment of Barkley gold.
4/27/1966 Ep 30: Last Train to the Fair
The Barkleys are on the way to the fair in Sacramento when Audra falls ill. Luckily there is a doctor on the train; however, he is being hunted by men who have every intention of hanging him.
Season: 1 2 3 4
9/12/1966 Ep 31: Lost Treasure
A con man tells Heath that he, not Tom Barkley, is Heath’s father. Heath is determined to find out the truth; if he isn’t Tom Barkley’s son, he won’t let himself be a Barkley, despite the fact that the family says they will not let him leave without a fight.
9/19/1966 Ep 32: Legend of a General: Part 1
The Barkleys offer sanctuary to a Mexican general who has fled false arrest. Heath is jailed in Mexico, and the Barkley ranch is invaded by men trying to seize the general.
9/26/1966 Ep 33: Legend of a General: Part 2
The Barkleys refuse to give General Ruiz up for extradition to Mexico, even in exchange for Heath’s life. Instead, they embark on a plan to save both Heath and the general.
10/3/1966 Ep 34: Caesar's Wife
Therese Marvin has strong feelings for her stepson, Will, and a bitter jealousy of Audra, whom she believes is pursuing Will.
10/10/1966 Ep 35: Pursuit
A young Payute indian flees back to his tribal encampment when he learns he has measles, believing that only his medicine man will be able to save him. Victoria goes after him, knowing that if he reaches his people the disease may wipe them out.
10/17/1966 Ep 36: The Martyr
Jarrod defends a basque sheepherder—a self-described anarchist—who is accused of murdering a cattleman. He finds that not all of the basque community wants his client to be acquitted.
10/31/1966 Ep 37: Target
Unscrupulous gubernatorial candidate Joshua Hawks claims that Tom Barkley stole his land.
11/7/1966 Ep 38: The Velvet Trap
Nick falls for a woman, not knowing that she is a gunslinger’s lover. She sees this as a perfect opportunity to rid herself of a problem: A pursuer bent on revenge.
11/14/1966 Ep 39: The Man from Nowhere
Jarrod is sent by the state to help mediate in a land dispute. Injured and without memory of his identity, he is taken in by the family involved in the dispute.
11/21/1966 Ep 40: The Great Safe Robbery
Three comically inept brothers try hard to crack a railroad safe.
11/28/1966 Ep 41: The Iron Box
Nick and Heath are arrested by a corrupt sheriff and sent to a road-gang prison. When the warden learns that the two prisoners are of the “California Barkleys,” he plans to tempt Nick into leading a breakout so he can legally shoot the brothers outside the wire.
12/5/1966 Ep 42: Last Stage to Salt Flats
Stage passengers, including Victoria, Jarrod and Heath, are abandoned in the middle of the desert by robbers.
12/12/1966 Ep 43: A Day of Terror
Audra and Victoria are trapped in a church with a Bible school class by an outlaw clan comprised of a mother and her sons.
12/19/1966 Ep 44: Hide The Children
When he accuses some gypsy workers of stealing his brandy and injures one of them in a fight, Nick is volunteered by his brothers to escort the other gypsies and their dowry wagon to a wedding. On the way there, he becomes smitten with the bride-to-be and learns some lessons about intolerance.
12/26/1966 Ep 45: Day of the Comet
Audra befriends a man she finds camping out on Barkley land; she is intrigued by his cynical, poetic manner, and learns he is being pursued by men from his past.
1/2/1967 Ep 46: Wagonload of Dreams
The Barkleys help a Greek immigrant deliver his fruit to San Francisco via wagon after the railroad manager jacks up the freight price to make a windfall profit.
1/9/1967 Ep 47: Image of Yesterday
Victoria learns that the leader of a gang of hired guns, hired to protect ranches against another gang of marauders, is an old flame. She becomes increasingly disturbed by the lawlessness of his men and challenges him to live up to the ideals he once had.
1/16/1967 Ep 48: Boy into Man
Lud, the oldest of three children, refuses to cooperate with the Barkleys, who have taken him and his siblings in. He is determined to track down their mother, who has disappeared.
1/23/1967 Ep 49: Down Shadow Street
Victoria is eyewitness to the murder of a saloon girl: A murder committed by her godson, the only child of a local judge. When the boy admits the crime to his father, the judge turns to desperate means to protect him.
1/30/1967 Ep 50: The Stallion
A ranch hand who has gotten too old for regular saddle work is determined to catch a wild stallion to prove he is as capable as ever.
