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9/16/1967 Ep 1: The Name Is Mannix
Mannix is hired by former crime boss Sam Dubrio when his daughter is kidnapped. His plan is to set up a ransom and then pay off the pickup man to turn in his boss.
9/23/1967 Ep 3: Skid Marks on a Dry Run
People begin to be killed off after Mannix is hired to drub up information that could hurt a politician's chances of being elected governor.
9/30/1967 Ep 6: Nothing Ever Works Twice
When an old flame is found dead, Mannix is named the prime suspect.
10/7/1967 Ep 5: The Many Deaths of Saint Christopher
When a secret formula disappears, Mannix is hired to find the chemist who worked on its creation.
10/14/1967 Ep 7: Make Like It Never Happened
Mannix is hired to get an innocent man, and father of a young girl, off death row. Meanwhile, he romances the mistress of a wealthy industrialist he is investigating.
10/21/1967 Ep 2: The Cost of a Vacation
While investigating the location of a missing person, Joe uncovers the death of a colleague who appears to have committed suicide.
10/28/1967 Ep 10: Warning: Live Blueberries
Mannix heads for a hippie retreat to investigate the disappearance of a missing girl who is linked to the death of a basketball star.
11/4/1967 Ep 9: Beyond the Shadow of a Dream
A mentally unstable woman is having trouble grasping the difference between nightmare and reality. Mannix is hired to figure which of her companions is creating her confusion.
11/18/1967 Ep 12: Huntdown
Mannix is stuck in a farm town with an injured foot, and a group of citizens who seem to be keeping a deadly secret from him.
11/25/1967 Ep 13: Coffin for a Clown
Mannix is on the middle of a fence when it comes to an intense child custody case, in which he is working for the mother while seeing the father dash attempts on his life.
12/2/1967 Ep 14: Catalogue of Sins
Mannix is hired to investigate when a psychiatrist is blackmailed after files are lifted from his office.
12/9/1967 Ep 11: Turn Every Stone
A million-dollar libel suit against a crusading publisher may be tied to the mob.
12/16/1967 Ep 15: Run, Sheep, Run
Mannix is hired to determine which cops are tied in with a vice ring.
12/30/1967 Ep 4: Then the Drink Takes the Man
Mannix investigates why a man who is against the evils of drink is spending a load of cash and time at an alcoholic retreat in Mexico.
1/6/1968 Ep 16: The Falling Star
As movie starlet Anne Marion is scheduled to release her tell-all memoirs, an attempt is made on her life.
1/13/1968 Ep 8: License to Kill—Limit Three People
Mannix is hired when a sniper begins killing citizens, the prime suspect being an escaped mental patient.
1/20/1968 Ep 18: Deadfall: Part 1
Intertect is accused of stealing plans and a formula to create a laser ray, forcing Mannix and Lew Wickersham into a deadly feud.
1/27/1968 Ep 19: Deadfall: Part 2
Mannix is fired from Intertect while his boss suffers from a medically induced psychosis, causing Joe to use desperate measures to crack the case and save Wickersham's life.
2/3/1968 Ep 20: You Can Get Killed Out There
Mannix's attempt to locate a stolen necklace leads him to a case of murder and fraud.
2/10/1968 Ep 21: Another Final Exit (aka The Box)
Bernie Farmer is mistaken as being responsible for a missing million dollars used as bait in a drug ring.
2/17/1968 Ep 22: Eight to Five, Its a Miracle
Mannix is hired to investigate an alleged miracle that has been occurring on the land of a crime boss.
3/2/1968 Ep 23: Delayed Reaction
Mannix discovers that a 20-year-old crime is attached to a mysterious hit-and-run accident.
3/9/1968 Ep 17: To Kill a Writer
When Mannix is hired to prevent a murder of a mystery writer, the intended victim wants no help in solving the crime himself.
3/16/1968 Ep 24: The Girl in the Frame
Mannix is hired to investigate a possible forgery of a Renoir when the collector sees the model who posed for the painting in person.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9/28/1968 Ep 26: The Silent Cry
Mannix discovers evidence of a crime from an unlikely source: a deaf girl who "heard" the plot by reading the lips of a criminal.
