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10/2/1955 Ep 1: Revenge
Revenge fuels a husband looking for the man who raped his wife
10/9/1955 Ep 2: Premonition
A pianist returns to his home town, hoping to mend a broken relationship with his father, and instead finds mystery and foreboding in everything he encounters.
10/16/1955 Ep 3: Triggers in Leash
Maggie, a restaurant owner, tries to prevent a duel between two customers.
10/23/1955 Ep 4: Don't Come Back Alive
A detective suspects murder when a man tries to have his missing wife declared dead.
10/30/1955 Ep 5: Into Thin Air
A woman and her mother check into a Paris hotel. The woman goes out and when she returns her mother is gone, nobody remembers her mother and the room now looks totally different.
11/6/1955 Ep 6: Salvage
Dan, an underworld kingpin, hatches a plan to punish a singer who killed his brother.
11/13/1955 Ep 7: Breakdown
After a terrible accident leaves a man completely paralyzed, people who encounter him think he is dead, though he is very much alive.
11/20/1955 Ep 8: Our Cook's a Treasure
A real estate agent becomes obsessed with the idea that his new cook is a serial killer.
11/27/1955 Ep 9: The Long Shot
A gambling addict cannot resist the lure of $200,000.
12/4/1955 Ep 10: The Case of Mr. Pelham
Albert Pelham is slowly being replaced at home and at work by a double.
12/11/1955 Ep 11: Guilty Witness
When the husband of an unhappy marriage disappears, the neighbors suspect foul play.
12/18/1955 Ep 12: Santa Claus and the Tenth Avenue Kid
A criminal fresh out of prison takes a job as Santa Claus for the holiday season.
12/25/1955 Ep 13: The Cheney Vase
A dishonest ex-museum curator uses a forged letter to get close to an elderly woman and her priceless vase.
1/1/1956 Ep 14: A Bullet for Baldwin
Benjamin Stepp turns into a cold-blooded murderer after being fired from his job.
1/8/1956 Ep 15: The Big Switch
A man buys an alibi so he can murder his girlfriend.
1/15/1956 Ep 16: You Got to Have Luck
A crazy man holds a woman hostage in her farmhouse while he plans his escape from the area.
1/22/1956 Ep 17: The Older Sister
A reporter discovers the truth about the infamous Lizzie Borden murder case.
1/29/1956 Ep 18: Shopping for Death
Two retired sales clerks test their theory that people become killers at 92 degrees.
2/5/1956 Ep 19: The Derelicts
Ralph is having monetary problems and his wife has just bought a mink coat. To make matters worse, two bums are blackmailing him.
2/12/1956 Ep 20: And So Died Riabouchinska
A ventriloquist with a very lifelike puppet is accused of a murder at a vaudeville theater.
2/19/1956 Ep 21: Safe Conduct
Suspense and romance fill the travel of an American reporter returning after a visit to an Iron Curtain nation.
2/26/1956 Ep 22: Place of Shadows
A man looking for revenge goes undercover in a monastery but things do not turn out the way he planned.
3/4/1956 Ep 23: Back For Christmas
A man plans to get rid of his nagging wife — permanently.
3/11/1956 Ep 24: The Perfect Murder
Two twisted brothers scheme to speed up their inheritance by killing their aunt.
3/18/1956 Ep 25: There Was an Old Woman
An old and eccentric woman is targeted by a crooked couple who think she has a lot of money stashed away.
3/25/1956 Ep 26: Whodunit
Arthur comes back from the afterlife to find out the identity of his murderer.
4/1/1956 Ep 27: Help Wanted
A man desperate for money takes on a strange job offer.
4/8/1956 Ep 28: Portrait of Jocelyn
A man finds his disappeared wife in a painting.
4/15/1956 Ep 29: The Orderly World of Appleby
Lawrence Appleby will do anything to keep his antiques shop, even murder.
4/22/1956 Ep 30: Never Again
Karen has a problem with alcohol, one that leaves her wondering what happened the previous night.