2/6/1967 Ep 51: The Haunted Gun
Senator and ex-gunman Jud Robson claims he is being stalked by enemies. Unfortunately, it seems that almost anyone can arouse his suspicions.
2/13/1967 Ep 52: Price of Victory
Heath tricks Nick into becoming a sparring partner to a professional boxer. When nick knocks him down by a fluke, it is discovered that the boxer has a blind side caused by a blood clot. Nick offers him a job on the ranch, but when the boxer insists on re-entering the ring, Nick becomes his manager for one last fight.
2/20/1967 Ep 53: Brother Love
Itinerant “preacher” Brother Love tries his charm on Audra; Heath sets out to prove the preacher is a con man.
3/6/1967 Ep 54: Court Martial
Armed men occupy the Barkley house, bent on punishing Nick’s former general for the destruction of an innocent town during the war. Jarrod convinces them to let the general and Nick give their side of the story.
3/13/1967 Ep 55: Plunder!
Heath is sent to a town endangered by a possible dam break. The town has been abandoned except for a few men who are there to guard against looters. Temptation gets the better of them, and they turn on Heath.
3/20/1967 Ep 56: Turn of a Card
Heath must deliver $5,000 to his brothers to buy a much-needed mine pump at a government auction. A professional gambler wants to divest him of his money, finding Heath’s achilles heel: His chivalry toward the gambler’s Tahitian bond-woman.
3/27/1967 Ep 57: Showdown in Limbo
Sheriff Frank Sawyer thinks that all it takes is time to toughen up his young son, newly returned from the east. His attitude is likely to endanger them and Heath, too, as they travel to Stockton to deliver a notorious outlaw.
4/3/1967 Ep 58: The Lady from Mesa
Long-time Barkley cowhand Sam Williams is badly injured on guard-duty. Feeling guilty for allowing Williams on the job, Nick is determined to bring Sam’s daughter to his side. She’s a schoolteacher in Mesa, Nevada…or is she?
4/17/1967 Ep 59: Days of Grace
Heath is accused of attempted rape. An old friend, now a nun, breaks him out of jail, knowing that if she doesn’t, his trial will be immediate and strictly pro forma.
4/24/1967 Ep 60: Cage of Eagles
Nick hires Patrick Madigan as a dynamiter despite the fact that he is suspected of having a Fenian background. Tensions rise when a British mining engineer threatens to have him deported.
Season: 1 2 3 4
9/11/1967 Ep 61: Joaquin
A newly hired ranch hand is suspected of being the famous outlaw Joaquin Murietta, supposedly killed in an ambush 10 years before.
9/18/1967 Ep 62: Ambush
Victoria and a reluctant Simon Carter are the only protection three Yaqui indian women have from a group of bounty-seeking scalp hunters.
9/25/1967 Ep 63: A Flock of Trouble
Nick is tricked into winning a flock of sheep in a card game. His first instinct is to get rid of them immediately, but his neighbors’ reactions start to rankle and he finds himself increasingly unable to back down as a matter of principle.
10/2/1967 Ep 64: The Time After Midnight
Jarrod is blinded by an explosion set by a scoundrel who doesn’t want to face him as acting district attorney at trial. The family encourages Jarrod to continue with the case, and assists him at the trial.
10/9/1967 Ep 65: Night in a Small Town
Tom Wills is marshal in a small town that he cleaned up and keeps on a very tight leash. Heath is disturbed to find just how much power his old friend has.
10/16/1967 Ep 66: Ladykiller
Nick may become the latest victim of a family who preys upon male customers at their hotel. His pursuit of the young woman of the family gives them pause; should they kill him now or hope that a Stockton Barkley will marry her?
10/30/1967 Ep 67: Guilty
Jarrod’s client, Jeff Bowden, was convicted of the murder of a priest. Jarrod is convinced of the man’s innocence and sure he can win on appeal. When Bowden escapes during his transfer to prison, Jarrod tries to intervene before he or anyone else gets killed.
11/6/1967 Ep 68: The Disappearance
Audra disappears while she and her mother break their stagecoach journey in a small town. No one will admit to Victoria that they saw her daughter traveling with her.
11/13/1967 Ep 69: A Noose is Waiting
Two men are found hung, and a note left by each of them claims a third person will die: Victoria Barkley.