10/5/1968 Ep 29: Comes Up Roses
Mannix tries to find an airport security officer's wife, but gets no cooperation. It seems that Rose Anderson does not wish to be found—or someone does not wish her to be.
10/12/1968 Ep 28: Pressure Point
A wounded boy gives Mannix a clue suggesting corruption, and then disappears, kidnapped by a criminal gang.
10/19/1968 Ep 25: To the Swiftest, Death
Ellen Kovak suspects her husband's death in a racing accident wasn't an accident at all, and she hires Mannix to prove it.
10/26/1968 Ep 31: End of the Rainbow
Shortly after his release an ex-convict turns up dead. And in his pocket is a paper bearing the name "Joe Mannix." Mannix investigates and discovers a case of grand theft and double-dealing.
11/2/1968 Ep 32: A Copy of Murder
The key to a murder suspect is in a manuscript. But part of it, the most vital part, has disappeared.
11/9/1968 Ep 27: Edge of the Knife
Surgeon Dr. Cameron McKenzie faces a difficult choice: he must let a patient die under his blade or face the death of his son, who's been kidnapped by the blackmailers.
11/16/1968 Ep 30: Who Will Dig the Graves?
David Phillips hires Mannix to locate his missing and presumed dead wife. Mannix won't stop digging until he no longer smells a rat, and there's a stench surrounding Phillips.
11/23/1968 Ep 34: In Need of a Friend
After discovering that a man he sent to prison for embezzlement may be innocent, Mannix works to find evidence that will clear him.
12/7/1968 Ep 35: Night Out of Time
Cliff Ross, Jr. awakens in big trouble. A girl is dead, there's evidence he was in some kind of fight and he can't remember what actually happened. Unless Mannix can help him reconstruct events, he's likely to go to prison.
12/14/1968 Ep 37: A View of Nowhere
While on a helicopter flight, Mannix witnesses a murder. Or does he? No one can find a body, no one reports a missing person.
12/21/1968 Ep 36: Fear I to Fall
Mannix smells a rat when he's asked to testify in a murder case against a man he sent to prison and who served his time. Is someone using the man's unsavory past to make him a patsy?
1/4/1969 Ep 38: Death Run
When a friend calls on him for help, Mannix discovers that justice isn't always blind.
1/11/1969 Ep 40: A Pittance of Faith
Model Gina Lardelli commits suicide. Or does she? About 20 of her friends feel strongly enough to pay Mannix to prove otherwise.
1/18/1969 Ep 33: Only Giants Can Play
A petty crook dies strangely. It's not so much the man as the motive that tickles Mannix in his head. Or is it the fact that it might be related to the political aspirations of someone he doesn't like very much?
1/25/1969 Ep 41: Shadow of a Man (aka Kill Joy)
Nils Sanderson tries to kill Mannix, but won't explain why.
2/1/1969 Ep 42: The Girl Who Came in with the Tide
Mannix crosses paths with another old enemy. This time it's Alec Ryan, whose girlfriend washed up on the beach drowned. The police call it an accident, but Mannix has doubts.
2/8/1969 Ep 43: Death in a Minor Key
Peggy asks her boss to find her missing boyfriend, Gabriel. Mannix must deal with unhelpful police, bigots and others who want Gabe to stay lost.
2/15/1969 Ep 39: End Game
A member of Mannix's old combat unit, brought up on charges and court-martialed, wants revenge on Mannix and the only other survivor.
2/22/1969 Ep 44: All Around the Money Tree
Roger Bard brings Mannix to Mexico. Bard claims men are hunting him—and they are. But he also claims not to know why—and that is certainly a lie.
3/1/1969 Ep 45: The Odds Against Donald Jordan
Mannix tries to find missing building contractor Donald Jordan. He gets poor help from the man's partner, wife and sister. Each offers a different reason for his disappearance. When Jordan reappears, he assures Mannix that he's fine and asks him to drop the case.
3/8/1969 Ep 46: Last Rites for Miss Emma
Mannix suspects Floyd Brown of stealing 45 cases of morphine. That's bad news for Peggy because Floyd is her boyfriend. This case almost costs Joe his secretary, and Peggy her life.
