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Star Trek

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Season: 1 2 3
0/0/1965 Ep 1: The Cage (Pilot)
Capt. Pike is held prisoner and tested by aliens who have the power to project incredibly lifelike illusions.
9/8/1966 Ep 1: The Man Trap
Kirk and his crew are at deadly risk from an alien creature that feeds on the salt in a human body and can take on any form.
9/15/1966 Ep 2: Charlie X
The Enterprise's newest passenger is a young boy—what they don't know is that he has the power to make anything he thinks of happen.
9/22/1966 Ep 3: Where No Man Has Gone Before
While exploring the edge of the galaxy, the Enterprise encounters an energy barrier that gives two crewmen godlike powers.
9/29/1966 Ep 4: The Naked Time
A strange alien substance causes the crew to act out their deepest inhibitions, while the ship plummets out of orbit.
10/6/1966 Ep 5: The Enemy Within
A transporter malfunction causes Captain Kirk to split into his "good" and "evil" selves, and a landing party will freezes to death if they don't merge the two back together.
10/13/1966 Ep 6: Mudd's Women
The Enterprise picks up intergalactic conman Harry Mudd and three incredibly beautiful women hiding a dark secret.
10/20/1966 Ep 7: What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Nurse Christine Chapel is reunited with her old fiancé on Exo III, but the scientist has plans for Captain Kirk and the Federation.
10/27/1966 Ep 8: Miri
Kirk and a landing party are stranded on a planet afflicted by a disease that causes adults to die a painful death. What's more, they must deal with hostile children who have survived.
11/3/1966 Ep 9: Dagger of the Mind
Kirk investigates an experimental facility for holding prisoners and finds a sinister scheme.
11/10/1966 Ep 10: The Corbomite Maneuver
The Enterprise encounters a vast alien ship that sets out to test them.
11/17/1966 Ep 11: The Menagerie: Part 1
Spock kidnaps the crippled Capt. Pike, hijacks the Enterprise and then surrenders for court martial.
11/24/1966 Ep 12: The Menagerie: Part 2
At Spock's court martial, he proves his innocence by showing that Capt. Pike's kidnapping was the work of illusion-casting aliens.
12/8/1966 Ep 13: The Conscience of the King
Kirk is one of the last survivors who can identify a mass killer lurking among a Shakespearean troupe aboard the Enterprise.
12/15/1966 Ep 14: Balance of Terror
Kirk pits the Enterprise against an invisible spaceship testing the Federation's defenses.
12/29/1966 Ep 15: Shore Leave
The past three months has left the crew of the Enterprise exhausted and in desperate need of a break, but does this explain McCoy's encounter with a human-sized white rabbit or Kirk crossing paths with the prankster who plagued his days at Starfleet Academy?
1/5/1967 Ep 16: The Galileo Seven
The Galileo, under Spock's command, crash-lands on a hostile planet. As the Enterprise races against time to find the shuttlecraft, Spock's strictly logical leadership clashes with the fear and resentment of his crew.
1/12/1967 Ep 17: The Squire of Gothos
A being that controls matter and creates planets wants to play with the Enterprise crew.
1/19/1967 Ep 18: Arena
Capt. Kirk is pitted against the reptilian captain of an alien ship by a superior alien race.
1/26/1967 Ep 19: Tomorrow is Yesterday
The Enterprise collides with a black hole and is thrown back to Earth in the 20th century, where they must find a way back to their timeline while erasing any trace of their presence.
2/2/1967 Ep 20: Court Martial
Captain Kirk's career is at stake when he is put on trial for the loss of a crewman during an ion storm.
2/9/1967 Ep 21: The Return of the Archons
The Enterprise encounters a seemingly peaceful civilization run by a "benevolent" being named Landru.
2/16/1967 Ep 22: Space Seed
The Enterprise picks up a crew of genetic supermen from the 20th century, and their leader, Khan, plans to create a new empire.
2/23/1967 Ep 23: A Taste of Armageddon
The Enterprise arrives at a planet to establish diplomatic relations and finds itself in the middle of a "peaceful" war that threatens to destroy the ship.
3/2/1967 Ep 24: This Side of Paradise
The Enterprise crew is trapped in paradise when they come to rescue colonists who have fallen to pacifying alien spores and become infected themselves.
3/9/1967 Ep 25: The Devil in the Dark
Kirk investigates a series of grisly murders on a mining planet that are the work of a seemingly hostile alien creature.
3/23/1967 Ep 26: Errand of Mercy
The Federation and the Klingon Empire teeter on the brink of war as Kirk investigates a humble planet caught in the middle—Organia, inhabited by pacifists
3/30/1967 Ep 27: The Alternative Factor
Kirk and Spock encounter an alien named Lazarus who claims to be from an anti-matter universe.