4/29/1956 Ep 31: The Gentlemen From America
Howard Latimer accepts a peculiar bet: to spend the night at a supposedly haunted manor.
5/6/1956 Ep 32: The Baby Sitter
Lottie Slocum is excited to be the center of attention after the woman she babysits for is murdered.
5/13/1956 Ep 33: The Belfry
A jealous man kills the fiancé of his unrequited love.
5/20/1956 Ep 34: The Hidden Thing
Dana needs to find the license plate number of the car that killed his fiancée.
5/27/1956 Ep 35: The Legacy
A prince sets his eye on Irene and her money.
6/3/1956 Ep 36: Mink
A housewife buys a stolen mink for $400.
6/10/1956 Ep 37: Decoy
Gil is in love with a married singer who wants to kill her abusive husband.
6/17/1956 Ep 38: The Creeper
A serial killer known as “the strangler” terrorizes a New York neighborhood.
6/24/1956 Ep 39: Momentum
A man ends up running to the Mexican border after trying to collect money his employer owes him.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
9/30/1956 Ep 40: Wet Saturday
A vulnerable man is pinned with a murder he did not commit.
10/7/1956 Ep 41: Fog Closing In
A woman hears strange noises in her house while her husband is away on business.
10/14/1956 Ep 42: De Mortius
An old college professor decides to take action when he finds out that his wife cheated on him.
10/21/1956 Ep 43: Kill With Kindness
Fitz Oldham plans to torch his home and fake his death to collect insurance money.
10/28/1956 Ep 44: None Are So Blind
Seymour Johnson disguises himself before killing his wealthy aunt.
11/4/1956 Ep 45: Toby
Albert finds his childhood love, and she agrees to marry him.
11/11/1956 Ep 46: Alibi Me
Georgie is a gang member looking for an alibi after the death of his alter ego.
11/18/1956 Ep 47: Conversation Over a Corpse
Two sisters poison the banker who holds their mortgage.
11/25/1956 Ep 48: Crack of Doom
Mason Bridges plays poker with wealthy clients. He gambles everything he has and everything his company owns on one game.
12/2/1956 Ep 49: Jonathan
A widower remarries but his son does not take this too kindly.
12/9/1956 Ep 50: The Better Bargain
A mobster hires a hit man to kill his cheating wife and lover.
12/16/1956 Ep 51: The Rose Garden
A publisher finds more fact than fiction in an author’s text.
12/23/1956 Ep 52: Mr. Blanchard's Secret
A homemaker decides to play investigator when she starts to think that a neighbor is up to no good.
12/30/1956 Ep 53: John Brown's Body
A woman has her husband committed to a mental institution.
1/6/1957 Ep 54: Crackpot
Two newlyweds stay at the same hotel as a man with whom they got into a scuffle with earlier that day.
1/13/1957 Ep 55: Nightmare in 4-D
A husband has a vague memory of helping a woman get rid of a corpse.
1/20/1957 Ep 56: My Brother, Richard
A man kills his brother’s opponent for the governor’s office.
1/27/1957 Ep 57: The Manacled
A criminal offers $50,000 to a detective in exchange for his freedom.
2/3/1957 Ep 58: A Bottle of Wine
A judge tries to prove that his wife’s lover is a coward.
2/10/1957 Ep 59: Malice Domestic
Carl, a newlywed, suspects his wife is trying to poison him.
2/17/1957 Ep 60: Number Twenty-Two
A petty crook clashes with a hardened criminal in a jail cell.
2/24/1957 Ep 61: The End of Indian Summer
An old woman is investigation by her insurance company when she plans to get married for a third time, her previous husbands having died mysteriously.
3/3/1957 Ep 62: One for the Road
Marsha discovers that her husband has a lover and decides to poison him.
3/10/1957 Ep 63: The Cream of the Jest
An unemployed actor plays his last role.
3/17/1957 Ep 64: I Killed the Count: Part 1
Count Mattoni is brutally murdered and Scotland Yard Inspector Davidson must wade through a myriad of suspects.