3/22/1969 Ep 47: The Solid Gold Web
Newspaper publisher John Randolph asks Mannix to learn why his daughter is acting so strangely. Mannix discovers she may have killed a mobster.
4/5/1969 Ep 49: Merry Go Round for Murder
The demolition of a boarding school reveals old evil: a corpse linked to a missing quarter of a million dollars.
4/12/1969 Ep 48: To Catch a Rabbit
Mannix accuses a man of murder, but the accused maintains that the death was an accident and that the dead man owed him money. The status of the victim's family complicates Mannix's investigation.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9/27/1969 Ep 51: Eagles Sometimes Can't Fly
An African-American and a Native American witness a gunfight. When the police accuse them of intentional murder, they panic and flee.
10/4/1969 Ep 53: Color Her Missing
A friend and colleague of Joe Mannix has been murdered. The lawyer of the arrested suspect asks Mannix to find an important witness for the defense.
10/11/1969 Ep 54: Return to Summer Grove
At a request of a friend, Mannix returns to his hometown, Summer Grove. His friend is not only seriously ill, he also is a murder suspect.
10/18/1969 Ep 57: The Playground
Haughty actor Mitch Cantrell is not exactly loved by his colleagues. When at a film shoot, a murder attempt is made on him, and it is soon up to Mannix to protect the obnoxious actor.
10/25/1969 Ep 52: A Question of Midnight
Mannix examines a long-forgotten hospital scandal: After a rich businessman died in a hospital, the doctor attending to him was convicted of malpractice.
11/1/1969 Ep 56: A Penny for the Peep-Show
The uncle of a young woman has disappeared after giving her $300,000 dollars in cash for safekeeping. Mannix must find out where the money comes from.
11/8/1969 Ep 58: A Sleep in the Deep
A diver named Roger Barton is found dead by drowning in a yacht harbor. His wife believes that he was murdered and calls on Mannix.
11/22/1969 Ep 59: Memory: Zero
Maggie escapes from a deadly accident by a hair. The felon is a militant taxi driver. Mannix has the suspicion that he has already committed murder once, that of his colleague, Maggie's boss.
11/29/1969 Ep 60: The Nowhere Victim
When investigating a case of hit-and-run, Mannix gets caught amid the fronts of a mafia war.
12/6/1969 Ep 62: The Sound of Darkness
After Mannix tracks down an assassin, he is shot and seriously injured. Having a breakdown, Mannix is diagnosed with psychosomatic blindness.
12/13/1969 Ep 61: Who Killed Me?
Bradley Everett crashes his small plane into the sea. After an intensive search turns up no sign of the man, he suddenly appears at Mannix's door, babbling about a murder attempt.
12/20/1969 Ep 50: Missing: Sun and Sky
A valuable racehorse has disappeared on the way to Florida. Mannix is hired to retrieve the noble animal learn why it was abducted.
12/27/1969 Ep 55: Tooth of the Serpent
Joe Mannix must trace the missing son of a policeman. The mother fears that he might be involved in a robbery.
1/3/1970 Ep 63: Medal for a Hero
Peggy’s dead husband, Marcus, was a policeman shot down in the line of duty. When suspicion arises that he may have been involved in a big corruption scandal, Mannix probes the evidence in hopes of clearing his name.
1/10/1970 Ep 67: Walk with a Dead Man
After a gunfight leaves a suspected blackmailer dead, Mannix stands accused of murder.
1/17/1970 Ep 66: A Chance at the Roses
After her husband is accused of critically injuring a drugstore employee, a young woman turns to Mannix for help.
1/24/1970 Ep 64: Blind Mirror
Winifred, private secretary and lover of the publisher George Diamond, becomes a runaway witness when a woman falls into the sea and drowns after a quarrel.
1/31/1970 Ep 68: Harlequin's Gold
Mannix searches for Australian sailor Paul Gantry, who is supposedly due to inherit a million dollars.
2/7/1970 Ep 69: Who is Sylvia?
Kathy Graves feels as though someone is stalking her, and asks Mannix to investigate.
2/14/1970 Ep 70: Only One Death to a Customer
After escaping three consecutive attempts on his life, Mannix learns that someone has placed a $5,000 bounty on his head.