4/6/1967 Ep 28: The City on the Edge of Forever
Kirk and Spock must travel into the past in order to prevent a deranged McCoy from altering history and eradicating their own past.
4/13/1967 Ep 29: Operation — Annihilate!
Kirk and the Enterprise must combat parasitic aliens.
Season: 1 2 3
9/15/1967 Ep 31: Amok Time
Spock must go to Vulcan in order to perform the Vulcan mating ritual.
9/22/1967 Ep 32: Who Mourns for Adonais?
The Enterprise encounters an alien who claims to be the Greek god Apollo.
9/29/1967 Ep 33: The Changeling
The Enterprise encounters an ancient Earth probe bent on the sterilization of all life.
10/6/1967 Ep 34: Mirror, Mirror
Kirk and three of his officers are accidentally transported into a parallel "mirror" universe where violence, greed and evil are commonplace.
10/13/1967 Ep 35: The Apple
Primitive inhabitants of Gamma Trianguli VI worship a god who orders them to kill visitors from the Enterprise.
10/20/1967 Ep 36: The Doomsday Machine
The Enterprise must stop an ancient doomsday weapon that is capable of destroying entire worlds, and has already totaled one Constellation-class cruiser.
10/27/1967 Ep 37: Catspaw
When a landing party disappears and one man is beamed up dead, Kirk and Spock investigate and meet a pair of aliens who seem capable of performing magic.
11/3/1967 Ep 38: I, Mudd
The Enterprise is taken over by a group of androids who are working for Kirk's old nemesis, Harry Mudd.
11/10/1967 Ep 39: Metamorphosis
When their shuttle is diverted to a planetoid, Kirk meets one of the pioneers of space flight, Zefram Cochrane.
11/17/1967 Ep 40: Journey to Babel
Spock meets his estranged father when the Enterprise escorts a group of ambassadors to a conference on the planet Babel.
12/1/1967 Ep 41: Friday's Child
Kirk, Spock and McCoy land on a primitive planet to negotiate a mining treaty, but soon find themselves involved with intrigue and must flee with a pregnant woman into the surrounding mountains.
12/8/1967 Ep 42: The Deadly Years
A landing party, including the command staff, are infected with a disease that causes rapid aging and senility.
12/15/1967 Ep 43: Obsession
The Enterprise must deal with a creature from Kirk's past that feeds on human blood.
12/22/1967 Ep 44: Wolf in the Fold
A serial killer stalks a planet, and Scotty is the primary suspect.
12/29/1967 Ep 45: The Trouble with Tribbles
Kirk must defuse a Klingon scheme to destroy a grain shipment and cope with a seemingly benign creature known as a tribble, which reproduces at amazing speed.
1/5/1968 Ep 46: The Gamesters of Triskelion
Kirk, Chekov and Uhura are kidnapped and forced to participate in a series of gladiatorial games.
1/12/1968 Ep 47: A Piece of the Action
The Enterprise travels to a planet suffering from cultural contamination from an earlier expedition—the inhabitants mimic the culture of 1930's gangland Chicago.
1/19/1968 Ep 48: The Immunity Syndrome
The Enterprise must destroy an enormous space amoeba before it reproduces and threatens known space.
2/2/1968 Ep 49: A Private Little War
Kirk becomes involved in an arms race when the Klingons equip a native people with superior weaponry.
2/9/1968 Ep 50: Return to Tomorrow
The Enterprise discovers three discorporeal intelligences who seek their help in gaining physical bodies, but one of them has plans of his own.
2/16/1968 Ep 51: Patterns of Force
The Enterprise seeks out a historical researcher with whom the Federation has lost contact, and discover he has contaminated a culture, remaking it into a near-duplicate of Nazi Germany.
2/23/1968 Ep 52: By Any Other Name
The Enterprise's command crew must thwart an invasion by aliens from another galaxy who plan to conquer this one.
3/1/1968 Ep 53: The Omega Glory
The Enterprise investigates the disappearance of another starship and discovers a planet where the inhabitants are immortal and engaged in a strange parallel of Earth's Cold War period.
3/8/1968 Ep 54: The Ultimate Computer
Starfleet uses the Enterprise to test a new super-sophisticated computer, but it soon develops a mind of its own.
3/15/1968 Ep 55: Bread and Circuses
The Enterprise encounters a planet whose culture is patterned on ancient Rome and holds gladiatorial games that Kirk, Spock and McCoy must fight in.