3/24/1957 Ep 65: I Killed the Count: Part 2
Scotland Yard Inspector Davidson continues in his investigation of the murder of Count Mattoni. He discovers that each suspect not only appears guilty, but also that many readily admit to having committed the crime.
3/31/1957 Ep 66: I Killed the Count: Part 3
Scotland Yard Inspector Davidson discovers who killed Count Mattoni. Due to a legal loophole, however, the killer cannot be tried.
4/7/1957 Ep 67: One More Mile to Go
With the dead body of his wife in the trunk of his car, a man is hassled by police for a burnt-out taillight.
4/14/1957 Ep 68: Vicious Circle
A hit man has to choose between his childhood sweetheart and obeying his boss.
4/21/1957 Ep 69: Three Dreams of Findlater
A husband dreams constantly of a beautiful woman who prompts him to kill his wife.
4/28/1957 Ep 70: Night the World Ended
A group of newspapermen plays a joke on a man who in return decides to get payback.
5/5/1957 Ep 71: The Hands of Mr. Otterhole
A serial killer uses the heavy London fog to confuse the police.
5/12/1957 Ep 72: A Man Greatly Beloved
A newcomer refuses to allow his garden to be used for a church activity.
5/19/1957 Ep 73: Martha Mason, Movie Star
After years of being teased by her husband, a woman discovers that she looks very similar to movie star and decided to get payback.
5/26/1957 Ep 74: West Warlock Time Capsule
A taxidermist uses his art to dispose of his brother.
6/2/1957 Ep 75: Father and Son
Sam needs the money his father will not give him so his girlfriend can marry him.
6/9/1957 Ep 76: Indestructible Mr. Weems
An apparently dying man is offered the first plot at a brand-new cemetery.
6/16/1957 Ep 77: A Little Sleep
Two brothers, one of them a murderer, share a cabin with a woman.
6/23/1957 Ep 78: The Dangerous People
Two travelers carefully watch each other, thinking that the other is a psycho escaped from jail.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
10/6/1957 Ep 79: The Glass Eye
A shocking surprise awaits a woman who is about to meet her favorite star.
10/13/1957 Ep 80: Mail Order Prophet
Ronald risks his future following the predictions of a fortuneteller.
10/20/1957 Ep 81: The Perfect Crime
A famous criminologist discovers that he has sent an innocent man to jail.
10/27/1957 Ep 82: Heart of Gold
An ex-con searches for a place to stay after he is released from prison.
11/3/1957 Ep 83: Silent Witness
A toddler is the only witness to the murder of his babysitter.
11/10/1957 Ep 84: Reward to Finder
A very poor janitor finds a wallet containing $5,000.
11/17/1957 Ep 85: Enough Rope for Two
A criminal released after 10 years in imprison plans to recover his stash.
11/24/1957 Ep 86: Last Request
A longtime criminal is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.
12/1/1957 Ep 87: The Young One
A teenager’s desire to be free leads her to murder.
12/8/1957 Ep 88: The Diplomatic Corpse
A young couple tries to smuggle a corpse out of Mexico.
12/15/1957 Ep 89: The Deadly
Housewives being blackmailed by a plumber exact their revenge.
12/22/1957 Ep 90: Miss Paisley's Cat
A lonely woman learns to love a stray cat that wandered into her apartment.
12/29/1957 Ep 91: Night of the Execution
A tramp confesses to a crime. Unfortunately, the D.A. has already prosecuted another man.
1/5/1958 Ep 92: The Percentage
A young gangster tries to repay an old Army buddy by starting a business for him.
1/12/1958 Ep 93: Together
A man is trapped in an office with the body of the woman he just murdered.
1/19/1958 Ep 94: Sylvia
Sylvia will do anything to get her ex-husband back into her life.
1/26/1958 Ep 95: The Motive
Tommy Greer is a crime buff who decides to commit a motiveless murder in order to confuse the police, selecting his victim from a phone book at random.
2/2/1958 Ep 96: Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty
An elderly maid leaves the parsonage in search of her sister.
