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Our Miss Brooks

Connie And Bonnie Miss Brooks is in a gambling joint when it's raided, giving Conklin just the excuse he needs to fire her. To save her job, she invents a twin...

The Donna Reed Show

All Women Are Dangerous Two girls are battling for an invitation to a concert from Jeff, but he can't make up his mind on which girl to ask.

Mister Ed

Taller Than She Ed falls madly in love with a French female horse, but is turned off a little when he realizes that she is taller than him.

I Love Lucy

Lucy Gets Ricky On The Radio Lucy secretly books Ricky on a radio quiz show.

Petticoat Junction

Yogurt, Anyone? High-schooler Betty Jo poses as a college coed to gain the interest of a handsome college boy.

My Three Sons

Daughter For A Day Steve suggests to an old friend that her daughter stay at the Douglas household while the mother is out town.

My Three Sons

The Ghost Next Door While out trick or treating, Chip and his friend think they saw a ghost walk into a vacant home.

Leave It to Beaver

Wally's Present Wally decides that he is going to have a birthday party, and Beaver jumps to the conclusion that he won't be invited. While shopping for Wally's...

Perry Mason

The Case Of Paul Drake's Dilemma Donna Kress, a singer, is preparing a demo for a recording contract. She has been carrying on a longterm affair with a married man, Frank Thatcher....


The Fortune: Part 1 When the nephew of an eccentric millionaire is charged with his murder after the two had an argument, Matlock is hired for the defense and Cliff is...

Remington Steele

Steele In The Chips When the co-inventor of a no-cal chocolate chip cookie disappears with the recipe, three of his relatives, who would kill for the cookies, each...

The Big Valley

The Murdered Party Jarrod defends a member of a ne’er-do-well family on a charge of murder, even though the main witness against him is Heath.


Bureaucrat "A Washington Bureaucrat comes to Dodge to change the way Matt runs the town."


Last Fling "John Peevy and Milligan Rives go out for one "Last Fling" and Peevy makes a pass at Kitty. Kitty threatens to shoot him if he comes back. When...
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The Spotlight Viveca Lindfors guest stars as long-retired opera diva Angela Drake. Appointed entertainment committee chairman of the Virginia City anniversary...

The Rifleman

None So Blind Mark befriends singer-banjoist Lafayette Bly, a blind man with an acute sense of hearing—and a very strong grip.

The Rifleman

Jealous Man Jake and Fay Owens, old friends of Micah, are the McCain's new neighbors. Jake quickly develops an unreasoning jealousy of Lucas with Fay.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Chickadee Returns Jethro is still hoping to marry burlesque dancer Chickadee Laverne, and she is still hoping for a dance engagement from the Clampetts. Chickadee...

Leave It to Beaver

The Grass Is Always Greener Beaver and Wally make friends with the garbage man's kids, Chris and Pete. They quickly learn that they take for granted what they have. Simple...

The Brady Bunch

Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy Cindy has been cast as in the school play, but learns she can only invite one parent to the show. Torn between whom she should choose, Cindy fakes...

Gilligan's Island

Smile, You're On Mars Camera A NASA satellite with a TV camera, accidentally lands on the island instead of the intended target: Mars.

Happy Days

Fonzie Moves In With Howard's hardware store about to face new competition, the Cunninghams decide they need to rent the room above their garage to generate extra...

The Andy Griffith Show

The Senior Play Helen devises a plan to get back at the high school principal when he objects to her involvement in a play put on by the senior class, a play that...


Promotion Commotion Winchester, Pierce and Hunnicutt find themselves in the sticky position of having to decide which enlisted men to recommend for promotion. For...


Heroes Hawkeye is the golden boy of the world press when he treats a celebrity prizefighter, "Gentleman" Joe Cavanaugh, who has a stroke at the 4077th....

The Andy Griffith Show

Lawman Barney Barney's ability to be a lawman is put to the test with some peddlers and he fails. His confidence is shattered until Andy steps in behind the...

The Andy Griffith Show

The Mayberry Band Mayor Stoner declares the town's marching band a disgrace and refuses to allocate money for its annual trip to the state competition. Andy takes...

Mama's Family

For Better Of For Worse After Naomi spends the night in the basement with Vint, Mama tries to break up the relationship. But the two decide to get married instead and plan...


We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert ALF believes that he scared Willie's uncle to death.

Hogan's Heroes

How's The Weather? Hogan throws an anniversary party for Klink so the POWs can make a weather forecast by using party balloons.

Hogan's Heroes

Get Fit Or Go Fight Hogan convinces Klink to get back in shape so he won't be sent to the Russian front.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Family, The / Wishing Well, The In The Family, Eunice takes care of her injured and demanding friend. Then, in The Wishing Well, Harvey makes a wish and won't tell Carol what it is.

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Unwelcome Well Powerful and avaricious businessman Jerome Klee has made a fortune in oil and intends to make a lot more. But after crossing a business associate...

The Twilight Zone

Kick The Can The senior residents of Sunnyvale decide that the secret to youth is acting young, and in particular playing a childhood game called "kick-the-can."

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Glass Eye A shocking surprise awaits a woman who is about to meet her favorite star.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Mail Order Prophet Ronald risks his future following the predictions of a fortuneteller.


To Quote A Dead Man A vagrant becomes the target of killers whenever he wears a patchwork coat.


Shadow Soldiers While in London at a conference with the Chief, Ed witnesses an assassination and becomes the killer's next target. Meanwhile they have to work...

77 Sunset Strip

Framework For A Badge The detectives turn their skills toward helping Lt. Gilmore, who's apparently being set up.
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