2/21/1970 Ep 72: Fly, Little One
Mannix is asked to clear a psychotherapist charged with murder and robbery, the main witness being an autistic girl.
2/28/1970 Ep 71: The Search for Darrell Andrews
Mannix suspects foul play when colleague Wes Tully is discovered floating dead in his swimming pool.
3/7/1970 Ep 73: Murder Revisited
Mannix sets out to prove the innocence of a young woman accused of shooting a businessman. A track leads Mannix to journalist Hackett, who was interviewing the victim moments before the crime.
3/14/1970 Ep 74: War of Nerves
Mannix is involved in a war of nerves when he deals with blackmailers threatening an entire town with nerve gas.
3/21/1970 Ep 65: Once Upon a Saturday
After a string of strange accidents, a carnival-troupe boss employs Mannix to investigate the mishaps.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9/19/1970 Ep 80: A Ticket to the Eclipse
A member of Mannix's Korean War Army unit is out for revenge for a wrong done to him in the past. But the man's odd confessions lead Mannix to believe he is suffering from combat fatigue.
9/26/1970 Ep 75: One for the Lady
After losing his P.I. license in the aftermath of a frame job, Mannix takes an odd case from a mysterious woman.
10/3/1970 Ep 76: Time Out of Mind
A shady gambler may have been killed by a former champion boxer, and Mannix must find him before a group of vigilantes does.
10/10/1970 Ep 77: Figures in a Landscape
Mannix is stalked by a sniper while searching for a missing woman.
10/17/1970 Ep 83: The Mouse That Died
Out on a routine missing persons case, Mannix uncovers an espionage ring and falls victim to a slow-acting poison for which he must race against time to procure the antidote.
10/24/1970 Ep 79: The Lost Art of Dying
Mannix is forced into proving death row inmate Carl Danzig is innocent.
10/31/1970 Ep 92: The Other Game in Town
The widow of a gambler who disappeared owing a huge debt hires Mannix when her "dead" husband suddenly reappears after his funeral.
11/7/1970 Ep 82: The World Between
Peggy is a patient in the same hospital as the African premier, who was admitted under disguise for unknown reasons.
11/14/1970 Ep 81: Sunburst
Mannix searches for the identity of the murdering punks who held him hostage in a desert diner.
11/21/1970 Ep 86: To Cage a Sea Gull
The site of a helicopter accident uncovers the body of a member of the Nazi party.
11/28/1970 Ep 90: Bang, Bang, You're Dead
The story of a murder plot from a young girl seems to be the truth when she becomes the victim of a hit-and-run attempt.
12/12/1970 Ep 88: Deja Vu
A prediction from a fortune teller hits too close to home as it reveals how Mannix will die.
12/19/1970 Ep 89: Duet For Three
Ellen Gray hires Mannix because she believes she has been stalked by a Vietnamese man ever since the death of her husband in Hong Kong.
1/2/1971 Ep 78: Round Trip to Nowhere
Mannix uncovers a mysterious world that surrounded the late husband of his client, Amanda Hewitt.
1/9/1971 Ep 84: What Happened to Sunday?
Mannix can't recall the events of the past 24 hours—other than a haunting memory of a little girl falling from a balcony.
1/16/1971 Ep 87: The Judas Touch
A missing police officer leads Chief Carl Yaring in search of the cop, a former ex-con who was suspected of robbery and murder.
1/23/1971 Ep 95: With Intent to Kill
When attempts are made on the life of Detective Ira Deegan, who is in hot pursuit of a robber, his wife hires Mannix to keep an eye on her husband.
1/30/1971 Ep 94: The Crime That Wasn't
Dennis Coverly fears he and his family are in danger when a missing corpse is linked to a crime hit set for Mannix.
2/6/1971 Ep 93: A Gathering of Ghosts
A strange college reunion for Mannix's old football squad at a ghost town ends in murder.
2/13/1971 Ep 85: A Day Filled with Shadows
When a basketball star disappears, his family hires Mannix to hunt him down—before the syndicate does.
2/20/1971 Ep 96: Voices in the Dark
A former championship diver, now disabled, believes she is going to be murdered after receiving death threats.