11/20/1967 Ep 70: Explosion: Part 1
The only way to stop a forest fire is to make a firebreak, and the only way to make a firebreak on the scale required is to use nitroglycerin. The first attempt to deliver the nitroglycerin kills the men involved. Now, the Barkley boys are the only ones willing to make the dangerous second attempt.
11/27/1967 Ep 71: Explosion: Part 2
The brothers start a tricky journey to deliver nitroglycerin to the scene of a forest fire. The dangerous chemical is needed for the creation of a firebreak, which will contain the fire.
12/4/1967 Ep 72: Four Days to Furnace Hill
A woman prisoner is killed while she is being delivered to a desert prison. Unwilling to lose the $100 bounty, the guards substitute Victoria for the prisoner, whose buggy has broken down en route to a mine stockholders’ meeting.
12/11/1967 Ep 73: Night of the Executioner
A prominent politician is assassinated and the town drunk is accused. Heath sees a known outlaw in the vicinity riding the drunk’s pinto horse. The problem is, the sheriff swears the outlaw was in jail at that very time.
12/18/1967 Ep 74: Journey into Violence
Heath is taken captive by a band of “religious” who accuse him of killing one of their own, and they condemn him to serve as a slave to the dead man’s widow.
12/25/1967 Ep 75: The Buffalo Man
Victoria hires three convicts to help her with the peach harvest. The violence of the convict overseer, especially towards the black ex-soldier, horrifies her.
1/1/1968 Ep 76: The Good Thieves
Nick and Heath cross the state line to bring back two outlaw brothers who shot Jarrod in the course of a robbery. They find a town in which the outlaws are considered benefactors, which impedes the Barkleys’ search for justice.
1/8/1968 Ep 77: Days of Wrath
Jarrod seeks to avenge the death of his new wife at the hands of a man he sent to prison.
1/15/1968 Ep 78: Miranda
Miranda, a Mexican revolutionary, tries to trick the Barkleys into giving her a valuable necklace they're holding for safe-keeping.
1/29/1968 Ep 79: Shadow of a Giant
Nick and Heath join a posse led by famous lawman Seth Campbell. Heath is uneasy, as he feels Campbell is too cavalier with peoples’ lives.
2/5/1968 Ep 80: Fall of a Hero
Heath is sure to be acquitted of a crime he can’t remember committing if he trusts the unscrupulous methods of Jarrod’s co-counsel. Heath would rather honestly work for the truth to come out, even if that means learning he actually committed the crime.
2/12/1968 Ep 81: The Emperor of Rice
Walter Masters is out to corner the rice market, but his old friend, Victoria, refuses to sell him the family rice, choosing instead to sell it to a consortium of Chinese-American businessmen. The weak-willed Masters allows his wife to take drastic measures in response.
2/19/1968 Ep 82: Rimfire
Jarrod is eager to negotiate the merger of the Barkley and Glover silver mines. Unfortunately, land between the two mines is occupied by Chinese “squatters” who have taken over abandoned real estate. They insist they will not be bought out and tensions rise.
2/26/1968 Ep 83: Bounty on a Barkley
Nick courts a young woman, unaware of the fact that she has a bounty hunter husband. At first she doesn’t have a chance to tell Nick this; later, she doesn’t want to.
3/4/1968 Ep 84: The Devil's Masquerade
When Jim North’s bride-to-be arrives from the east, Heath suspects that something is not quite right.
3/11/1968 Ep 85: Run of the Savage
Young Danny Wiggins seems bound for trouble; Nick sets out to try to help him whether he wants it or not.
3/18/1968 Ep 86: The Challenge
Victoria and her long-time friend, Senator Bannard, are set up for a “compromising” photograph by Bannard’s political rival.
Season: 1 2 3 4
9/23/1968 Ep 87: In Silent Battle
War hero Jonathan Eliot intrigues Audra, but her brothers feel there is something off-center about his obsession with purity.
9/30/1968 Ep 88: They Called Her Delilah
One-time confederate spy Julia Saxon visits Stockton to much vilification. She is accused of murder, and Jarrod agrees to defend her despite his own mixed feelings, as he was once in love with her.
10/7/1968 Ep 89: Presumed Dead
Victoria loses her memory when injured in a stage accident. She is nursed to health by a rustler who can’t resist telling her that she is his (late) wife, whom he misses so much.
10/21/1968 Ep 90: Run of the Cat
Nick is attacked by a mountain lion. His physical injuries are bound to heal, but he suffers from terrible nightmares. Despite his condition, he is determined to track down the cat by himself to face his demons.