2/9/1958 Ep 97: The Equalizer
Eldon Marsh sets out to confront the man who stole his wife from him.
2/16/1958 Ep 98: On the Nose
A woman has problems staying away from the race track and it threatens her marriage.
2/23/1958 Ep 99: Guest for Breakfast
A shaky marriage is saved by a killer.
3/2/1958 Ep 100: The Return of the Hero
A war hero must choose between a new love and the girl he left behind.
3/9/1958 Ep 101: The Right Kind of a House
A woman schemes to avenge her son's death with a unique plan.
3/16/1958 Ep 102: The Foghorn
A beautiful woman meets and falls in love with a stranger at her engagement party.
3/23/1958 Ep 103: Flight to the East
A reporter goes from star to villain and then back to "star."
3/30/1958 Ep 104: Bull in a China Shop
A handsome homicide detective is befriended by four old ladies who invite him for tea and proceed to play out a variation of Arsenic and Old Lace for his benefit.
4/6/1958 Ep 105: Disappearing Trick
A gullible tennis player with a nose for snooping is scammed by a woman and her supposedly dead husband.
4/13/1958 Ep 106: Lamb to the Slaughter
A woman is surprised to learn that her husband has fallen in love with another woman.
4/20/1958 Ep 107: Fatal Figures
A bookkeeper decides to come out of anonymity by commiting a crime.
4/27/1958 Ep 108: Death Sentence
When a woman finds a bomb in her car, it convinces her that her husband loves her.
5/4/1958 Ep 109: The Festive Season
A man believes that his sister murdered his wife.
5/11/1958 Ep 110: Listen, Listen
With a rash of strangulations keeping people on edge, a man believes he knows who the murderer is, having seen the man in a dream.
5/25/1958 Ep 112: The Crocodile Case
A man murders his lover's husband to have her for himself.
6/1/1958 Ep 113: A Dip in the Pool
A man comes up with a desperate plan to win a bet while crossing the Atlantic on a liner.
6/8/1958 Ep 114: The Safe Place
A bankteller schemes the perfect plan.
6/15/1958 Ep 115: The Canary Sedan
A woman hears voices in her car when she arrives in Hong Kong to join her husband.
6/18/1958 Ep 111: Post Mortem
A woman learns that a winning sweepstakes ticket is in the suit her husband was buried in.
6/22/1958 Ep 116: The Impromptu Murder
A lawyer decides to murder one of his clients.
6/29/1958 Ep 117: Little White Frock
A producer is surprised when an actor announces his retirement plans.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
10/5/1958 Ep 118: Poison
Two plantation owners plan to break up their partnership so one of them can get married.
10/12/1958 Ep 119: Don't Interrupt
A little boy on a train tries desperately to tell someone a secret.
10/26/1958 Ep 120: The Crooked Road
A couple passing through a small town falls victim to its crooked officials.
11/2/1958 Ep 121: The $2,000,000 Defense
A desperate man makes a deal with his defense lawyer in order to get acquitted.
11/9/1958 Ep 122: Design for Loving
A man plots to get away from his wife for a while without her knowing.
11/16/1958 Ep 123: A Man With a Problem
A man stands on the ledge of a hotel while police try to talk to him.
11/23/1958 Ep 124: Safety for the Witness
A man witnesses a murder by two gangsters.
12/7/1958 Ep 125: Murder Me Twice
A woman commits murder while under hypnosis.
12/14/1958 Ep 126: Tea Time
A woman confronts the wife of a rich man and tries to convince her to give her husband a divorce.
12/21/1958 Ep 127: And the Desert Shall Blossom
Two old men face being evicted from their shack when they show no evidence of self-support.
12/28/1958 Ep 128: Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore
Two women scheme to get rid of a rich old man.
1/4/1959 Ep 129: Six People, No Music
A rich man comes back to life to ensure that his funeral is not overly ornate.
1/11/1959 Ep 130: The Morning After
A mother is shocked to learn that her daughter is having an affair with a married man.
