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Are these TV show titles from the 1960s real or fake?

Let's see if you can spot the fake ones.

Can you guess the 1970s sitcom based on one freeze frame?

Let's see how much we pay attention.

We'll reveal your exact age based on whether you know what these things are

Not many people today know about 8-track tapes.

Did these events happen in 1992 or not?

It's already been a quarter century.

How much did these super Seventies products cost in 1977?

A lava lamp and leisure suit cost how much?!

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1983?

Will it be Cheers or Mama's? How popular are your picks?

Can you name these '80s sitcoms by a single frame of the opening credits?

Catchy theme songs not included.

Be honest: Would you wear these 1970s fashions?

How do you feel about polyester, velour and bell bottoms?

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1975?

Click to the channel you would watch.

You have to be at least 50 to name these TV celebs

…or at least a devoted viewer of reruns.

Can you name the animal species of these beloved Hanna-Barbera characters?

We show you a cartoon. You name the species.

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1967?

Gilligan or the Monkees? You have the say.


Even Bob Newhart had to wait in line to see Star Wars on his sitcom

A famous Trek actor also turns up in this episode, as well as what is perhaps the first beeper in sitcom history.

We didn't have the internet back in the day, we had Time Life book collections

We rank our six favorite series. Alas, the 1-800 number on the screen no longer works.

'70s TV Obscurities: 'California Fever'

This 1979 teen bait failed at becoming the new 'American Graffiti' but at least it gave us Lorenzo Lamas.

What ever happened to Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips?

There was only one place to get fish and chips in the 1970s.

23 interior design things that seemed to be inside every house in the 1970s

Wood, fur and shag was everywhere.

10 wonderfully weird TV dramas that paved the way for 'Twin Peaks'

Classic shows like 'The Outer Limits' and 'Kolchak: The Night Stalker' will dazzle modern 'Twin Peaks' heads.

'The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island' debuted 36 years ago today

It involved robots, scheming millionaires and lots of basketball.

Which classic TV sitcom had the best graduation episode?

Of course the Fonz was valedictorian.

Here's what these 21 TV celebrities looked like in high school

They looked a lot different before they were stars.

Remembering Hamburger Hamlet, the fast-food chain that popularized the gourmet burger

The fast food chain helped create the gourmet burger — and the Oprah media empire.

'Smokey and the Bandit' actually beat 'Star Wars,' for one weekend at least

Guess which movie Alfred Hitchcock liked better.

19 delightful behind-the-scenes photos from 'Happy Days'

There were smiles all around the set. Even the dog was smiling.

21 things that happen on every episode of 'Gilligan's Island'

Someone's going to get hit by a coconut.

5 incredibly funny moments from 'The Carol Burnett Show' that'll make you belly laugh

Any time Mama appeared on screen, you knew it was going to be good.

The color seasons of 'The Andy Griffith Show' are great and here's why

11 reasons you need to see seasons six, seven and eight of this classic sitcom

It's the 50th anniversary of a forgotten but essential Peanuts special, 'You're in Love, Charlie Brown'

The fourth 'Peanuts' special introduced Peppermint Patty and trombone-talking adults.

10 sweet things you never knew about the Archies

True facts about the ultimate fictional pop band.

6 times Sulu lost it...or almost did

The Enterprise's helmsman wasn't always calm, cool and collected.

12 fast food sandwiches you will never eat again

Who remembers the taste of a Barnbuster, Bell Beefer or McFeast?

This stunning Frank Lloyd Wright home hasn't changed at all since the 1960s

Looking at these photos is like stepping back in time.

Soar over classic TV homes in the beautiful new Google Earth

Wayne Manor actually has plenty of room for a Batcave.

The casts of 'Gilligan's Island' and 'Batman' competed on an episode of 'Family Feud'

The superheroes and super villains teamed up to defeat the castaways.

23 creepy vintage Easter Bunnies that will make you laugh until you cry

Easter bunnies weren't always the cutest back in the day.

9 iconic mid-season replacements… and the TV shows they replaced

'Batman' and 'Happy Days' went on to become classics. But do you remember the shows they replaced?

What ever happened to Louise Lasser?

The pig-tailed actress celebrates a birthday today.

11 vintage Easter recipes that will hop you back to a pastel past

Would you eat a basket of ham and jelly beans?

Remembering Don Rickles' best TV roles

He wasn't just an insult comic. He was a con man, too!

Here's the voice behind all our favorite Saturday morning cartoon characters

Don Messick was the voice of our childhood.

When Perry Mason couldn't perform his duties, only Bette Davis could fill his shoes.

The legendary actress brought her famous eyes to the courtroom.

Let's not forget Sherwood Schwartz made a Western version of 'Gilligan's Island'

In this case, the S.S. Minnow was a stagecoach.

15 awesome high-tech toys from the '70s and '80s that we still want today

We had robots, lasers and portable music back in the day, thank you.

10 flavors of your favorite foods you will never eat again

We hope that lime was not your favorite candy flavor.

8 unforgettable April Fools' Day hoaxes pulled on television

From pasta growing on trees, to snow on a TV set.

19 items from the 1979 Sears catalog that will give you a 1970s overload

Take a trip back with Farrah, corduroy, disco, Ziggy and Trek.

Watch all of Captain Kirk's captivating kisses on 'Star Trek'

Captain Kirk is the casanova of outer space.

15 bizarre screencaps from 'Spider-Man' we can't really explain

These hilarious stills from the animated series have our Spidey senses tingling.

5 forgotten fantasy TV shows of the 1980s

Wizards, witches and Snow White just couldn't click with audiences.

Do you remember "Loves Me, Loves Me Not"?

The '70s sitcom was meant as competition for 'Happy Days' and 'Laverne & Shirley'