10/28/1968 Ep 91: Deathtown
Jarrod arrives at a town to handle a land transaction only to find that the men he was to meet have disappeared.
11/11/1968 Ep 92: The Jonah
Things start going wrong with the fruit harvest when Waldo comes on the scene. The ranch hands firmly believe he’s “Jonah” and pressure nick to fire him.
11/18/1968 Ep 93: Hell Hath No Fury
Gang-leader Dillie falls in love with Heath and wants to settle down with him. Her brothers don’t approve, and Heath has no wish to marry her.
11/25/1968 Ep 94: The Long Ride
Audra witnesses a brutal killing and goes into a catatonic state. The killers trail the stagecoach on which Victoria is accompanying Audra home. They destroy shelters and salt wells in an attempt to force the passengers to surrender Audra.
12/2/1968 Ep 95: The Profit and the Lost
Heath saves the life of a hired killer who is on the way to stockton to kill—Heath.
12/9/1968 Ep 96: A Stranger Everywhere
Nick inadvertently causes problems for the town dressmaker when, as a joke, he tells a ranch hand that the woman is a missing member of an outlaw gang.
12/16/1968 Ep 97: The Prize
The Barkleys take in the infant son of a wanted man. The baby’s father is searching for him as a bounty hunter lies in wait.
12/30/1968 Ep 98: Hunter's Moon
On his way to buy stock in a country, Nick is arrested and accused of having an affair with a local landowner.
1/6/1969 Ep 99: Top of the Stairs
Victoria wonders if she is being lied to; she is told her brother-in-law has gone insane, but she is refused admittance to his sickroom even when he is sedated.
1/20/1969 Ep 100: Joshua Watson
Nick is relieved when, after betting $5,000 on a rodeo against a rival ranch, he hires brilliant cowboy and ex-slave Joshua Watson. When the rival Mortons learn how good Joshua is with a gun, they claim he is an outlaw in an attempt to foil Nick's chance at winning.
1/27/1969 Ep 101: The Secret
Adam Howard believes that his wife has been having an affair with Jarrod. He buys a neighboring ranch and sets out to harm the Barkleys in every way possible.
2/3/1969 Ep 102: The 25 Graves of Midas
Nick and Heath travel separately to a mining town to investigate a collapsed mine. When Nick arrives, he finds a hostile populace—and no Heath.
2/17/1969 Ep 103: Lightfoot
Modoc indian Tom Lightfoot returns from Harvard to find that not everyone is willing to treat him with respect. His bitterness leads him to turn against even his longtime friends, the Barkleys.
2/24/1969 Ep 104: Alias Nellie Handley
Victoria impersonates a sneak thief so she’ll be sent to prison. There, she'll gather evidence on the terrible conditions.
3/3/1969 Ep 105: The Royal Road
Jarrod’s headstrong ward, Laura Haydon, falls in love with a Punjabi “prince,” unaware that he’s actually a confidence artist.
3/10/1969 Ep 106: A Passage of Saints
Jarrod rents a farm to a mormon man and his two wives, who have wandered the west since being expelled from Utah when polygamy was outlawed there.
3/24/1969 Ep 107: The Battle of Mineral Springs
After hearing how the town of Mineral Springs has been ruined by the “boss” of a neighboring town, the Barkleys open a freight business connecting Mineral Springs with Stockton and the rest of the valley.
3/31/1969 Ep 108: The Other Face of Justice
Legendary stockton sheriff Harry Bodine picks up his guns again when a brutal gang begins terrorizing the countryside. His motives, however, are not as they seem.
4/7/1969 Ep 109: Town of No Exit
Heath stumbles upon a ghost town apparently ruled by the mad.
4/21/1969 Ep 110: Danger Road
An English “tenderfoot” is tricked into driving a wagonload of whisky to an indian reservation. He joins forces with Victoria, who is delivering medicine. They find the road filled with more peril than one would expect.
4/28/1969 Ep 111: Flight from San Miguel
An old girlfriend of Heath’s asks his help in rescuing her husband, a Mexican revolutionary leader. The family agrees that he should, though if he is caught, the Barkley mines will be confiscated—and Heath may lose his life.
5/19/1969 Ep 112: Point and Counterpoint
Jarrod jeopardizes his possible candidacy for attorney general by defending an accused murderer. Little does he know, he was approached to be counsel as part of a complex plot for revenge on Victoria.