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Our Miss Brooks

Spare The Rod Mr. Conklin finds a letter from the school board to the previous principal chastising him for his tyrannical rule. Fearing trouble for himself, he...

The Donna Reed Show

The Electrical Storm Jeff is expelled from school when he refuses to turn in his friend for a school prank.
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Mister Ed

The Contest Ed tutors Wilbur on everything from reference books to foreign languages to win a contest that awards $5,000.

I Love Lucy

The Dancing Star Lucy begs Van Johnson to let her dance a number with him at the nightclub to impress her rival, Caroline Appleby, who is visiting from New York....

The Brady Bunch

Dear Libby A troublesome letter about a blended family in an advice column draws Marcia's attention, and she assumes it was written by either Mike or Carol....

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Continental Touch Having been given a stylish makeover by a famous French couturier, Elly May is mistaken for a visiting foreign princess by Mrs. Drysdale. Hoping to...

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver Takes A Drive When Beaver and Gilbert are pretending to go for a drive in Ward's car, Beaver accidentally releases the parking brake, causing the car to roll...

Leave It to Beaver

Wally's Big Date Wally's school is having an exchange dance and Wally and Eddie must take girls from a rival school that they chose out of a hat. Eddie asks to...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Vagabond Vixen Hollywood producer John Addison picks up an attractive young hitchhiker. Far from innocent, she turns out to be a blackmailer and a witness to a...


The Talk Show When talk show host Dan Galloway is murdered after publicly humiliating three woman on the air and firing his executive producer, Matlock has no...

Diagnosis Murder

The Killer Within A med student is sent to a rehab program to kick drugs.

The Big Valley

Boy Into Man Lud, the oldest of three children, refuses to cooperate with the Barkleys, who have taken him and his siblings in. He is determined to track down...


Annie Oakley "Kate wants her husband Jeff Kinsman to kill Ed Dolliver because she says Dolliver insulted her. When Jeff winds up dead Kate accuses Dolliver....


Saludos "Matt and Chester find a young Indian woman (Sochi) on the prairie suffering from a gunshot wound. Matt and Chester take the young woman to Doc...


Any Friend Of Walter's Attacked by outlaws, Hoss takes cover in a prospector's shack with the old prospector and Walter, the old man's surprisingly communicative dog.

The Rifleman

Gun Shy Mark blames himself for a friend's accidental death.

The Rifleman

The Anvil Chorus Nils Swenson, North Fork's blacksmith, volunteers to take the marshal's place for a few days while Micah attends a wedding in another town. To help...


High Explosives Jon uses his off-duty rodeo hobby to help a lonely juvenile offender.


Lost Love: Part 1 MacGyver's loyalties are put to the test when the KGB challenges him to steal a touring Chinese artifact in exchange for the release of a woman he...

Mama's Family

The Love Letter A love letter meant for Naomi mistakenly ends up in the hands of both Mama and Iola, leading to complications for all.

Mama's Family

Steal One, Pearl Two All fingers point to Bubba when Iola's pearl necklace is stolen.


The Korean Surgeon When Dr. Syn Paik, a North Korean surgeon, arrives with some wounded, he is passed off as a South Korean by Hawkeye and B.J., but to no avail. Hot...


Hawkeye Get Your Gun After 24 hours of surgery, Hawkeye and Potter venture off to a Korean hospital to lend a hand. Hawkeye is appalled to learn that he must carry a...

The Andy Griffith Show

High Noon In Mayberry Barney gets hysterical when Andy receives a letter from a man he arrested and sent to prison. The convict is to be released soon and says in the...

The Andy Griffith Show

The Loaded Goat An escaped goat eats a case of dynamite that was going to be used for blasting and puts Mayberry in danger—especially when Otis Campbell gets...


Back From The Dead When former mobster Jimmy "The Eraser's" new identity is exposed, MacGyver is forced into action to save Jimmy's daughter and grandson, who are...

Hogan's Heroes

Go Light On The Heavy Water Hogan plans to destroy a heavy water supply by convincing Klink it is a youth potion.

Hogan's Heroes

Top Hat, White Tie And Bomb Sight Hogan uses Klink to contact an Allied spy after Klink bugs the prisoners' quarters.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Torchy Song In Torchy Song, the gang parodies the classic film, with Carol playing a demanding Joan Crawford on a warpath.

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Careless Kidnapper After a fake kidnaping goes wrong, Dr. Gregory Pelham finds that his secret experiments in rehabilitating prominent alcoholics have resulted in a...

The Twilight Zone

A World Of Difference A businessman discovers that life as he knows it doesn't really exist.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

Run For Doom A doctor plans to marry a good-looking soloist despite warnings that her three ex-husbands all experienced brutal deaths.


The World Between Peggy is a patient in the same hospital as the African premier, who was admitted under disguise for unknown reasons.


No Game For Amateurs A key witness is gunned down by a young man trying to evade the military draft. The shooter's pregnant, widowed girlfriend may be the only clue to...

77 Sunset Strip

The Affairs Of Adam Gallante A woman hires Jeff and Kookie to search for her missing husband. They find a killer, an inheritance, and several other wives.
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