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The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Jangle Bells Maynard decides to throw a Christmas party in his garage but most of the other kids, Dobie included, have accepted invitations to a swank party...

The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

Will The Real Santa Claus Please Come Down The Chimmey? "The Gilleses believe that the time has come to shake Maynard of his belief in Santa Claus, and set in motion an elaborate scheme to accomplish the...

The Abbott and Costello Show

The Pigeon Bud and Lou's beautiful next door neighbor uses Lou as a decoy to help break up with her mobster boyfriend.

The Abbott and Costello Show

Honeymoon House When Bud and Mr. Fields help Lou put together a prefab house in order to impress his fiancée and her parents, a jealous former boyfriend sabotages...

F Troop

Don't Look Now, One Of Our Cannon Is Missing Sergeant O'Rourke loans a cannon to the Hekawi indians for their moon festival, but then can't get it back.

F Troop

The Phantom Major An eager British major is sent to Fort Courage to teach the cavalrymen new ways to fight indians.

Welcome Back, Kotter

A Winter's Coat Tail Vinnie buys himself a new camel hair coat for Christmas, but it's stolen before he has a chance to enjoy it. John Travolta guest stars.

Welcome Back, Kotter

Sweathog Christmas Special Merriment, mistletoe and menorahs are the beginnings of a Merry Christmas celebration with the Sweathogs and Gabe and Julie Kotter.

Gilligan's Island

Ghost A Go-go A ghost appears on the island and tries to scare the castaways off, but they turn the tables by dressing in sheets to scare the visitor away.

Gilligan's Island

Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk During Christmas, the castaways get homesick and recall the day they were shipwrecked.

Saved by the Bell

Home For Christmas: Part 1 The gang all gets jobs at the Palisades mall during the holiday seasons. Zack befriends a girl who is working for Kelly. Also, Zack and Screech...

Saved by the Bell

Home For Christmas: Part 2 Zack learns that his new girlfriend is the homeless man's daughter. When she decides to get her dad a new coat but it turns up missing, her boss,...

Saved by the Bell

No Hope With Dope A famous film star comes to Bayside to shoot an anti-drug PSA. The gang is enamored with him but then they discover that he uses drugs himself.

Saved by the Bell

Day Of Detention If Zack can just get out of detention, he has a chance at winning a trip to Hawaii. Doing their best to get him off the hook, the gang ends up in...

The Brady Bunch

The Voice Of Christmas Carol is asked to sing at church on Christmas, but loses her voice just days before the event. A hopeful Cindy asks a department store Santa Claus...

The Brady Bunch

Ghost Town, U.s.a. (part 1) The kids and Alice have no clue as to the surprise Mike and Carol have for them. When Mike and Carol get home, the surprise is revealed: They have...

The Brady Bunch

Grand Canyon Or Bust (part 2) After escaping the jail cell, Mike and Peter return with the prospector, who apologizes for locking them up and stealing their car. Later, the...

The Brady Bunch

The Brady Braves (part 3) While trying to find their way back to camp, Bobby and Cindy encounter the Indian boy again, who leads them back to a worried Mike and Carol....

Gilligan's Island

Will The Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up? The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is spending all of his money.

Gilligan's Island

Allergy Time The Skipper begins to itch and sneeze whenever he is around Gilligan.

Happy Days

White Christmas On Christmas Eve, a terrible blizzard traps Howard and Joanie at the hardware store and Fonzie, Potsie, Chachi, Jenny and Roger at Arnold's.

Laverne & Shirley

Oh, Come All Ye Bums The gang works to raise money for Frank's annual hobo Christmas dinner.

I Love Lucy

Lucy Goes To The Hospital Ricky and the Mertzes rehearse for pregnant Lucy's trip to the hospital. It turns out to be predictably chaotic, but Lucy does deliver Little Ricky.

I Love Lucy

Lucy Raises Chickens The Mertzes find a way to stay with the Ricardos: chicken farming. But the scheme puts Lucy over her head in chickens when she and Ethel bring home...

Love Boat, The: The Christmas Cruise

"A woman tries to lure a wealthy man into a "stacked" card game with her mother, but complications arise when he falls for her. Meanwhile, Julie...

The Andy Griffith Show

Tv Or Not Tv Thieves pretend to be Hollywood producers in order to rob the Mayberry Bank.

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The Andy Griffith Show

Guest In The House Andy's pretty young cousin, Gloria, comes for a visit after breaking up with her boyfriend. Aunt Bee asks Andy to be nice to her and his attention...


Double Shock A smarmy TV chef and his identical twin brother, a rigidly proper banker, are suspects in the electrocution of their rich uncle.


Dear Dad Hawkeye writes home, describing Christmas in Korea: Radar ships a jeep home, a piece at a time; Henry gives the monthly lecture on sex, with the...

The Odd Couple

Scrooge Gets An Oscar In a parody of 'A Christmas Carol,' Felix and the poker players become Dickens characters in a dream after a miserable Oscar refuses to be Scrooge...

The Honeymooners

'twas The Night Before Christmas Ralph hocks his bowling ball to get Alice a present when someone else gets her the same thing he did.


Don't Paint Your Chickens Rebecca tries to impress corporate headquarters by using her marketing skills to promote Norm's one-man painting business and Sam tries to keep up...

The Bob Newhart Show

I'm Dreaming Of A Slight Christmas Christmas Eve is almost spoiled when Bob is trapped in the office because of a power failure.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Christmas And The Hardluck Kid Ii "Feeling sympathetic for a co-worker who hasn't spent Christmas with his family for years, Mary is forced to stay alone at WJM-TV on Christmas Eve."


A Grand Gesture Jim provides each of the gang with $1,000 for the purpose of letting them give it away.

Get Smart

Our Man In Toyland KAOS is secretly smuggling secrets out of the country, using a department store as a front and Polly Dollys to smuggle out the secrets.

The Phil Silvers Show

Bilko's Grand Hotel Bilko opens a pizza stand but it burns down with Paparelli and Zimmerman in charge. He makes another attempt with a cheap hotel but as luck would...

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

The Jingle Bells Affair Solo and Illya must protect Premier Georgi Koz, a Khrushchev-like European leader, on a visit to New York. Priscilla Worth is befriended by Koz and...

Naked City

Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It A Las Vegas chorus girl and her galpal arrive in New York City and abduct a prominent psychiatrist at gunpoint. The chorus girl's object: she wants...

Route 66

Only By Cunning Glimpses When mentalist Brycie Koseloff's predictions about Tod and Buz start coming true, the boys start to freak out, especially because the last of her...
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