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The Beverly Hillbillies

The Clampetts Go Fishing Drysdale and Jane try to get the Clampetts interested in deep-sea fishing, but face an obstacle: Granny. She has a fear of water and refuses to go...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Critter Doctor Duke is sick, and Elly calls the "critter doctor" from the zoo. When Jed finds out he is a "college boy," he thinks it is a possible beau for Elly...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Sad Sicilian After a dispute between Sicilian business partners leads to murder, Mason is enlisted to find the culprit.


The Lemon When Matlock's new neighbor, Les "Ace" Calhoun (Don Knotts), is charged with murdering the used car salesman who sold him a lemon, Matlock takes...

Diagnosis Murder

Amnesia Drs. Sloan and Stewart are preoccupied when a beautiful young amnesia patient is brought in. Unbeknownst to them, their beautiful young patient is...

The Big Valley

Forty Rifles Nick’s former Civil War commander and idol stirs up trouble among ranch hands dissatisfied with working for Heath, who is having trouble being...


Once A Haggen A friend of Festus' is accused of murdering the man who bested them at poker.


The Big Jackpot Candy faces unexpected troubles when he's left a great deal of money by an old friend.

The Rifleman

The Hero After a young stablehand kills a notorious gunslinger, he is baffled by the hostility of the townspeople.

On Now


The Rifleman

The Horse Traders When a horse dealer transporting a prize stallion stops in North Fork, two saddle tramps try to use trickery to obtain it.


Upward And Onward Captain Stanley worries that the chief will sabotage his attempt to pass the chief's exam. A soap opera doctor with mono causes havoc on set and in...


Dynamite Alley Bonnie's on patrol on Route 21...the middle of nowhere. After talking on the CB radio to wake her up, she goes off the road.

Mama's Family

Buck Private Bubba Wanting to impress his girlfriend, Bubba enlists in the Army.

Mama's Family

Mama's Cousin Mama's well-traveled and longwinded Cousin Lydia comes to visit.


Picture This Potter's attempts to assemble the crew for a family portrait are thwarted by a feud between bunkmates Pierce, Hunnicutt and Winchester. Things are...


That Darn Kid Klinger buys a goat, with the intention of getting rich by selling its milk. Then the goat eats the 4077th's $22,340 payroll, leaving paymaster...

The Andy Griffith Show

The Shoplifters Weaver's Department store is being robbed, presumably by shoplifters. Barney poses as a mannequin to catch a thief.

The Andy Griffith Show

Andy's Vacation A grumpy Andy agrees to take a few days off and heads up to the lake to relax. Barney and Gomer are in charge, and manage to capture (and lose) an...

Happy Days

If You Knew Rosa Al announces that he's given up his search for Rosa Coletti, a woman with whom he was involved 20 years ago. However, he receives a letter from his...

Laverne & Shirley

The Fashion Show Jealous of all the beautiful girls with whom her new photographer boyfriend works, Laverne goes to a fashion show and ends up being one of his...

Hogan's Heroes

Art For Hogan's Sake Hogan tries to keep a French painting from ending up in Goering's art collection.

Hogan's Heroes

The General Swap Hogan captures a German general to trade for an American general who dislikes Hogan.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Strickly For The Birds / Fun In A Drugstore In Strictly for the Birds, Harvey tries to hurray a bird feeding Carol along. Then, in Fun in a Drugstore, Tim gives Harvey the run-around while...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Lurid Letter A young widowed high school English teacher in a small town is accused via letter of making passes and more towards some of her male students. But...

The Twilight Zone

A Quality Of Mercy A soldier gets a new perspective on war when he is forced to experience it from his enemy's point of view.

The Rockford Files

Guilt Jim aids his former fiancée, whose life has been threatened by a mysterious figure.


I Was Happy Where I Was A Puerto Rican cop goes undercover in his old neighborhood to find out who is trying to start a barrio gang war.

Man From Taos

MeTV Mystery Movie "McCloud goes to help a lady in distress, but gets caught in a shootout that sends him back to Taos on Chief Clifford's orders. At the last minute,...
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