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Shepherd's Chapel - Religion


Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer


Life Today with James Robison


The Brady Bunch

The Dropout Mike has been designing a new home for Don Drysdale, who stops by the house to look at the plans. After Drysdale gives Greg baseball tips, he...

Petticoat Junction

Cannonball Christmas Homer Bedloe's latest plan for decommissioning the Hooterville Cannonball falls on the holidays, as the gang are decorating the train for the...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Week Before Christmas Granny gets a letter from Sam Drucker in Hooterville, but Elly's bear eats it. So after Granny finds very little success knowing if she is engaged...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Home For Christmas The Clampetts decide to head home for Christmas, and once Drysdale and Jane hear about this, they make all the arrangements, getting Granny and...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Witless Witness A judge is accused of murdering a government witness who planned to expose him as a crook.


Santa Claus When a down-on-his luck Santa Claus (Tom McCabe) is accused of killing his avaricious landlord, Matlock finds himself defending the very unlikeable...

Quincy, M.E.

Memories Of Allison Sam and Quincy are attending a job fair for students when a woman falls down an escalator, just after shouting at someone who has been following...

The Rockford Files

Rattlers' Class Of '63 Angel is working a con involving the sale of a landfill, and unknown to him or Jim it happens to be the location of a dead body from an unsolved...


P.s. Murry Christmas The meanest outlady in the U.S. is coming to Dodge, at least that's what Festus has heard. In actuality, it's Emma Grundy out to retrieve her seven...


Gabrielle The Cartwrights find a loving home for Gabrielle, a blind 11-year-old girl whose parents were killed in an overturned wagon; but Gabrielle wants to...

The Rifleman

The Lost Treasure Of Canyon Town In a ghost town, Lucas, Mark and Micah tangle with the Newman family and learn the secret of the town's 20-year-old mystery of a lost gold mine.

The Rifleman

Dark Day At North Fork Blinded in an explosion, Lucas fights despair as he prepares for a meeting with a gun-toting enemy.


The Promise Responding to a vehicle fire, the firemen discover a catatonic mechanic; at Rampart the doctors are mystified by his condition. Roy lectures a...


Body Language A crop-duster makes a rough landing in a field; the pilot suffers a punctured lung, and a bystander is poisoned with pesticide. A patient reports...

On Now



Christmas Watch Just before Christmas, a church's bell is stolen.


Death Takes A Holiday Winchester fulfills a family Christmas tradition but has trouble maintaining the anonymity required to keep it a truly charitable act. Even Klinger...


'twas The Day After Christmas To boost post-yuletide morale on Dec 26, Potter has the officers and enlisted men change places for the day.

The Andy Griffith Show

Christmas Story A modern-day Scrooge (businessman Ben Weaver) causes trouble on Christmas Eve.

The Andy Griffith Show

If I Had A Quarter-million When Barney finds $250,000 stolen in a bank heist, he goes undercover to find the thief.

The Commish

No Greater Gift "During the holiday season, Tony investigates the murder of an elderly woman allegedly killed in her home during a Christmas burglary; matches wits...

Hogan's Heroes

Klink's Old Flame Hogan uses the car of an SS man who's just married Klink's old girlfriend and is honeymooning in Paris, where Hogan needs to pass radios to the...

Hogan's Heroes

Up In Klink's Room Hogan gets himself sent to the hospital so he can get information from a wounded agent.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Mrs. Wiggins / Harry's Mirage And Grill Mrs. Wiggins, just before Christmas, Mr. Tudball conducts a fire drill to keep the insurance company appeased. Then, in Harry's Mirage and Grill,...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Waylaid Wolf Womanizing playboy Loring Lamont has his sights set on Arlene Ferris, his father's shapely secretary. He lures her to his beachfront bachelor pad...

The Day New York Turned Blue

MeTV Mystery Movie During a New York City snowstorm, a union lawyer is placed in protective custody as a witness to graft, a working girl is slipping out-of-towners a...

Night Gallery

The Messiah On Mott Street Desperate to stay alive for the sake of his nine-year-old grandson, an elderly, near-penniless Jew on the brink of death pins his hopes for...

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

The Sign Of Satan During the making of a horror film, a gruesome story unfolds as the lead begins to fear that a sect of devil worshipers may try to slay him.


Yours Truly, Jack Ripper A series of brutal murders in modern-day America mirror those of Jack the Ripper. Sir Guy informs the police of his theory that it is in fact the...
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