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Our Miss Brooks

A Mother For Benny One of Miss Brooks' students tries to fix her up with his widowed father.

The Donna Reed Show

Weekend The Stones vacation at a mountain resort and find the accommodations don't meet their expectations.

Mister Ed

Ed's Contact Lenses Ed decides to get contact lenses when he is spotted in public wearing glasses.

I Love Lucy

Lucy Hires A Maid Lucy's sleepless nights with the new baby are exhausting, so the Ricardos hire a maid. Unfortunately, this new maid turns out to be a terrible...

The Brady Bunch

The Not-so-ugly Duckling Jan has been smitten with Clark Tyson and they've been studying together. However, when Marcia casually, steps in the family room, Clark is...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Elly's Animals Police and Elly's animals converge on the Clampett estate when Pearl starts giving yodeling lessons.

Leave It to Beaver

Friendship Beaver spends the weekend at Larry's but the first night there they get into a terrible argument and Beaver goes home angry. After Ward tells...

Leave It to Beaver

Dance Contest Wally gets an invitation to attend a cotillion with Mary Ellen Rogers. At first he wants to turn down the invitation, but then decides to go...

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The Body Matlock defends a woman after she's accused of murdering an aerobics instructor who slept with her husband.

Diagnosis Murder

Fatal Impact: Part 1 Mark and Amanda are assigned to a task force investigating an airplane crash.

The Big Valley

Alias Nellie Handley Victoria impersonates a sneak thief so she’ll be sent to prison. There, she'll gather evidence on the terrible conditions.


Cheap Labour "Matt meets Fos Capper, who wants to marry Flora Stancil. Flora's brother Ben may give Matt some trouble that may lead to Foss Capper's death."


Moon "After Charlie Brewer is found dead, Jack Salter who was a friend of Charlie Brewer comes to Matt's office saying Vint killed Brewer. Matt then...


The Lonely House A wounded bank robber holes up in a widow's house, keeping an eye on both her and Little Joe.

The Rifleman

The Patsy A group of outlaws devise a plan to get rid of Lucas so they can take over the town of North Fork.

The Rifleman

Bloodlines After Lucas kills a mountain man in a barroom brawl, his father arrives in North Fork determined to take revenge on Lucas and Marshal Torrance.


Return To Death's Door A man blames Ponch for the death of his brother—who was also Ponch's friend—and challenges him to a race.


Ten Percent Solution An investigation into art fraud leads MacGyver to expose a neo-Nazi group's plan to infiltrate American politics

Mama's Family

Mama On Jeopardy! Alex Trebek guest stars when Iola's crush on the Jeopardy! game show host turns into an adventure for the entire Harper family.

Mama's Family

Mama Goes Hawaiian: Part 1 An old Hawaiian custom rings true for Iola, Bubba and even Mama when a visit to Lover's Grotto brings them romance.


Tuttle Hawkeye creates a fake doctor, Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle, to give supplies to the local orphans. Henry wants Tuttle to be officer of the day, so...


The Ringbanger Hawkeye and Trapper operate on a famous Colonel - after discovering that he is particularly ruthless about sacrificing his men, they come up with a...

The Andy Griffith Show

Barney And Thelma Lou, Phfftt After Gomer naively tells Thelma Lou that Barney thinks "he has her in his hip pocket." Thelma Lou decides to teach Barney a lesson by flirting...

The Andy Griffith Show

Back To Nature Andy, Barney and Gomer take a group of boys camping in the mountains to show them the pioneer life. Barney winds up getting himself and Gomer lost...
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Two Times Trouble MacGyver Investigates a series of accidents befalling his childhood friend, Roxy Yeats, who fears her twin sister is behind the mishaps.

Hogan's Heroes

Duel Of Honor Hogan prepares Klink to flee to Argentina with information for the Allies after Klink is challenged to a duel.

Hogan's Heroes

Axis Annie Hogan plans to use a propaganda radio announcer to get information to the underground.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guest Cher In Dual Pianos, a great pianist tries to calm his protege before they play together. Then in TV Commercials, Carol and the gang parody TV products,...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Weary Watchdog Della asks Mason for $25,000 to help her friend, Janet Brent, who is being blackmailed by an employee of her husband, who has staged compromising...

The Twilight Zone

Probe 7 - Over And Out The lone survivors of two annihilated worlds find themselves stranded together on a distant and uninhabited planet.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

The Final Performance While a past vaudevillian plans to hit the comeback trail, his young fiancée seeks to make her escape with the help of a man passing through town.


Fear I To Fall Mannix smells a rat when he's asked to testify in a murder case against a man he sent to prison and who served his time. Is someone using the man's...


Price Tag -- Death There's troublesome news of the murder of a homeless man, and Ironside works alongside a former cop, now down and out and living on the streets...

77 Sunset Strip

Six Superior Skirts Bailey and Kookie, charged with protecting the jewels at a charity bazaar, are outsmarted by a master swindler who replaces the Moorfield Diamond...
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