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Willie Aames went from guest star on 'The Love Boat' to real-life cruise director

He's like a real-life Julie McCoy!

Remembering Howard Leeds, producer and writer on 'The Brady Bunch'

A friend writes a tribute to the television legend, who recently died at the age of 97.

A look back at the best Sears Wish Books from our childhoods

The retailer may soon be out of business.

R.I.P. Chuck Barris of 'The Gong Show'

The iconic game show guru passed away at 87.

Loads of vintage candy wrappers found under the floor of historic movie theater

It's incredible what treats you can find under the seats of a classic movie palace.

R.I.P. Lawrence Montaigne, character actor best know for 'Star Trek'

He nearly replaced Leonard Nimoy as Spock.

Say goodbye to three classic Monopoly board game tokens

Hasbro's new pieces come in with a roar and a quack.

Check out the inside of the iconic home from 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

It looks nothing like Mary Richards' apartment.

Adam West will appear on another famous superhero show

Holy comeback, Batman! TV's original Caped Crusader will make a triumphant return.

R.I.P. film historian Robert Osborne

The television personality and friend of Lucille Ball passed away Monday at 84.

'Battle of the Network Stars' is making a comeback

What TV celebs will tug-of-war?

R.I.P. Judge Joseph Wapner of 'The People's Court'

The popular TV judge passed away Sunday at the age of 97.

A theater in Texas is staging a 'Beverly Hillbillies' play this weekend

We always knew the Hillbillies were high art.

The sculptor behind 'Scary Lucy' gives up

The saga continues!

Former 'Happy Days' star wants a Netflix reboot, and he has a pitch for it

Do you wonder what Fonzie's grandchildren were up to in the 1990s?

David Cassidy opens up about his brave battle with dementia

The '70s teen heartthrob says he's dealing with memory loss.

Watch this miniature Yorkie give Lynda Carter a run for her money

This is the cutest thing we've seen in a while!

R.I.P. Bruce Lansbury

Lansbury also created the Bill Bixby series 'The Magician.'

One museum asked for items from the 1970s. This is what they received.

Bell-bottoms, CB radios and Jarts are all on display.

'M*A*S*H' almost ditched Father Mulcahy

Alda worked William Christopher's illness into the plot to save his role.

A Topps trading card artist made awesome art inspired by 'The Twilight Zone,' 'Svengoolie' and 'Batman'

We would eat at Egghead's restaurant.

These retro 'Batman'-themed Valentines will bring you back to you childhood

It's a Bat-tastic way to tell someone you love them.

Finally, Carol Burnett won her first Grammy Award

The legend can add another trophy to her collection.

Is this the future of drive-in movie theaters?

One man wants to bring the American institution back to life.

Wally from 'Leave It to Beaver' is directing a Star Wars movie, of sorts

Tony Dow will helm 'The Line Kings' this spring.

Get in the Valentine's Day mood Sunday, February 12, with a day full of romantic episodes on MeTV

'Love Me' delivers a chocolate box full of love-themed television.

'The Golden Girls'-themed cafe is finally open for business

Grab a friend and save room for some cheesecake.

R.I.P. Richard Hatch. The 'Battlestar Galactica' star dies at age 71.

He passed away with his son by his side.

Illustrator boldly transforms 'Star Trek' characters into cats

It's Kirk and Spock like you've never seen them before.

Mayberry Cafe serves up an amazing tribute to 'The Andy Griffith Show'

We bet Andy and Opie would love this restaurant.

Allan Burns reveals some surprising details about Mary Tyler Moore

The Mary Tyler Moore Show co-creator says the actress was shy in real life.

A bunch of porpoises once saved Dick Van Dyke's life

It's good to have a porpoise in life.

Bob Newhart opens up about his stand-up comedy days

Before he was a television star, he was winning Grammys.

R.I.P. Barbara Hale of 'Perry Mason'

The actress who was Della Street passed away at the age of 94.

Mike Connors of 'Mannix' dies at 91

The actor will be most remembered for his tough-guy television role.

Former costars react to the heartbreaking death of Mary Tyler Moore

They truly cherished her.

Watch the touching last reunion of the women of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'

Four years ago, the women came together one last time.

MeTV honors Mary Tyler Moore

Sunday, January 29 at 2PM | 1C.

Legendary television actress Mary Tyler Moore dead at 80

The actress leaves behind a vast legacy.

New 'Star Trek' television series delayed again

At this rate, we'll have to wait until the 23rd century to watch new episodes.

Henry Winkler spills secrets of his early career in candid interview

The former Fonz did not read a book until the age of 31 — and could not ride a motorcycle.

Here's what happened to the twins who played Little Ricky on 'I Love Lucy'

No, Desi Arnaz, Jr., didn't play Little Ricky on 'I Love Lucy.'

R.I.P. Miguel Ferrer, son of José Ferrer and star of 'NCIS: Los Angeles'

Rosemary Clooney's eldest son also appeared in 'Twin Peaks' and 'RoboCop.'

Lynda Carter pays it forward with 'Wonder Woman' reference on 'Supergirl'

The TV icon teaches the new generation some old tricks.

TV superstars gather to honor Florence Henderson

Carol Burnett talked about how The Brady Bunch star helped her overcome obstacles.

Check out this sneak peek of the upcoming 'Golden Girls' cafe

Save some room for cheesecake!

What ever happened to Charlie from 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"?

He's not a candy tycoon. He's not even an actor.

R.I.P. William Peter Blatty, writer of 'The Exorcist'

The novelist and screenwriter also wrote for the Pink Panther and Dear Abby.

Monopoly may replace iconic tokens with emojis and hashtags

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Dawn Wells returns to the island... AGAIN!

Mary Ann reveals the real reason she won't leave the island.