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Daniel Boone

A Matter Of Blood An Indian girl raised by white men proves herself worthy of becoming queen of the Delawares.

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Absent Artist Cartoonist Pete Manders is elated when the owner of the comic strip "Zingy" offers to sell him the strip for a song. However, Pete then learns that...


The Trail: Part 2 When Assistant District Attorney Howard Wright is murdered, the attorney general puts Matlock on the case. With Michelle and Conrad's help, Matlock...

Quincy, M.E.

Sweet Land Of Liberty A policeman is killed while on a routine visit to a house. The killer turns out to be an old friend of Sam's, the gentlest man Sam has ever known....

The Rockford Files

Claire Jim's former lover reaches out for help when she begins being followed by two men, believing that they are trying to kill her.


Ring Of Darkness In an attempt to help his blind daughter, farmer Ben Hurley steals horses for an outlaw gang. Deputy Newly O'Brien arrives at his farm...


The Savage After Adam is wounded by Indians and left for dead, a reclusive mountain woman nurses him back to health. She is known to the Indians as While...

The Rifleman

The Pet Ward Haskins guns down Joe Flecker, who has evidence that could be used to blackmail him. Haskins thinks the information was given to Lucas because...

The Rifleman

The Sheridan Story Frank Blandon, a man with only one good arm, wanders onto the ranch. Lucas gives Blandon a job to "hire him and Mark a clear conscience." General...

On Now



Captain Hook The firemen plan to celebrate the imminent retirement of a martinet captain with a party, under the guise of throwing a farewell dinner. A model in...


Computer Terror The computer fouls up and Gage gets a check for thousands instead of for hundreds. A transient is injured in a car at a junkyard. A victim’s dog...


The Spaceman Made Me Do It While on night patrol, Ponch and Bobby respond to a jewelry store alarm. The culprit turns out to be a young girl, who claims an alien made her do it.


Love And Marriage Hawkeye and Trapper prevent a GI from marrying a call girl who has TB, while trying to help a Korean soldier join his pregnant wife. Radar, of...


Big Mac The camp prepares for a visit from General MacArthur. Klinger dresses as the Statue of Liberty as the General's jeep drives through the camp....

The Andy Griffith Show

Andy And Opie, Bachelors Andy and Opie are left alone while Aunt Bee goes out of town. Peggy, Andy's new girlfriend, takes great delight in helping the boys handle things....

The Andy Griffith Show

The Cow Thief The mayor calls in an investigator from the state capital to help solve a string of cow thefts.

Happy Days

My Fair Fonzie Fonzie is invited to a socialite dinner party, not knowing that the people who have invited him hope he will make a fool of himself.

Laverne & Shirley

Testing, Testing When Mr. Shotz hires a psychiatrist to evaluate employee aptitude, the gang is terrified that their inadequacies are going to be revealed.

Hogan's Heroes

A Tiger Hunt In Paris: Part 1 "Tiger," a female underground agent, is arrested while trying to document secret German bases and is held in Paris for questioning. Hogan and...

Hogan's Heroes

A Tiger Hunt In Paris: Part 2 While trying to free the underground agent "Tiger" in Paris, Hogan seeks help from a Parisian fortune teller and also enlist the aid of a man who...

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guest Jack Weston In Computer Date, Carol meets a blind date who knows as many fun facts as she does. Then, in Tacky Song, Carol plays a dowdy librarian singing "The...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Golden Fraud Richard Vanaman's shot at a big promotion is sabotaged when he is framed for murder.

Troubled Waters

MeTV Mystery Movie Columbo takes a trip to Acapulco, but finds himself on a new case when a used car dealer commits murder on the cruise ship.

Night Gallery

The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes A phenomenally successful young seer suddenly refuses to make further predictions.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

The Star Juror Killer George Davies finds himself in a unique situation: He's on the jury that's trying an innocent man for the crime he committed.


Guillotine To save the life of her husband who is to be executed, a young woman attempts to murder the executioner.
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