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Did these popular TV couples get married in the real world?

So did they ever tie the knot or not?

Can you guess which TV costar was in every episode?

These characters punched the clock on huge hit shows.

Can you guess the TV show by just the front door?

Ready to prove that you remember every detail of your favorite sitcoms? Opportunity knocks!

Think you can identify the TV show by its very first line of dialogue?

Let's see how memorable the opening lines of classic TV shows were.

Which classic TV star won more Emmy Awards?

Now's your chance to pick the winners.

Poll: What would you watch on TV in 1974?

Would you say hello to the Fonz or goodbye to Festus?

Can you complete the names of these 1970s one-hit wonders?

You definitely know the songs, but do you remember the band names?

Can you guess the show based on the last words said in the final episode?

We return to these shows again and again. But do you remember their original goodbyes?

Which of these things do not belong in the 1970s?

This is your moment: Prove you're '70s to the max.

Poll: How many of these defunct fast food chains did you eat at?

Are you the ultimate hamburger historian?

Which TV friends are just like you and your BFF?

Is your best friend more like your "little buddy" or your faithful sidekick?

Can you guess these TV stars from their eyes alone?

Play "eye"-spy with your favorite TV stars.


Take a peek behind the scenes of 'My Favorite Martian' with these rare set photos

This was one of the cooler apartments in 1960s television.

Download and print retro recipe cards from MeTV!

Keep mom's secret meatloaf alive! Record your favorite recipes to keep on savoring the memories.

Six episodes that showcase the hip beatnik brilliance of 'Route 66'

Dig into this underrated television series with a handful of episodes that capture its human, jazzy cool.

Every Emmy Award 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' ever won

One of history's best-loved ensemble casts won plenty of awards to prove it.

Do you remember any (or all) of these 27 obscure 1970s TV show intros?

Even if you don't know the shows, you'll have some theme songs stuck in your head.

The brilliance of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' boiled down to 10 essential episodes

Here's a beginner's guide to the classic sitcom, with full episodes for streaming.

23 chips and crackers you will never snack on again

Warning: The article will give you the munchies.

The most famous rant in TV history is from 1961, and it's still relevant today

"When television is good, nothing is better."

10 twisted 1970s TV horror movies that deserve a reboot

They creeped us out as kids — and they could be the next 'It' remake.

20 things you see in every cop show, as proven in action-packed 'T.J. Hooker' GIFs

It's just not a cop show without explosions, foot chases and a partner who protests your doughnut intake.

These were the top fall movies of 1977 — how many have you seen?

George Burns and Richard Dreyfuss gave Saturday Night Fever a run for its money.

The 10 most timeless TV bromances that all friends should aspire to

These original bromances became models for male bonding.

9 huge fashion trends that were popularized by TV shows

From Mork's suspenders to Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos, we retread TV's biggest hit fashions.

8 TV stars from the 1980s who recorded one-hit-wonder pop songs

Tracey Ullman, Bruce Willis, Max Headroom and "Bo Duke" were big singers, too.

Watch vintage vacation spots decay before your eyes in these stunning postcard photos

One photographer captures the abandoned resorts of yesteryear.

10 tragically underrated episodes of 'Twilight Zone'

Connecting the most overlooked episodes with their more popular counterparts.

10 TV characters whose personalities drastically changed over the course of a series

Do you remember the moment Shirley Feeney dropped her accent?

The interior of this mansion is the most '90s thing we've ever seen

It's like the 'Saved By the Bell' credits come to life.

10 best TV shows set in Texas

We count down our favorite Lone Star State series, from cowboys to comedies.

10 ways Lucy Ricardo was basically a Millennial

May the love of Lucy unite us all.

These fascinating behind-the-scenes photos show a different side of classic TV westerns

When the cameras were not rolling, stars like Clint Eastwood found time for chess and, er, "horseplay."

17 vintage back to school ads you would never see today

Back in the day, you couldn't go to campus without bowties, bell-bottoms, sugar and jazz.

Listen: Bob Crane of 'Hogan's Heroes' once added kooky lyrics to 'The Green Hornet' theme song

The sitcom star also recorded his take on tunes from 'Andy Griffith' and more.

Lucy met Mannix in one of the most unlikely TV crossovers

How did a hard-boiled detective turn up on a sitcom?

11 iconic product mascots that dramatically changed over time

From the Kool-Aid Man to the Sun-Maid Girl, time changes everything.

Marianna Hill chats about her appearances on 'Star Trek,' 'Perry Mason,' 'Batman' and more

The veteran actress appeared on dozens of hit '60s shows, from 'Gunsmoke' to 'The Outer Limits.'

13 crucial life lessons 'Maverick' learned from his pappy

These 'pappyisms' from the popular TV western taught us well.

This Oakland apartment is a total tribute to '50s and '60s kitsch

It's a pink pop culture time capsule.

Crash 'em! These 1970 Super Sonic Power Racers were best-selling toys for a decade

Kits included ramps, tracks and tune-up kits to inspire spectacular mid-air crashes.

14 vintage school experiences that kids today will never know

Chalk it up to changing times.

20 totally novelty phones worth picking up in the 1980s

Ring-ring, the past is calling, and it wants to talk vintage telephones.

8 running jokes on 'The Andy Griffith Show' that keep us chuckling

Goober says 'hey' and Leon says nothing

Here's how your favorite cartoon characters changed from their first appearance to today

"Rooby, is rat roo?"

There's a good chance your original Davy Crockett coonskin cap was actually a possum

Davy, Davy Crockett, the man who don't know exactly what critter's in your cap…

These photo tips from 1966 are worth trying with your smartphone

Old 'PopSci' advice that sheds new light on how to pose your pics

10 creepy dolls that terrified us on TV

Talky Tina says, "I'm going to kill you."

These 1970s TV shows may have been flops, but they had fantastic theme songs

Sometimes the opening credits are the best part.

1-900 phone numbers you can never call again

Alas, you can never call these 11 phone numbers again.