2/27/1971 Ep 98: The Color of Murder
A witness against a crime boss is murdered just before he can reveal the syndicate's plans.
3/6/1971 Ep 97: Shadow Play
The wife of a money man for the mob is killed during a hit-and-run accident.
3/13/1971 Ep 91: Overkill
Mannix gets involved with the case of a serial killer after his friend becomes the latest victim. But not all is as it seems when he discovers the killer may not be responsible for every murder.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9/15/1971 Ep 100: Dark So Early, Dark So Long
Mannix sets out to clear an old school friend of murder. The problem is that she, being an alcoholic, can't remember what she was doing when the murder occurred.
9/22/1971 Ep 103: Cold Trail
A young woman is kidnapped, drugged and interrogated, her father an ex-spy for the Soviets during the Cold War. A defector now in America, the man hires Mannix to find his daughter in this case of international espionage.
9/29/1971 Ep 105: A Step in Time
Mannix is told a murder of a woman he recently witnessed happened a year before. The sheriff insists that maybe the gumshoe is suffering hallucinations. Joe is befuddled until the victim's sister hires him to investigate.
10/6/1971 Ep 104: Wine from These Grapes
An investigation leads Joe Mannix to his hometown, Summer Grove, where he works on a murder case involving the death of a worker during a labor dispute.
10/13/1971 Ep 102: Woman in the Shadows
After inheriting the original manuscript of the first chapter of Marx's "The Capital," Lisa Ralph turns up murdered.
10/20/1971 Ep 101: Days Beyond Recall
Mannix receives a visit from Jane Haley after her alcoholic brother disappears without a trace.
10/27/1971 Ep 107: Run Till Dark
When a Little League coach goes missing, Mannix investigates and soon discovers that the man went into hiding after a mobster made an attempt on his life.
11/3/1971 Ep 99: The Glass Trap
Police Detective Ross Santini begins acting suspiciously after taking custody of drug baron Brastow, starting Mannix on a case of kidnapping and blackmail.
11/10/1971 Ep 110: A Choice of Evils
When his secretary, Peggy, is abducted, Mannix finds a note from her captors. He must track down an FBI undercover agent within 72 hours or she will die.
11/17/1971 Ep 108: A Button for General D
After one of Mannix's friends takes a hostage and is subsequently shot down, Mannix finds out that the man was involved in criminal activity that may also include a famous United States general.
11/24/1971 Ep 109: The Man Outside
Mannix is hired to retrieve compromising negatives showing a retired U.S. general stolen by a spy ring. His mission is to buy the confidential documents—no matter the price.
12/1/1971 Ep 106: Murder Times Three
While investigating a case, Mannix is attacked and nearly killed. He concludes that someone wants to scare him off of one of the three cases he is currently working on.
12/8/1971 Ep 111: Catspaw
After learning more about a blackmailer than his employer wanted him to know, private detective Tip Ellis turns up dead. Mannix received a letter from his friend shortly before his death, prompting him to investigate the murder.
12/15/1971 Ep 112: To Save a Dead Man
After a man tells a nun that his false witness statement put an innocent person in prison, Mannix decides to reopen the case.
12/29/1971 Ep 115: Nightshade
TV star and comedian Danny Brite is blackmailed by a Vietnam veteran who has a photo showing Brite's son, Joey, murdering a sergeant.
1/5/1972 Ep 113: Babe in the Woods
After an engineer is shot, Mannix is hired to retrieve important construction plans, which may have been taken by the shooter. This leads Mannix to the discovery that the man led a double life.
1/12/1972 Ep 116: The Sound of Murder
Mannix is in search of a businessman who disappeared without a trace. Then a second disappearance happens, and this time the culprit leaves a tape recorder.
1/19/1972 Ep 114: Moving Target
Mannix is convinced that the man who is intending to kill Ken Mitchell is his own partner, Paul Anders. Yet the whole thing becomes muddled when Ken confesses that Anders is a fictitious character he came up with only for tax purposes.
1/26/1972 Ep 117: Cry Pigeon
A power struggle between two crime lords may erupt into war with Mannix standing in the middle. After arranging a secret reunion between the lords, the son of one of them is shot to death and Mannix is blamed for the ambush.