1/18/1959 Ep 131: A Personal Matter
Two engineers fight each other and a mountain to get a tunnel built on time.
1/25/1959 Ep 132: Out There - Darkness
A woman refuses to lend a man $50 to help his girlfriend.
2/1/1959 Ep 133: Total Loss
A woman has problems keeping her husband's company solvent after his death.
2/8/1959 Ep 134: The Last Dark Step
A man tries to get away from one woman so he can marry another.
2/15/1959 Ep 135: The Morning of the Bride
A young woman is apprehensive about meeting her future mother-in-law for the first time.
2/22/1959 Ep 136: The Diamond Necklace
A man is told he has to retire from his job at the jewelry store where he has worked most of his life.
3/1/1959 Ep 137: Relative Value
A young man schemes to become the sole heir to his rich uncle's estate.
3/8/1959 Ep 138: The Right Price
A burglar bargains with his victim when he discovers robbery will not be very profitable.
3/15/1959 Ep 139: I'll Take Care of You
A used car salesman is driven to murder by his big-spending wife.
3/22/1959 Ep 140: The Avon Emeralds
A Scotland Yard detective is assigned to tail a woman and prevent her from smuggling jewels out of England.
3/29/1959 Ep 141: The Kind Waitress
A waitress and her boyfriend plan the death of an elderly rich guest.
4/5/1959 Ep 142: Cheap Is Cheap
A miserly man is appalled to discover his wife is planning to spend his life's savings.
4/12/1959 Ep 143: The Waxwork
A reporter decides to stay overnight in the Murderers' Den of a wax museum.
4/19/1959 Ep 144: The Impossible Dream
A woman's dream comes true when she witnesses a murder.
5/3/1959 Ep 145: Banquo's Chair
A suspected murderer is put through a little hoax by Scotland Yard to make him confess.
5/10/1959 Ep 146: A Night With the Boys
A man loses his paycheck in a poker game and doesn't know how to face his wife.
5/17/1959 Ep 147: Your Witness
A woman is dissatisfied with her life with a prominent attorney.
5/31/1959 Ep 148: The Dusty Drawers
A man seeks revenge on a bank clerk who once stole money from him.
6/7/1959 Ep 149: A True Account
A woman consults an attorney about her husband, whom she believes is a murderer.
6/14/1959 Ep 150: Touché
A man is enraged when he learns that his wife is unfaithful.
6/21/1959 Ep 151: Invitation to an Accident
A man tries to tell another man that his wife is cheating on him.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
9/27/1959 Ep 152: Arthur
A chicken farmer murders his gold-digging girlfriend but the police can't convict him without the body.
10/4/1959 Ep 153: The Crystal Trench
A woman heads for the mountain in Switzerland on which her husband died while climbing.
10/11/1959 Ep 154: Appointment at Eleven
An angry young man accurately predicts an impending death.
10/18/1959 Ep 155: Coyote Moon
A man seeks revenge after being robbed by hitchhikers.
10/25/1959 Ep 156: No Pain
A man destined to live in an iron lung learns that his wife has been unfaithful to him.
11/1/1959 Ep 157: Anniversary Gift
A man tries to murder his rich wife by giving her a poisonous snake.
11/8/1959 Ep 158: Dry Run
A syndicate boss decides to test an ambitious young man to see if he's good enough to join him.
11/15/1959 Ep 159: The Blessington Method
A unique society has a different method for preparing for the future.
11/22/1959 Ep 160: Dead Weight
A man's plan to rid himself of a blackmailer backfires.
11/29/1959 Ep 161: Special Delivery
A little boy's hobby of growing mushrooms in his cellar turns into a nightmare.
12/6/1959 Ep 162: Road Hog
A businessman is responsible for a death when he refuses to allow a truck to pass him on a narrow road.
12/13/1959 Ep 163: Specialty of the House
A restaurant is specialized in "serving" its costumers very well.
12/20/1959 Ep 164: An Occurrence at Owl Creek
A Southerner is about to be hanged for attempting to destroy a bridge vital to the Union's advance.
