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The Patty Duke Show

Block That Statue The hero of the football team is in love with Cathy.

The Lucy Show

Chris Goes Steady Chris decides to go steady with a boy who turns out to be Mr. Mooney's son. Lucy and Mr. Mooney don't like it and team up to show the kids a lesson...

The Brady Bunch

Lights Out After witnessing a magician perform a disappearing act, a scared Cindy refuses to sleep with the lights off. Peter gets her to be part of his magic...

Petticoat Junction

Bad Day At Shady Rest "Deputy" Joe Carson captures a desperate bank robber with the help of Aunt Helen and a war-surplus life raft.

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted Jethro returns to Dr. Twombly’s office to get his Certificate Of Health. Twombly examines Jethro, learning about each member of the family. But the...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Elly Becomes A Secretary The Clampetts learn that some of the bank employees are sick, so the clan decides to go down to the bank and offer Drysdale some help. Drysdale is...

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The Trail: Part 1 When Assistant District Attorney Howard Wright is murdered, the attorney general puts Matlock on the case. With Michelle and Conrad's help, Matlock...

Diagnosis Murder

Murder, My Suite Mark, Jesse and Amanda are trapped in a quarantined hotel after a deadly virus is released.

The Big Valley

The Velvet Trap Nick falls for a woman, not knowing that she is a gunslinger’s lover. She sees this as a perfect opportunity to rid herself of a problem: A pursuer...


Anybody Can Kill A Marshal A pair of outlaws hire a drifter to do what they couldn't: kill Matt Dillon.


Pride Of A Man When Joe becomes a substitute teacher, he has to deal with a challenging pair of hooligans.

The Rifleman

Shivaree Aaron Pelser's wagon train comes across a pair of young boys on a buck board heading west, so he invites them to join the train. When he finds out...

The Rifleman

The Deadeye Kid McCain befriends Donnel O'Mahoney, a tough kid from Brooklyn, and arranges with two men for the young man to continue his travels on their wagon....


Wedsworth-townsend Act, The (part 2) "Seeing a dire need in the community for on-the spot medical assistance, Roy and John attempt to convince their staunchest opponent, Dr. Brackett,...


Drive, Lady, Drive: Part 1 A man steals a truck and is pulled over by Ponch and Jon while his partner speeds by and wrecks cars.

Mama's Family

Mama And Dr. Brothers Dr. Joyce Brothers helps Naomi when she needs advice about sex.

Mama's Family

Cat's Meow Iola has her dead cat freeze-dried.


Pressure Points Potter sends for Sidney Freedman when he loses confidence in his surgical abilities, and Winchester loses patience with his bunkmates' sloppiness.


Where There's A Will, There's A War Hawkeye goes to help at an aid station, and under heavy shelling he draws up a will, leaving various items to his friends at the 4077th.

The Andy Griffith Show

A Wife For Andy Barney believes that Andy should be getting married.

The Andy Griffith Show

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Visiting officials take pause when they visit Mayberry and find that the courthouse is full of dogs.

Happy Days

A Mind Of His Own After having been in several fights recently, on the advice of the Cunninghams, Fonzie agrees to see a psychologist.

Gilligan's Island

Ring Around Gilligan Dr. Boris Balinkoff, from "The Friendly Physician," returns, hoping to use the castaways in a robbery scheme involving hypnosis.

Hogan's Heroes

Bombsight Hogan plans to get the blueprints for and interfere with the testing of a new weapon.

Hogan's Heroes

The Big Picture Hogan plans to steal the picture that the Gestapo is using to blackmailing Klink.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Dick Van Dyke And Tony Randall In Death of a Salesman, Dick Van Dyke tries to sell encyclopedias, only he keeps getting hurt by Carol. Then, in Root of All Evil, Tony and Dick...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Fan-dancer's Horse After witnessing an automobile accident, Mason comes to represent the driver of the vehicle, an exotic dancer charged with murder.

The Twilight Zone

Showdown With Rance Mcgrew While filming a scene in which Jesse James shoots him in the back, the star of a Western TV series suddenly finds himself in a real Old West...
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The Rockford Files

The Battle-ax And The Exploding Cigar Ignorant that he's been driving a hot Cadillac with an illegal stash of guns in the trunk, Jim gets into trouble with the FBI and "the Company."


Sister Maria A vengeful nun tries to bring to justice the airline executive she believes responsible for the death of her sister.

Now You See Him...

MeTV Mystery Movie A stage illusionist kills his employer and makes it look like a contract killing. It's up to Columbo to trick the master trickster.
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