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The Patty Duke Show

Patty, The Folk Singer Patty becomes a folk singer at a local coffee shop.

The Lucy Show

Lucy Becomes A Father Lucy goes with Jerry on a father-son camping trip. The other fathers don't like having a woman "dad" around, so they conspire to make things so...

The Brady Bunch

Confessions, Confessions While playing ball in the house, Peter breaks Carol's favorite vase. The other kids cover for him, each confessing. Mike and Carol to deduce that...

Petticoat Junction

Steve's New Job To go to New York or not to go to New York—that is the question faced by Steve and Betty Jo after Steve gets a big job offer.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Jed The Heartbreaker Mrs. Drysdale is tired of the Clampetts, especially Granny, who keeps scraping with her. When Miss Jane tells her of a beautiful movie starlet who...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Back To Marineland Jethro wants to serve his country as a 007 spy. When he is dissuaded from this, he has to decide what branch of the military to join. Granny gets...

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The Therapist Matlock is hired to defend a popular actor accused of killing the owner of a sex-therapy clinic at which he was staying. Meanwhile, the lawyer also...

Diagnosis Murder

Too Many Cooks Mark investigates when a philandering chef is murdered during a televised charity cook-off.

The Big Valley

A Flock Of Trouble Nick is tricked into winning a flock of sheep in a card game. His first instinct is to get rid of them immediately, but his neighbors’ reactions...


Pa Hack's Brood The patriarch of the Hack family has a vested interest in trying to get his daughter to marry a farmer's son.


The Big Jackpot Candy faces unexpected troubles when he's left a great deal of money by an old friend.

The Rifleman

Shotgun Man Shotgun man John Beaumont, who Lucas sent to prison, returns with vengeance on his mind.

The Rifleman

Sins Of The Father After shooting a man in self-defense, Andy Moon turns to Lucas for protection from his vengeful brothers.


An Ounce Of Prevention A man with chest pains is trapped on a ferris wheel. A child ingests an illegal pesticide. While making a TV appearance to discuss fire prevention,...


Satan's Angels Bonnie is kidnapped by a gang of bikers, and Jon and Ponch are sent to find her. Meanwhile, Getraer's wife is in and out of the hospital on false...

Mama's Family

Pomp And Circumstance A disappointed Bubba refuses to go to his graduation when he learns his parents will not be there. And Mama, the valedictorian and speaker for the...

Mama's Family

Ladies Choice Mama and Iola vie for the presidency of the Church Ladies League in a bitterly contested race.


Major Fred C. Dobbs Frank's normal drone of verbal abuse upsets Ginger, so Hawkeye puts his arm in a cast while he is asleep. Frank puts in for a transfer, and after...


Cease-fire General Clayton calls to say that a ceasefire is to be declared. The camp celebrates, Klinger gives away his dresses and locals start to take...

The Andy Griffith Show

Otis Sues The County After Otis slips and falls in the Mayberry jail, he meets an opportunistic lawyer who convinces him to sue the county.

The Andy Griffith Show

Barney Fife, Realtor Andy lectures Opie about the importance of informing a potential buyer of the true condition of the item being sold. Meanwhile, Barney decides to...

Happy Days

Hard Cover Facing a dating slump, Fonzie suggests that Richie go to the library to meet girls. Doing so, he meets Lori Beth Allen, who invites him to her dorm...

Gilligan's Island

Little Island, Big Gun A well known crook tries to evade police after a heist and is dropped off on the island.

Hogan's Heroes

Look At The Pretty Snowflakes Hogan and his men start an avalanche to stop a Panzer division.

Hogan's Heroes

Rockets Or Romance Hogan becomes the partner of a beautiful underground agent when he and his men team up with the underground to destroy a guided missile battery.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Sammy Davis Jr. And Cher In The Deputy, Harvey tries to get his old deputy back when a dangerous gang rolls into town. Then, in As the Stomach Turns, Carol is desperate for...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Prodigal Parent When Philip Larkin, the owner of an import-export company, is murdered, his step-father, Joseph Harrison, is charged.

The Twilight Zone

Probe 7 - Over And Out The lone survivors of two annihilated worlds find themselves stranded together on a distant and uninhabited planet.

The Rockford Files

This Case Is Closed: Part 1 After landing at Los Angeles International Airport, Jim finds a pay phone and calls his client, requesting an urgent meeting in light of strange...
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Photos Must Credit Joe Paxton "A photographer(played by Tige Andrews) becomes the prime suspect in a jewel theft and phony kidnapping of a former actress (played by Antoinette...

The Solid Gold Swingers

MeTV Mystery Movie While answering a high-rise apartment burglary call, McCloud stumbles on a body, which then disappears. The case leads to a VIP madam under...
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