12/27/1959 Ep 165: Graduating Class
A teacher gets too involved in the life of one of her students.
1/3/1960 Ep 166: Man From the South
An intriguing bet is accepted by an out-of-luck gambler.
1/10/1960 Ep 167: The Ikon of Elijah
A man's dream of wealth takes form when he learns of a treasure buried in the mountains.
1/24/1960 Ep 168: The Cure
A South American native helps his boss' wife when it's evident that she needs a shrink.
1/31/1960 Ep 169: Backward, Turn Backward
When a man is murdered, suspicion falls on his daughter's suitor.
2/7/1960 Ep 170: Not the Running Type
A man has an interesting way of making a small fortune.
2/14/1960 Ep 171: The Day of the Bullet
When a friend is killed, a man reminisces about an incident in their past.
2/21/1960 Ep 172: Hitch Hike
A businessman has second thoughts about having picked up a hitchhiker.
2/28/1960 Ep 173: Across the Threshold
An overly possessive mother takes charge of her bachelor son's life.
3/6/1960 Ep 174: Craig's Will
A woman's desire to marry into a rich family gets her into more trouble than she can handle.
3/27/1960 Ep 175: Madame Mystery
A man creates a successful publicity campaign to advertise his new movie.
4/3/1960 Ep 176: Little Man Who Was There
A little man comes into a mining town with surprising results.
4/10/1960 Ep 177: Mother, May I Go to Swim?
A young man tries desperately to free himself from the women who would control his life.
4/17/1960 Ep 178: The Cuckoo Clock
An escaped mental patient terrorizes a woman left alone in a remote cottage.
4/24/1960 Ep 179: Forty Detectives Later
A man's search for his wife's murderer leads to a small hotel room.
5/1/1960 Ep 180: The Hero
Two men meet aboard a ship at sea, and one of them is sure he knows the other.
5/8/1960 Ep 181: Insomnia
A man seeks an end to the insomnia that is ruining his life.
5/15/1960 Ep 182: I Can Take Care Of Myself
When a man and his girlfriend run afoul of a gangster, they find their lives in danger.
5/22/1960 Ep 183: One Grave Too Many
A man is ridden with guilt after he takes a wallet from a heart attack victim.
5/29/1960 Ep 184: Party Line
A woman shares a party line with two nosy neighbors.
6/5/1960 Ep 185: Cell 227
An innocent man faces death in the gas chamber for the death of a girl.
6/12/1960 Ep 186: Schartz-Metterklume Method
The arrival of a governess at the Wellington household has surprising results.
6/19/1960 Ep 187: Letter of Credit
A researcher comes to a small-town bank to find out what happened at a robbery years earlier.
6/26/1960 Ep 188: Escape to Sonoita
Two kidnappers find a tanker in the middle of the desert and decide to make their escape in it.
9/25/1960 Ep 189: Hooked
A man schemes with a young woman to get rid of his wealthy wife.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
4/4/1961 Ep 213: The Museum Piece
A museum piece causes problems for a curious visitor.
9/27/1960 Ep 190: Mrs. Bixby And the Colonel's Coat
A woman is heartbroken when she is forced to end her affair with a colonel.
10/4/1960 Ep 191: The Doubtful Doctor
A man relates an unusual situation to his doctor.
10/11/1960 Ep 192: A Very Moral Theft
A desperate man tries to save his company from bankruptcy.
10/18/1960 Ep 193: The Contest for Aaron Gold
A young man devotes his entire stay at a summer camp to modeling a one-armed clay knight.
10/25/1960 Ep 194: The Five-Forty-Eight
A philandering senior manager finds himself being stalked by a previous secretary.
11/1/1960 Ep 195: Pen Pal
With the law one step ahead of him, runaway prisoner Rod Collins searches for the pen pal he plans to wed.
11/22/1960 Ep 196: O, Youth and Beauty!
Cash Bentley frantically clings to his youth, even if it means proving he can do exhausting corporal calisthenics.
11/29/1960 Ep 197: The Money
Pushed by his girlfriend, Larry Chetnick plans to rob his company.