2/9/1972 Ep 120: A Walk in the Shadows
Tom Farnon is in a tight spot: When he wants to catch his wife, Linda, with her lover on his yacht, a shot rings out and Linda falls dead overboard.
2/16/1972 Ep 119: Lifeline
After a nightclub singer, and friend of Mannix, begins displaying erratic behavior, he soon becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.
2/23/1972 Ep 121: To Draw the Lightning
A police lieutenant is suspended after shooting and killing a known gangster at a police raid. It is suspected that the killing was revenge driven because the same gangster was responsible for the death of the police lieutenant's friend. Mannix sets out to prove that no revenge was at play.
3/1/1972 Ep 122: Scapegoat
Mannix has been hired to deliver from London to L.A. jewelry worth $8 million dollars. But before he can complete his task, he is kidnapped and replaced with a double.
3/8/1972 Ep 118: Death in the Fifth Gear
While convalescing in a clinic after a bad car accident, Mannix helps a patient whom a doctor wants to blame for murder.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9/17/1972 Ep 130: The Open Web
Mannix lends a hand to a police lieutenant who's pursuing an escaped mobster into the Santa Monica mountains.
9/24/1972 Ep 124: Cry Silence
A former priest who heard a murder confession hires Mannix to find the killer.
10/1/1972 Ep 128: The Crimson Halo
An attorney hires Mannix to discover who's trying to kill his client, a prominent surgeon.
10/8/1972 Ep 129: Broken Mirror
Mannix is brought into the case of the kidnapping of a tycoon's wife.
10/15/1972 Ep 134: Portrait of a Hero
Mannix investigates the mysterious death of an Air Force pilot who died right before the presentation of an experimental aircraft.
10/22/1972 Ep 125: The Inside Man
Traveling to New Orleans, Mannix goes undercover in the Big Easy to protect an informer and avenge the death of a pal.
10/29/1972 Ep 126: To Kill a Memory
Mannix is hired to uncover the past life of an amnesia victim who is a Vietnam veteran.
11/5/1972 Ep 133: The Upside Down Penny
Mannix works a case involving a child's missing stamp album. It appears as though someone is more than willing to kill for it.
11/12/1972 Ep 127: One Step to Midnight
Mannix tries to protect the granddaughter of an exiled mobster. It seems as though she's being stalked by hoods who want to get to her grandfather.
11/19/1972 Ep 123: Harvest of Death
When two crop-dusting pilots disappear, Mannix is hired to find them.
11/26/1972 Ep 132: A Puzzle for One
When a fellow private eye assumes room temperature, Mannix investigates his death and tries to solve the deceased's final case.
12/3/1972 Ep 135: Lost Sunday
The death of a factory foreman is ruled accidental, but his sister believes that it was murder and hires Mannix.
12/10/1972 Ep 137: See No Evil
Mannix takes a case at the request of Peggy on behalf of her friend.
12/17/1972 Ep 136: Light and Shadow
Mannix gets involved in the case of a millionaire's wife accused of killing the boyfriend of her stepdaughter.
12/24/1972 Ep 131: A Game of Shadows
Mannix gets on the trail of a mysterious man who's wanted for robbery and murder.
1/7/1973 Ep 140: The Man Who Wasn’t There
An old adversary from Mannix's time serving in the Korean War, whom he thought was dead, sets out to kill him.
1/14/1973 Ep 138: A Matter of Principle
Two elderly spinster sisters are determined to prosecute a traffic violator. There's only one problem: The man also is a syndicate killer.
1/21/1973 Ep 139: Out of the Night
In order to help break up a narcotics ring, Peggy is recruited to pose as a prostitute.
1/28/1973 Ep 143: Carol Lockwood, Past Tense
Mannix seeks to prove that the death of one of his former gal-pals was not an accident.
2/4/1973 Ep 142: The Faces of Murder
A man and his sister both confess to the same crime. Mannix gets involved to sort things out.
2/18/1973 Ep 144: Search for a Whisper
A political candidate hires Mannix to dig up dirt, but not on an opponent. He wants the gumshoe to dig up dirt on him.
