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The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Dobie Plays Cupid Home on yet another weekend pass, Dobie drags the girl shy Maynard to a dance.

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Like Father, Like Son, Like Trouble Private Dobie Gillis isn't having much luck getting a date with a girl who only seems to be interested in dating officers.

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Jersey Matters (local news)

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Ather Thing with Larry Mendte ( public affairs)

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Saved by the Bell

The Friendship Business The gang starts a business selling friendship bracelets, but Zack's tough work schedule tests the limits of their friendship.

Saved by the Bell

Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind Looking for a way to make a quick buck, Slater and Zack have Screech dress up as an alien from outer space to trick a tabloid.

Saved by the Bell

Slater's Friend Slater unwittingly dooms his chameleon when he leaves it with Screech.

Saved by the Bell

Save That Tiger When Zack and Slater's prank war against rival school Valley High escalates, Screech gets kidnapped!

The Brady Bunch

Tiger, Tiger! Bobby briefly leaves Tiger unattended and returns to find him missing. Soon there's a citywide search to track him down. Meanwhile, a string of...

The Brady Bunch

The Big Sprain Carol is out of town visiting her sick aunt when Alice sprains her ankle, leaving Mike and the kids to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Alice's...

The Brady Bunch

Brace Yourself Marcia is distraught after getting braces, and is convinced that they've made her ugly. Her brothers and sisters try their best to make Marcia feel...

The Brady Bunch

The Hero While shopping at Driscoll's Toy Store, Peter looks up to see a wall about to fall on a little girl, and he saves her by pushing her out of the...

Gilligan's Island

Goodnight Sweet Skipper The castaways hear on the radio that a plane is going to be flying over their island. The Skipper turns the radio into a transmitter. Catch is, he...

Gilligan's Island

Wrongway Feldman When Gilligan finds an old airplane hidden in the jungle, the castaways discover a long-forgotten aviator who lives on the island.

Happy Days

Joanie Gets Wheels Despite Howard's objection, Joanie decides to buy a car because she and Chachi are tired of having to double-date, and Chachi cannot afford to buy...

Laverne & Shirley

The Baby Show While Laverne is at a funeral home with pregnant Sgt. Plout, her baby decides it's time to come into the world.

I Love Lucy

California, Here We Come! The Ricardos and Mertzes head for California. But first, of course, there are complications. The chief one: Lucy's mother, who shows up and wants...

I Love Lucy

Tennessee Bound The Ricardo-Mertz westward trek faces a delay—they're all thrown in jail for speeding—in Bent Fork, TN, home of Lucy's "cousin" Ernest,...

The Love Boat

Dreamboat (part 1) "A movie director filming a musical aboard the ship tries to keep his star happy at Doc's expense; Julie is pursued by the lookalike brother of a...

The Love Boat

Dreamboat (part 2) "A movie director filming a musical aboard the ship tries to keep his star happy at Doc's expense; Julie is pursued by the lookalike brother of a...

The Andy Griffith Show

My Fair Ernest T. Bass Andy tries to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear when he takes it upon himself to turn Ernest T. into a presentable gentleman. The big test comes...

The Andy Griffith Show

Prisoner Of Love A lady prisoner woos Andy and Barney.


Old Fashioned Murder The spinster head of a family-run museum murders her brother when he threatens to dissolve the financially strapped institution.


Alcoholics Unanimous Henry's departure to Tokyo leaves Major Burns in charge of the 4077th. He declares total prohibition of alcohol, which leads to a near riot in the...

The Odd Couple

The Exorcists Felix is convinced the air-conditioner is haunted by a ghost.

The Honeymooners

Mama Loves Mambo A new neighbor wears out his welcome teaching good manners and the mambo.


A Bar Is Born Rebecca prepares herself to spend her first night with Robin Colcord while Sam takes the first step towards owning the bar again.

The Bob Newhart Show

Old Man Rivers A rather embarrassing operation leads to romance between Carol and her doctor. Everyone questions the relationship because of the couple's age...

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Murray Faces Life Murray becomes depressed when he realizes that the years are passing him by, after he learns that a contemporary has won a Pulitzer Prize.


Men Are Such Beasts Tony attempts to break up with his girlfriend, Denise.

Get Smart

Dear Diary A retired agent and his secret diary are missing.

The Phil Silvers Show

Bilko The Butler Bilko overhears a stock tip and phones Corporal Henshaw to invest their money. Before Henshaw can act, the stock falls and Bilko thinks that their...

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The Deadly Quest Affair Recuperating in the hospital, Illya is kidnapped by an old enemy, Viktor Karmak, who wants to lure Solo into a trap. Solo follows a clue to a...

Naked City

On The Battlefront, Every Minute Is Important "While investigating a robbery/murder at a high rise office building, Flint is offered a job by a dying advertising executive."

Route 66

The Cage Around Maria Working as a tour guide at a Texas zoo, Tod rescues a dazed young woman from the bear exhibit. She later explains that she pulled the stunt in...
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