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The Beverly Hillbillies

The Great Crawdad Hunt There is excitement going on at the hillbilly’s mansion when a package from home arrives. They get everything they can’t get in Beverly Hills,...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Dress Shop Mr. Drysdale buys the Clampetts a dress store using their money, and the clan decides to check it out. When they arrive at The House of Renee, they...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Deadly Debt A man suspects his father was killed by a gangster to whom he owed $10,000. When the gangster turns up dead, the timing couldn't be worse for the...


The Mistress Matlock agrees to defend Laura McCord after she's charged with murdering her husband, David, in a jealous rage. Matlock and Julie soon realize that...

Diagnosis Murder

Thirteen Million Dollar Man After a dying man gives Dr. Sloane a winning lottery ticket, the deceased's family and creditors swarm him, claiming the ticket is theirs.

The Big Valley

The Odyssey Of Jubal Tanner Victoria sells land to an old friend who has deeply sentimental reasons for owning it, despite the fact that her own sons are part of a plan to...


The Bassops A family finds Matt and a prisoner handcuffed to one another—with the prisoner claiming to be the marshal.


The Law And Billy Burgess The widow of a teacher demands immediate punishment of the student she blames for her husband's death.

The Rifleman

The Deserter Lucas and Marshal Torrance get into trouble with the Army when they try to help a wounded young soldier who deserted.

The Rifleman

The Vision After Mark contracts typhoid fever and has a vision of his dead mother, he no longer seems interested in getting well.


All Night Long Gage tries to create his own television game show. An elderly musician experiences heart trouble. When a car runs a stop sign, three injuries...


To Your Health Jon and Ponch help a farmer and his sisters, who have had several near-fatal accidents that look like sabotage.

Mama's Family

After The Fall After Aunt Effie falls off the roof, she is stuck in a trance-like state.

Mama's Family

Educating Mama When Bubba enrolls in night school, the family convinces Mama to join him and earn her high school equivalency diploma.


Who Knew? Hawkeye volunteers to deliver the eulogy for a dead nurse that he briefly dated, and belatedly discovers her deep feelings for him.


Bombshells Posing the theory that people will believe in anything, Charles and Hawkeye start a rumor that Marilyn Monroe plans to visit the 4077th, which gets...

The Andy Griffith Show

Fun Girls Andy and Barney are working late at the courthouse when they get a visit from two wild women. Out of pure kindness, they drive the "fun girls"...

The Andy Griffith Show

The Return Of Malcolm Merriweather Aunt Bee gets upset when Malcolm Merriweather returns to Mayberry.

Happy Days

Welcome To My Nightmare After a day of everyone asking favors of him, Fonzie has a nightmare about a mad scientist draining his cool.

Laverne & Shirley

Please Don't Feed The Buzzards Lenny and Squiggy find a treasure map and convince Frank and Carmine to go with them to search for gold. While in the desert, the boys have a...

Hogan's Heroes

Heil Klink Hogan is hiding a defecting German officer, and convinces Klink that the latter, who looks like Schultz, is really Hitler in disguise.

Hogan's Heroes

Everyone Has A Brother-in-law Hogan's plot to destroy an ammunition train is foiled by Burkhalter's brother-in-law.

On Now


Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Dick Van Dyke And Tony Randall In Death of a Salesman, Dick Van Dyke tries to sell encyclopedias, only he keeps getting hurt by Carol. Then, in Root of All Evil, Tony and Dick...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Shoplifter's Shoe Mason digs into a dead man's past in search of evidence to clear an accused murderer.

The Twilight Zone

The Hunt After returning from a hunting trip, a man discovers that no one can see or hear him.

The Rockford Files

The Return Of Black Shadow "John Cooper goes after the biker gang which attacked Jim and his date Gail - Coop's sister."


Monkey On A String A veteran police officer whose gambling has put him in financial straits decides to go on the take.

Butch Cassidy Rides Again

MeTV Mystery Movie The NYPD demonstrates a bank robbery on live closed-circuit TV, and is bushwhacked by a gang of antiquated outlaws.
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