2/25/1973 Ep 145: To Quote a Dead Man
A vagrant becomes the target of killers whenever he wears a patchwork coat.
3/4/1973 Ep 141: A Problem of Innocence
The daughter of an ex-convict is the leading suspect in murders involving unrecovered loot from one of her father's robberies.
3/11/1973 Ep 146: The Danford File
When Mannix is hired to investigate a case of blackmail, the blackmailer turns up dead.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9/16/1973 Ep 149: The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress
Mannix scoffs at a psychic's tale about a woman in danger. Then the prophecy comes true.
9/23/1973 Ep 148: A Way to Dusty Death
Mannix ruffles some feathers in a small town when he arrives in search of a missing youth.
9/30/1973 Ep 150: Climb a Deadly Mountain
Forced to crash land a plane, Mannix gets rescued by an escaped convict who's being pursued by corrupt law enforcement officers out to silence him.
10/7/1973 Ep 147: Little Girl Lost
Mannix tries to help a girl who witnessed her father's murder and was driven over the edge mentally by the event.
10/14/1973 Ep 152: The Gang’s All Here
Mannix becomes the target of a vicious street gang known as the Nomads.
10/21/1973 Ep 151: Desert Run
A woman hires Mannix to investigate the disappearance of her husband's plane in the Rockies, but then the detective learns that she is not the missing man's wife.
10/28/1973 Ep 153: Silent Target
On a fishing trip, Mannix has his car break down in the desert. Searching for help he stumbles across the headquarters of a modern day Murder Inc.
11/4/1973 Ep 154: A World Without Sundays
Mannix is hired to find the gal-pal of a mobster who disappeared while en route to Los Angeles with a well-known football player.
11/11/1973 Ep 155: Sing a Song of Murder
Mannix searches for clues when someone tries to kill a former opera star on the verge of coming out of retirement.
11/25/1973 Ep 157: Search in the Dark
A blind crook and Mannix are both on the trail of some valuable stolen jewels.
12/2/1973 Ep 156: The Deadly Madonna
When an actress is the target of a strange murder attempt, Mannix is called on the case.
12/9/1973 Ep 158: Cry Danger
Thanks to an old gal-pal, Mannix gets trapped in the middle of a feud between rival smugglers.
12/16/1973 Ep 161: All the Dead Were Strangers
Mannix investigates when a plane crash is followed by murder attempts on the survivors.
1/6/1974 Ep 159: Race Against Time: Part 1
Mannix travels to a Latin American country and gets himself involved with a revolution against its dictatorship.
1/13/1974 Ep 160: Race Against Time: Part 2
Mannix travels to a Latin American country and gets himself involved with a revolution against its dictatorship.
1/20/1974 Ep 162: The Dark Hours
Mannix struggles to recall events that led to him being shot with his own gun.
1/27/1974 Ep 164: A Night Full of Darkness
Mannix's police department pal, Lieutenant Malcolm, is a victim of a setup. The private eye tries to get to the bottom of things in order to clear his friend.
2/10/1974 Ep 163: Walk a Double Line
Mannix wonders why a seemingly open-and-shut case got dropped.
2/17/1974 Ep 165: The Girl From Nowhere
When a little girl turns up dead and unidentified, Mannix sets out to discover who she was.
2/24/1974 Ep 166: Rage to Kill
Mannix investigates the supposed suicide of a psychiatrist and discovers that the deceased shrink had some very interesting patients.
3/3/1974 Ep 167: Mask for a Charade
A friend of Mannix comes to the detective for help when he's accused of murdering a loan shark.
3/10/1974 Ep 168: A Question of Murder
A young boy asks Mannix to prove that his hero did not die from a hit-and-run accident but rather was murdered.
3/24/1974 Ep 169: Trap for a Pigeon
Mannix is hired to find a stolen briefcase containing bribery money in a mob murder case.
3/31/1974 Ep 170: The Ragged Edge
Mannix goes undercover as a heroin addict to discover who's trying to kill an old friend.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
9/22/1974 Ep 174: Portrait in Blues
Mannix looks into why someone may be trying to kill one half of a successful singing duo.
