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You're an honorary elf if you can complete these Christmas carol lyrics

It helps to sing along.

Can you name these TV shows by their Christmas trees?

Name the television series by its tannenbaum.

Are these Christmas photos from the 1960s or 1970s?

We show you celebs celebrating Xmas. You name the decade.


A Very Merry MeTV delivers classic holiday episodes every Sunday beginning November 12

Watch Lucy, Mary, the Bradys, ALF, Scrooge and more celebrate Christmas on your TV screen.

10 old fashioned Christmas candies that will take you back

The only hard thing about the holidays was the candy.

15 vintage Christmas ads you would never see today

Say it ain't so, Santa.

The 13 most desired toys of the 1970s, year by year

Kids were wishing for Star Wars, Stretch, Nerf and Micronauts under the Christmas tree.

9 forgotten cartoon Christmas specials of the 1970s

'Family Circus' could not quite capture that 'Peanuts' magic.

12 fantastic Christmas gifts we found in a 1963 Spencer Gifts catalog

Take-Apart Clown Breakfast Set: It's the gift that keeps on giving.

10 most wanted Christmas toys of the 1960s

All we wanted were small kitchen appliances and lifelike dolls.

These bizarre vintage holiday recipes are best left to the ghost of Christmas past

Kids, time to decorate the Meat Tree!

1976 served up the strangest batch of new Christmas songs

Santa was bionic and big into C.B. radio forty years ago.

'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' was the ultimate holiday tale for '70s kids

At some point, you probably read, watched or performed this.

12 unforgettable live-action Christmas specials of the 1970s

Donny, Marie, Bing, Bowie, Bob Hope and more brought holiday cheer.

11 tiny toys that were always stuffed in our stockings back in the day

We still remember the smell of caps.

How Christmas trees have evolved in our lifetime

Blame Snoopy for killing the aluminum tree.

12 strange Xmas gifts from the 1970 Sears Wish Book you will not find today

One the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me… a dolphin to punch in the face?

12 forgotten Christmas carols of the 1960s

Who says an Xmas song can't make you dance or cry?

Stream free classic Xmas cartoons and shorts

Watch stop-motion curiosities, puppet shows and Clarabell skits with our batch of vintage Christmas shorts.

Physics professor declares Santa more powerful than Superman

Is Santa Claus capable of taking down Superman and Batman? A scientist at UCI believes so.

10 totally awesome Christmas toys we had to have in the 1980s

It was the heyday of the action figures, video games, Eastern European puzzles and talking bears. Here are the most popular toys from each year of the decade.

15 fun fictional holidays from TV

Supplement your holiday season with festivities from Sesame Street to the many traditions of Star Trek.

All the sleds from your childhood, ranked

From toboggans to Flexible Flyers, here are ten ways of getting down a snow covered hill, in order.

8 retro Christmas traditions from the '50s and '60s

It was the era of aerosol snow, bubbling lights and styrofoam balls. What retro holiday decorations do you love?

5 things you might not know about tinsel

As you trim the tree, take some time to read about the fascinating history of the popular Christmas decoration.

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The Classic TV Blog Association is writing fan essays about several Christmas episodes.

34 great Xmas episodes from classic TV

Get in the holiday spirit with comedies, dramas and mysteries filled with Santas, carols, lights and trees. Watch television Christmas specials from the 1950s to 1990s.

The MeTV Holiday Gift Guide

We found the perfect Christmas and holiday gifts for the classic TV lover, from Star Trek clothing to Batman toys, books, candy and more.

New Christmas ornaments for classic TV fans

Want the ultimate classic television holiday tree? Better get shopping now.