12/6/1960 Ep 198: Sybilla
A man begins to resent having married his wife and decides to do something about it.
12/13/1960 Ep 199: The Man With Two Faces
A widow sees her son-in-law's photograph among law enforcement mug shots.
12/20/1960 Ep 200: The Baby Blue Expression
Philip Weaver concocts a scheme to murder his employer.
12/27/1960 Ep 201: Man Who Found Money
Traveler William Benson learns the hard way that integrity may not always be the best strategy.
1/3/1961 Ep 202: The Changing Heart
Dane Ross falls in love with a gorgeous lady who has an eccentric reliance on her watchmaker grandfather.
1/10/1961 Ep 203: Summer Shade
A young couple moves to a new town and discovers that their child seems to be the only one around.
1/24/1961 Ep 204: A Crime for Mothers
An alcoholic woman threatens to take her daughter from the guardianship of her foster parents.
1/31/1961 Ep 205: The Last Escape
A practical joke has a devastating effect on an adulterous spouse.
2/14/1961 Ep 206: Greatest Monster of Them All
A horror-film actor plans payback after an incompetent director ruins his comeback.
2/21/1961 Ep 207: The Landlady
A bank clerk secures accommodation at an apparently uninhabited rooming residence run by a peculiar old woman.
2/28/1961 Ep 208: The Throwback
Immature Elliott Gray challenges a much older gentleman for the hand of Enid Patterson.
3/7/1961 Ep 209: The Kiss-Off
After spending six years in prison for a robbery he didn't commit, a man decides to get even.
3/14/1961 Ep 210: The Horse Player
After a man turns to prayer, he starts to win at the races.
3/21/1961 Ep 211: Incident in a Small Jail
In prison for jaywalking, a salesman finds himself locked in a cell with an accused murderer.
3/28/1961 Ep 212: A Woman's Help
After falling in love with his invalid wife's nurse, a man schemes to get rid of his wife altogether.
4/11/1961 Ep 214: Coming, Mama
A woman begins to realize that her mother has no intentions of cutting her from her apron strings.
4/18/1961 Ep 215: Deathmate
An older woman tries to convince her young lover to end her husband's life.
4/25/1961 Ep 216: Gratitude
When the syndicate turns against the owner of a casino, he fears for his life.
5/2/1961 Ep 217: The Pearl Necklace
A young man convinces his girlfriend to accept the marriage proposal from an old, sick and very rich man.
5/9/1961 Ep 218: You Can't Trust a Man
Guilt and fear plague a woman when her husband returns from prison after serving time for a crime she committed.
5/16/1961 Ep 219: A Gloating Place
Susan Harper craves attention so desperately that she makes up a story about being attacked by a man.
5/23/1961 Ep 220: Self Defense
Bravery is not a man's only motivation when he picks up a weapon and goes after a liquor store robber.
5/31/1961 Ep 221: A Secret Life
A man hires a detective to follow his wife in hopes of finding grounds for divorce.
6/6/1961 Ep 222: Servant Problem
A writer is shocked and far from happy when his long-missing wife reappears.
6/13/1961 Ep 223: Coming Home
A man just released from prison becomes desperate when his stash of money disappears.
6/20/1961 Ep 224: Final Arrangements
A man decides to get away from his nagging, invalid wife once and for all.
6/27/1961 Ep 225: Make My Death Bed
It is New Year's Eve and Mr. Taylor's resolution is to end Mrs. Taylor's extramarital flirtations.
7/4/1961 Ep 226: Ambition
D.A. Rudolf Cox expects to get a politically valuable conviction with the help of stool pigeon Lou Heinz.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
??? Ep 263: Sorcerer's Apprentice
An unfaithful woman plans to get rid of her husband with the help of a stranded young man. (This episode was deemed too horrifying by a sponsor and was not broadcast until the series was sold into syndication.)
10/10/1961 Ep 227: The Hatbox
Two young men suspect one of their professors of murdering his wife.