9/29/1974 Ep 171: Game Plan
When the daughter of one of Mannix's friends is kidnapped, the captors demand that the man lose a large sum of money in a card game as her ransom.
10/6/1974 Ep 173: A Fine Day for Dying
One might think that after waking from a year-long coma, the worst would be in the past. But that is not true for Mannix's client, injured in a hit-and-run accident and now the target of killers.
10/13/1974 Ep 176: Walk on the Blind Side
Syndicate thugs have kidnapped an informer—or so they believe. Their victim is actually Peggy Fair, Mannix's secretary, which puts the detective on their trail.
10/20/1974 Ep 177: The Green Men
When a counterfeiter disappears, Mannix is up against Federal agents as well as criminals who want the man's flawless plates.
10/27/1974 Ep 175: Death Has No Face
Mannix's search for the source of a death threat takes him to a small town. Shortly after he arrives, he's framed for murder and imprisoned.
11/10/1974 Ep 179: A Small Favor for an Old Friend
Mannix loses a friend, a small time mob courier killed flying money to Mexico. The mobsters, certain Mannix stole their loot, come after the detective with a vengeance.
11/17/1974 Ep 181: Enter Tami Okada
When a courier is abducted while en route to the Japanese consulate, Mannix helps a Japanese investigator trying to find the man.
11/24/1974 Ep 178: Picture of a Shadow
Mannix finds himself drawn to a woman in a photograph—a murder victim. He sets out to bring her killer to justice.
12/1/1974 Ep 172: Desert Sun
When Mannix travels to New Mexico to prove that a Native American's death was murder, he runs into resistance from the townsfolk.
12/15/1974 Ep 183: The Survivor Who Wasn't
A man survives a plane crash—or does he? His wife has her doubts.
12/22/1974 Ep 182: A Choice of Victims
Mannix looks into a businessman's murder, discovering that the man's wife may have been the real target.
1/5/1975 Ep 184: A Word Called Courage
Haunted by the fact that he broke under torture during the Korean War, one of Mannix's former comrades kidnaps the detective, subjecting him to the same torture he underwent to prove that anybody would crack under such treatment.
1/12/1975 Ep 185: Man in a Trap
After one of Mannix's detective friends is murdered, he discovers the man worked for a mafioso and sets out to learn why he died, despite pressure to stop digging.
1/19/1975 Ep 186: Chance Meeting
Two buddies from Vietnam meet and one of them ends up dead. The murder might be connected to a third man, a deserter still evading the authorities.
2/2/1975 Ep 187: Edge of the Web
An anthropology professor comes to believe one of his students had an affair with his wife, and denies the man a degree. Then someone murders the professor, and the police come knocking, leaving Mannix as the young man's only hope for freedom.
2/9/1975 Ep 191: A Ransom for Yesterday
Someone demands a quarter-of-a-million-dollars ransom—for a boy missing six years!
2/16/1975 Ep 190: The Empty Tower
Thieves plan to start a holiday weekend by looting every office in a high-rise. That leaves Mannix and a friend trapped in a vault, with limited air and no one likely to discover them for several days.
2/23/1975 Ep 180: Quartet for a Blunt Instrument
Mannix agrees to help a mechanic accused of beating an inventor to death.
3/2/1975 Ep 189: Bird of Prey: Part 2
Still searching for the man who saved his client's son's life, Mannix stumbles into the ugly side of politics: an assassination plot.
3/2/1975 Ep 188: Bird of Prey: Part 1
Mannix's client hires him to find the man who saved his son's life. The search takes him to an island near South America, and then the next link in the chain turns up dead.
3/23/1975 Ep 192: Design for Dying
A politically ambitions publisher hires Mannix to find evidence that his wife is cheating. But when Mannix has no trouble finding this evidence, he begins to question the reasons he was hired.
4/6/1975 Ep 194: Search for a Dead Man
A man hires Mannix to locate a dead body. The twist is that the client is the murderer, a contract killer who wants to clean up after himself, and Mannix somehow fits into his scheme.
4/13/1975 Ep 193: Hardball
A drug dealer and his gang take several hostages, hoping to force Mannix to locate and retrieve another gang member who betrayed them. Mannix fears someone's going to die no matter what he does.