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Our Miss Brooks

Reunion Miss Brooks is envious of two of her married friends. They convince Connie that to meet a man, she needs a job where she meets the public. To keep...

The Donna Reed Show

What Are Friends For? Jeff gets Smitty to take his place on a date that Alex set up.

Mister Ed

Ed's Dentist Ed constantly is complaining about a toothache. Wilbur tries to fix it by hiring the vet to come and take a look at Ed. When Ed sees the needle...

I Love Lucy

The Anniversary Present Lucy thinks that Ricky is pitching woo with a sophisticated neighbor. The woman is actually a jeweler who Ricky has commissioned to fashion a pearl...

Petticoat Junction

The Invisible Mr. Dobble Kate believes she has lost her mind when she finds that one of her guests at the Shady Rest is invisible.

My Three Sons

Doctor In The House Steve throws out his sacroiliac and is convinced that there is only one doctor who can help him.

My Three Sons

Going Steady Steve realizes Robbie is becoming a man.

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver Gets Adopted Wally wins a trophy at school and Beaver accidentally breaks it. This leads Ward to accuse Beaver of being jealous of Wally and that he broke it on...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Lucky Legs Marjorie Cluny wins a contest for best-looking legs sponsored by Frank Patton of Stellar Productions. Her prize is a trip to Hollywood and a role...


The Obsession Even from his hospital bed Matlock can't get the case of a TV star accused of killing a therapist out of his mind.

Remington Steele

Steele Searching: Part 2 Radical miners mistake Steele for assassin Daniel Chalmers, hired to kill the Earl of Claridge.

The Big Valley

The Invaders A gang of rawhiders injures Heath, and then takes him to the ranch looking for a reward for “saving” him from ambush. While there, they realize the...


Moon "After Charlie Brewer is found dead, Jack Salter who was a friend of Charlie Brewer comes to Matt's office saying Vint killed Brewer. Matt then...


Who Lives By The Sword "Joe Delk causes trouble at The Long Branch after shooting two young men, who were loved by all in Dodge, but only after being drawn into the...
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The Paiute War How do you defer responsibility for sexually assaulting someone? If you're an underhanded trader named Mike Wilson, you simply place the blame on...

The Rifleman

Lou Mallory Lou Mallory has arrived in North Fork and quickly purchases land, which includes the hotel and Milly Scott's store. She pays higher prices than the...

The Rifleman

Quiet Night, Deadly Night Townspeople brace for the worst when a new girl arrives—with symptoms of smallpox.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Elly Needs A Maw Jed visits the bank to tell Drysdale that he plans to go back home to look for a wife so Elly May can finally have a mother. Drysdale tries to...

Leave It to Beaver

The Haunted House Beaver and Larry become convinced that the Cooper house is haunted by a witch and Beaver and Larry are scared to death. So when June gets Beaver a...

The Brady Bunch

Vote For Brady Greg and Marcia rush home after school with the news that they're both running for student body president. The boys and girls each take sides and...

Gilligan's Island

Agonized Labor Gilligan and the Skipper hear a radio broadcast telling of the collapse of the Howell financial empire.

Happy Days

The Other Richie Cunningham Needing to make a good impression for a prospective business deal, Howard asks Richie to take the "Prince of Porcelain's" daughter out on a date....

The Andy Griffith Show

Otis The Deputy When Andy is captured by two escaped convicts, Otis and Howard spring into action.


Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler Intelligence officer Colonel Flagg and psychiatrist Sidney Freedman grapple over the fate of a wounded officer, Captain Chandler, who claims to be...


Hawkeye Hawkeye is injured in a jeep accident and, aware he has a concussion, babbles to a Korean family to keep himself awake.

The Andy Griffith Show

High Noon In Mayberry Barney gets hysterical when Andy receives a letter from a man he arrested and sent to prison. The convict is to be released soon and says in the...

The Andy Griffith Show

The Loaded Goat An escaped goat eats a case of dynamite that was going to be used for blasting and puts Mayberry in danger—especially when Otis Campbell gets...

Mama's Family

Cell Mates When the family goes out to celebrate Eunice's birthday, a fight between Mama and Eunice ends with both of them getting arrested.


You Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog ALF, jealous of the attention a stray dog is getting, gives the pooch to a mean old woman who claims to be the owner.

Hogan's Heroes

The Sergeant's Analyst After Burkhalter finds him sleeping on the job, Schultz is ordered to the Russian Front.

Hogan's Heroes

The Merry Widow Hogan sets Klink up with a female agent to deliver secret documents, but ends up sending Schultz when Klink is sent with the wrong ones.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guest Tim Conway In The Family, Eunice and Mama stop by her husband's hardware store, only to get in another fight. Then, in Shower Blackout, Carol steps out of the...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Crafty Kidnapper After Alex Tanner and his wife, Patricia, inherent her father's global media empire, things get messy when an obnoxious newspaper man is found dead...

The Twilight Zone

The Fugitive An old man possessing the power of transformation tries to help a crippled little girl.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Young One A teenager’s desire to be free leads her to murder.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Diplomatic Corpse A young couple tries to smuggle a corpse out of Mexico.


A Way To Dusty Death Mannix ruffles some feathers in a small town when he arrives in search of a missing youth.


Love Me In December When her fiancé is accused of murder, a young woman comes to Ironside for help. The Chief and the man were rivals in the Navy, but the Chief looks...

77 Sunset Strip

The Gang's All Here The detectives help a cop reform his son, who idolizes a bored, rebellious pool shark.
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