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Our Miss Brooks

June Bride Connie agrees to act as a proxy and stand in for Mr. LeBlanche's overseas bride in a wedding ceremony. Walter overhears only part of the...

The Donna Reed Show

The Two Doctors Stone Donna cancels the plans for a family trip because she feels that Trisha is getting sick; however, Alex feels she shows no signs of being ill.

Mister Ed

Ed And The Elephant Wilbur takes in a magician's elephant in the barn and Jumbo drives Ed crazy with his antics.

I Love Lucy

Hollywood Anniversary Frantic over having forgotten the date of their wedding anniversary, Ricky tells Lucy that he has a big party planned in a famous nightclub. He...

The Brady Bunch

The Honeymoon In the series opener, Mike Brady, a widower with three boys, marries Carol Martin, a widow with three girls. There are a few chaotic events at the...

Petticoat Junction

The Ringer Betty Jo becomes the first woman to compete in the annual Shady Rest horseshoe tournament, proving to be a challenge for champion Pixley Fats.

The Beverly Hillbillies

His Royal Highness Mrs. Drysdale invites a king to stay with the Drysdales, paying the Clampetts to stay away. Drysdale plans to set King Alexander up with Elly May...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Super Hawg Drysdale acquires a baby hippopotamus, which the Clampetts see and mistake for a giant hog. However, Elly May knows the difference, realizing that...

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Fisherman Matlock defends a Vietnamese fisherman and his son when they are accused of murdering a racist fisherman. And It isn't just the fishermen that...

Diagnosis Murder

Murder With Mirrors Mark jumps to his friend Clark's aid when Madison turns up dead with Clark the main suspect.

The Big Valley

Young Marauders Audra is saved from serious injury by a young man who says he is a mustang hunter. She falls in love with him; her brothers find him a suspicious...


Dry Road To Nowhere Matt investigates why a gunman is stalking a temperance preacher.


Easy Come, Easy Go The peace of the Ponderosa is disrupted when a gambler arrives for a stay after losing all his money in a stock scheme.

The Rifleman

The Brother-in-law Mark's uncle, Johnny Gibb, a big-time rodeo rider, comes to visit. While Mark idolizes his uncle, Lucas discovers that Johnny is on the run from...

The Rifleman

Eight Hours To Die Judge Burton seeks "justice" against the hangman who hanged his son; the judge who sentenced his son; and Lucas, the man who caught his son. When...


Communication Gaffe Roy and Joanne go on a TV quiz show. Roy and John respond to a holdup where both a policeman and a suspect have been shot, and another officer...


Surprise A woman is thrown from a motorcycle into a cactus patch. A surprise birthday party is planned for Dixie, who breaks her ankle while shopping, and...

Mama's Family

Soup To Nuts Vint judges a chili cook-off between Mama, Naomi and Iola.

Mama's Family

Mama And Dr. Brothers Dr. Joyce Brothers helps Naomi when she needs advice about sex.


The Korean Surgeon When Dr. Syn Paik, a North Korean surgeon, arrives with some wounded, he is passed off as a South Korean by Hawkeye and B.J., but to no avail. Hot...


Hawkeye Get Your Gun After 24 hours of surgery, Hawkeye and Potter venture off to a Korean hospital to lend a hand. Hawkeye is appalled to learn that he must carry a...
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The Andy Griffith Show

Andy Discovers America Opie doesn't like his new teacher, "Old Lady Crump," because she gives too much homework. Andy comments on the teacher, words which Opie twists in...

The Andy Griffith Show

Aunt Bee's Medicine Man Aunt Bee, saddened by the death of a friend, is feeling old and tired. She stumbles across a medicine man's presentation and is intrigued by his...

Happy Days

Fonz Meets Kat The merchant seamen are in town, and with them is Rico, a sworn enemy of Fonzie. Fonzie is primed to fight, but Father Delvecchio wants to talk him...

Gilligan's Island

Lovey's Secret Admirer Mrs. Howell starts receiving mysterious love notes.

Hogan's Heroes

War Takes A Holiday In order to get the Gestapo to release its prisoners, Hogan tricks Klink and Hochstetter into thinking the war is over.

Hogan's Heroes

Duel Of Honor Hogan prepares Klink to flee to Argentina with information for the Allies after Klink is challenged to a duel.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Tim Conway And Bernadette Peters In The Stickups, three criminals accidently rob the same bar at the same time. Then, in The Old Folks, Harvey applies to be a guard at the bank....

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Artful Dodger Allen Sheridan has more enemies than you can shake a stick at, even though he's due to inherit the healthy sum of $162,000. When Allen turns up...

The Twilight Zone

Elegy Three astronauts land on what looks like Earth 200 years before they left—only all of the people seem frozen in time.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

The Photographer And The Undertaker Arthur Mannix is a photographer and Hiram Price is an undertaker. Both hide behind their respective professors to conceal another profession: hired...


Kojak's Days (part 2) "The search continues for a woman who murdered her husband, abandoned her child and is threatening to commit suicide."

The Greenhouse Jungle

MeTV Mystery Movie Columbo arrives at a kidnapping case, which at some point turns into a murder. Everything seems to be related to a trust fund managed by a man with...

Night Gallery

The Girl With The Hungry Eyes A photographer hires a mysterious model whose eyes burn with a seductive—yet frightening—glow.
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