3/29/1968 Ep 56: Assignment: Earth
While back in time observing Earth in 1968, the Enterprise crew encounters the mysterious Gary Seven who has his own agenda on the planet.
Season: 1 2 3
9/20/1968 Ep 57: Spock's Brain
After Spock's brain is stolen from his body without surgery, Capt. Kirk initiates a search for the alien culprits.
9/27/1968 Ep 58: The Enterprise Incident
Captain Kirk becomes increasingly erratic and orders the Enterprise into Romulan space, where the ship is captured by a beautiful Romulan commander.
10/4/1968 Ep 59: The Paradise Syndrome
After having his memory erased on a planet with inhabitants resembling Native Americans, Capt. Kirk is declared a god. Meanwhile, a deadly asteroid is headed toward the planet and the Enterprise must get back to it and Kirk before the imminent collision.
10/11/1968 Ep 60: And the Children Shall Lead
The Enterprise travels to a planet where a scientific team has killed themselves. All that is left alive are the children, and they soon begin to act oddly.
10/18/1968 Ep 61: Is There in Truth No Beauty?
The Enterprise is boarded by two strange visitors: Medusan Ambassador Kollos, a creature that must be kept in a box because its ugliness is enough to drive a human mad, and his aide, beautiful telepath Miranda, who senses murderous intent aboard the ship.
10/25/1968 Ep 62: Spectre of the Gun
When visiting a xenophobic, isolationist planet, Captain Kirk and his landing party are punished for trespassing. They are sentenced to death in a surreal recreation of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.
11/1/1968 Ep 63: Day of the Dove
When the Enterprise brings aboard Klingon prisoners, an alien entity pits both sides against each other in an ever-escalating struggle.
11/8/1968 Ep 64: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
While working to deflect an asteroid on a collision course with an inhabited planet, the Enterprise discovers that the asteroid is actually a spaceship with a population unaware of the outside world.
11/15/1968 Ep 65: The Tholian Web
When the Enterprise investigates the disappearance of another starship, they lose Kirk in a dimensional interphase and must deal with a hostile alien race while trying to recover him.
11/22/1968 Ep 66: Plato's Stepchildren
Kirk and his crew find themselves at the mercy of powerful individuals who possess mind-over-matter powers and plan to use the Enterprise crew for their twisted entertainment.
11/29/1968 Ep 67: Wink of an Eye
Members of a landing party investigating planet Scalos begin to vanish one by one.
12/6/1968 Ep 68: The Empath
On a planet doomed to destruction, Kirk, Spock and McCoy become involved with two aliens who use them as laboratory animals in a bizarre series of tests on an alien empath who may be the savior of her planet.
12/20/1968 Ep 69: Elaan of Troyius
The Enterprise must escort an alien princess to her marriage to seal an interplanetary alliance, but she becomes attracted to Kirk.
1/3/1969 Ep 70: Whom Gods Destroy
Kirk and Spock investigate an insane asylum where a former Starfleet captain is being held, only to discover that he has freed the inmates and is running the place.
1/10/1969 Ep 71: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
The Enterprise finds itself host to two alien beings from the same planet, who share an intense and self-destructive hatred for each other.
1/17/1969 Ep 72: The Mark of Gideon
Kirk beams down on a diplomatic mission and finds himself on an Enterprise where all the crew have vanished and only a mysterious woman resides.
1/24/1969 Ep 73: That Which Survives
Kirk, McCoy and Sulu are stranded on a barren planet where a mysterious woman attempts to kill them one at a time, while the Enterprise must travel halfway across the galaxy to rescue them.
1/31/1969 Ep 74: The Lights of Zetar
The Enterprise must deal with discorporeal cloud-like aliens who have already destroyed the inhabitants of a library planet and plan to eliminate the Enterprise crew if they cannot acquire a human host.
2/14/1969 Ep 75: Requiem for Methuselah
While seeking a cure for a fever ravaging the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock encounter Flint, a hermit-like Earth man, and his beautiful young ward.
2/21/1969 Ep 76: The Way to Eden
The Enterprise picks up a group of space "hippies" looking for Eden.
2/28/1969 Ep 77: The Cloud Minders
Kirk must resolve a mining dispute on a the cloud city of Stratos to acquire the resources to cure a space plague.
3/7/1969 Ep 78: The Savage Curtain
Kirk and Spock meet Abraham Lincoln and Surak of Vulcan and must do battle with some of history's most terrible villains.
3/14/1969 Ep 79: All Our Yesterdays
Kirk, Spock and McCoy become trapped in the past of another world.
6/3/1969 Ep 80: Turnabout Intruder
The Enterprise is in danger when Janice Lester, one of Kirk's former lovers, steals his body.