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Can you name these 1980s cop shows by a single frame from the opening credits?

Can you I.D. these police series from the lineup?

Can you complete the titles of these after school specials?

What comes after the colon?

Can you pick the most popular TV show from each year?

Some old TV Guide covers might transport you to each era.

What would you watch on TV in 1969?

It's the end of a decade. What shows would you have been watching?

Can we guess your age based on your sense of humor?

There's no shame in laugh lines.

Who's your TV dad?

Father's Day is right around the corner.

Did these events happen in 1972 or not?

A lot happened 45 years ago.

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1964?

Now this is what we call a golden age of television.

Can you name these characters on 'Leave It to Beaver'?

Do you know Beaver and Wally's friends and classmates?

Answer these questions and we'll tell you on which show you should be a guest star

Sometimes guest stars are the best parts of the show.

Are these sitcom titles from the 1980s real or fake?

Let's see if you can spot the fake ones.

Are these TV show titles from the 1960s real or fake?

Let's see if you can spot the fake ones.

Can you guess the 1970s sitcom based on one freeze frame?

Let's see how much we pay attention.

We'll reveal your exact age based on whether you know what these things are

Not many people today know about 8-track tapes.

Did these events happen in 1992 or not?

It's already been a quarter century.


Revisit these awesome old-school network bumpers used before commercial breaks

After these messages - doot, duh-doot, doot-doot - we'll be right back!

10 crazy pieces of advice for women from old magazines

Glue your ears to your head and ask a ghost how you look.

7 times Gomer Pyle was all of us

Gawwww-leeeee, we're all Gomer sometimes.

The 16 sweetest free prizes that ever came inside cereal boxes

Glow-in-the-dark pens! Spy kits! Terrariums! We dig deep into the past to find these toys.

Fast food uniforms were far more funky and colorful back in the 1970s

Ronald McDonald was not the only employee dressed like a clown.

9 dangerous toys that prove kids were just tougher before 1990

Clackers, Pogo Bals, Dip-a-Flowers, oh my!

6 old-school pinball machines you can spot in classic TV episodes

The best combo move? Mixing TV and pinball.

6 vintage microwave ads show the evolution of nuking your food

Who among us hasn't been burnt by the popcorn button?

7 catalog showrooms you will never shop again

Did you shop at Service Merchandise?

The baffling reason why they almost changed the Perry Mason theme song

Just imagine if the popular theme had that Bernard Herrmann Psycho vibe.

Whatchamacallit: 6 sweet '80s jingles you'll never forget

Diet fads were pretty much powerless against these jingles.

Take a stroll back through 4th of July past with these vintage advertisements

Nothing is more patriotic than pork products. Just ask Frankie Doodle Dandy.

Andy Griffith showed shocking range as a villain in his TV movies

He may be best known as the Sheriff of Mayberry and Matlock, but the actor portrayed a fantastic villain, too.

16 weird and wacky Wham-O toys that failed to become the next Frisbee

The Flexil, Circus Cycle and Instant Fish were not quite the Hula Hoop.

Fantasy legend Frank Frazetta painted some gorgeous 'Battlestar Galactica' promotional art

These TV Guide ads belong in a museum… or on the side of a van.

Spider-Man made his live-action debut on 'The Electric Company'

"Spidey Super Stories" brought the Marvel superhero to the small screen.

12 wonderful character actors who turn up in every TV Western

This dirty dozen deserves the same recognition as the stars.

15 bygone breakfast items you will never have again

Bacon and danishes, fresh from your toaster!

Remembering 1977's 'Celebrity Challenge of the Sexes'

Farrah Fawcett whipped Bill Cosby at tennis in CBS's reality TV extravagaza.

14 ice creams you will never eat again

Oh, how we yearn for HoJo's 28 flavors. Well, maybe not all of them.

Which network had the greatest comedy block of all time?

What was your definition of must-see TV?

What ever happened to Lum's, the restaurant chain known for its beer-steamed hot dogs?

The company went from 450 locations and purchasing Caesars Palace to bankruptcy.

In defense of Cousin Oliver on 'The Brady Bunch'

Robbie Rist deserves a lot more credit than we give him.

7 things you never knew about the hula hoop

This was the original fidget spinner.

The top 30 characters on 'Happy Days,' ranked

Are you Team Potsie or Team Ralph?

Do you remember the original scent of Herbal Essence?

We miss the earthy aroma.

The original concept sketches for the 'Wonder Woman' TV show costume are both gorgeous and revelatory

"Technical difficulties" kept Lynda Carter from wearing a bikini.

What ever happened to Woolworth?

The five-and-dime store lives on in places you wouldn't expect.

Even Bob Newhart had to wait in line to see Star Wars on his sitcom

A famous Trek actor also turns up in this episode, as well as what is perhaps the first beeper in sitcom history.

We didn't have the internet back in the day, we had Time Life book collections

We rank our six favorite series. Alas, the 1-800 number on the screen no longer works.

'70s TV Obscurities: 'California Fever'

This 1979 teen bait failed at becoming the new 'American Graffiti' but at least it gave us Lorenzo Lamas.

What ever happened to Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips?

There was only one place to get fish and chips in the 1970s.

23 interior design things that seemed to be inside every house in the 1970s

Wood, fur and shag was everywhere.

10 wonderfully weird TV dramas that paved the way for 'Twin Peaks'

Classic shows like 'The Outer Limits' and 'Kolchak: The Night Stalker' will dazzle modern 'Twin Peaks' heads.

'The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island' debuted 36 years ago today

It involved robots, scheming millionaires and lots of basketball.