10/17/1961 Ep 228: Bang, You're Dead
A boy believes the gun he found was meant for him.
10/24/1961 Ep 229: Maria
A carnival man buys a monkey to use in his act, but the "monkey" doesn't like being used.
10/31/1961 Ep 230: Cop For a Day
Two crooks rob a bank messenger but don't manage to make a clean getaway.
11/7/1961 Ep 231: Keep Me Company
A woman's desire for company proves disastrous for her husband.
11/14/1961 Ep 232: Beta Delta Gamma
A fraternity beach party takes a grim turn when a practical joke gets out of hand.
11/21/1961 Ep 233: You Can't Be Little Girl All Your Life
After a woman is attacked, she tries to hide from the incident.
11/28/1961 Ep 234: The Old Pro
A professional killer tries to retire from his job.
12/5/1961 Ep 235: I Spy
A man hires a detective to follow his estranged wife, who he believes is seeing another man.
12/12/1961 Ep 236: Services Rendered
After getting hit on the head, a young man suffers from amnesia.
12/19/1961 Ep 237: The Right Kind of Medicine
A bank robber with a bullet wound receives the wrong medicine from an old pharmacist.
12/26/1961 Ep 238: A Jury of Her Peers
A sheriff suspects the wife of a murdered man to be his killer.
1/2/1962 Ep 239: The Silk Petticoat
A man plans to remarry after the death of his first wife.
1/9/1962 Ep 240: Bad Actor
An actor is outraged when another man gets the part he wanted.
1/16/1962 Ep 241: The Door Without a Key
An old man with amnesia and a young boy with no one find each other in a police station.
1/23/1962 Ep 242: The Case of M.J.H.
A small-time crook cooks up a scheme for getting rich quick.
1/30/1962 Ep 243: Faith of Aaron Menefee
A man's belief in a faith healer leads to an interesting situation for both of them.
2/6/1962 Ep 244: Woman Who Wanted to Live
On the run from the law, an escaped convict kidnaps a young woman.
2/13/1962 Ep 245: Strange Miracle
A man plans to cheat an insurance company out of a large amount of money.
2/20/1962 Ep 246: The Test
An attorney seeks the truth more for his own satisfaction than the pursuit of justice.
2/27/1962 Ep 247: Burglar Proof
An advertising executive is on the verge of being fired when he can't sell a new product.
3/6/1962 Ep 248: The Big Score
A teenage gang of robbers hits one household too many.
3/13/1962 Ep 249: Profit-Sharing Plan
A man's plan to run away with his company's funds encounters a small hitch.
3/20/1962 Ep 250: Apex
A man and his lover decide to get rid of his wife.
3/27/1962 Ep 251: The Last Remains
A man tries to hide the murder of his business partner.
4/3/1962 Ep 252: The Ten O'Clock Tiger
A seedy character comes up with an amazing formula and then puts it to good use.
4/17/1962 Ep 253: The Kerry Blue
A man's love for his pet dog leads to disaster.
4/24/1962 Ep 254: The Matched Pearl
A successful jewelry shop owner sells a rare black pearl to a wealthy client.
5/8/1962 Ep 255: Most Likely to Succeed
Two old college friends meet again after a long separation.
5/15/1962 Ep 256: Victim Four
A husband searches desperately for his wife in a neighborhood where numerous murders have been committed.
5/22/1962 Ep 257: Golden Opportunity
A man's plan to leave his wife takes a turn he didn't foresee.
5/29/1962 Ep 258: The Twelve Hour Caper
A meek clerk plots with his companions to rob the investment firm for which he works.
6/5/1962 Ep 259: Children of Alda Nuova
A man disappears while visiting little-known tourist attractions in Italy.
6/12/1962 Ep 260: First Class Honeymoon
A man makes a deal with a friend to keep from having to pay his wife alimony.
6/19/1962 Ep 261: The Big Kick
A man decides to demonstrate to his new girlfriend how he gets his kicks.
6/26/1962 Ep 262: Where Beauty Lies
A woman strives to keep her brother from running her life.