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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Gomer Overcomes The Obstacle Course Gomer tries to pass an obstacle course to earn the respect of Sgt. Carter.

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Guest In The Barracks To the dismay of Sgt. Carter, Gomer breaks regulations and sneaks a recruit's girlfriend into the barracks.

The Abbott and Costello Show

The Pigeon Bud and Lou's beautiful next door neighbor uses Lou as a decoy to help break up with her mobster boyfriend.

The Abbott and Costello Show

Honeymoon House When Bud and Mr. Fields help Lou put together a prefab house in order to impress his fiancée and her parents, a jealous former boyfriend sabotages...

The Little Rascals

Pigskin Palooka, Washee Ironee, Follies Of 1938 "While Alfalfa was away at military school, he wrote that he was a football star; then he has to prove it to The Little Rascals. (1937), Waldo...


Blind Alley Gilman joins forces with a blind man bent on revenge.


Quiet Night In Porter A senile woman leads her son on a criminal rampage.

Have Gun, Will Travel

Alice Paladin hunts for an Eastern schoolgirl's missing mother.

Have Gun, Will Travel

Man Who Struck Moonshine "Moses Kadish is an alcoholic. He moves to middle of nowhere to try to stop drinking and drills a well. The well produces whiskey instead of water."


The Town That Wasn't There Beau runs afoul a crooked railroad agent after winning ownership of a seemingly worthless ore mine called Silver Hill.
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Wagon Train

Trial For Murder: Part 2 When the deceased's wife arrives, the people on the wagon train learn that the murdered man has a dark past, and this could be a case of Cain and...

The Big Valley

The Good Thieves Nick and Heath cross the state line to bring back two outlaw brothers who shot Jarrod in the course of a robbery. They find a town in which the...


Noose Of Gold Deputy District Attorney Shephard will do anything to further his career, including having outlaw John Farron killed, rather than giving him the...


Bullet For A Bride After accidentally blinding a young girl, Tessa, in a shooting accident, Joe wants to make amends with the girl's family by marrying her. While she...


Blood Harvest Clete Bonner and his grandson, Will, posing as Jonas and Duke Williams, join the drive to see whether Will's dad, Adam, is suitable to take Will....

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Long Search Yoshika Nakamura comes west to find a man named Bill Timmons, who promised to marry her when he visited Japan. Yoshika hires Josh to help her...

Wanted Dead or Alive

Dead Reckoning A woman wants Josh to bring in her wanted husband alive, so he can prove self-defense, but the brothers of the man he killed are out to hang him.

The Rifleman

The Patsy A group of outlaws devise a plan to get rid of Lucas so they can take over the town of North Fork.

The Rifleman

Bloodlines After Lucas kills a mountain man in a barroom brawl, his father arrives in North Fork determined to take revenge on Lucas and Marshal Torrance.

The Wild Wild West

The Night Of The Falcon James West and Artemus Gordon help evacuate the town of Tonka Flats before it is destroyed by a cannon shell. Afterwards, they are notified that a...

The Incredible Hulk

Goodbye Eddie Cain A 1940s-style detective can't explain why a corpse is found in his office—except that it may be related to an extortion plot, a mysterious...

Wonder Woman

The Bushwackers Wonder Woman goes to Texas, where she is confronted by a dangerous ring of pistol-packing rustlers.

Star Trek

Miri Kirk and a landing party are stranded on a planet afflicted by a disease that causes adults to die a painful death. What's more, they must deal...


Abbott And Costello Meet The Killer "When bellboy Lou is accused of murder, detective Bud attempts to solve the case."


The Foggiest Notion Batgirl infiltrates a finishing school for female crooks while Batman and Robin search for Lord Marmaduke and Lady Penelope at a pub.


The Bloody Tower The Dynamic Duo, accompanied by Alfred, race to save Batgirl from Lord Marmaduke and Lady Penelope, but deadly bees stand in their way.

Land of the Giants

Comeback A desperate actor captures the Earthlings, and forces them to act in his new movie so he can help the director save money on special effects.

The Time Tunnel

Revenge Of The Gods Tony and Doug materialize near ancient Troy just before the last battle between the Trojans and Greeks.

Lost in Space

The Toymaker Dr. Smith and Will find themselves trapped in another android machine, and then discover the magical Toymaker's world and are mistake for toys.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The Mermaid Crane captures a mermaid who eventually leads the sub to an undersea nuclear bomb about to explode.
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