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A recently married white couple becomes the guardians of a diminutive black child who had recently been orphaned.

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24 min
S1E1 Another Ballgame After the untimely death of a young boy's parents, he is...
24 min
S1E3 Consulting Adults Webster tries out for the football team. Katherine is...
24 min
S1E4 Kathryn's Swan Song Katherine wants to get some attention from Webster and...
24 min
S1E6 Green-Eyed Monster Katherine fears that she is getting old because George...
24 min
S1E8 Travis It is revealed to George and Katherine why Travis,...
23 min
S1E10 Educating Katherine Katherine gets a taste of the worst being a volunteer art...
24 min
S1E11 Teddy Bear Scare George and Katherine both try and persuade Webster that...
24 min
S1E12 A Question of Honor All the blame goes to Webster when his friends try to rob...
24 min
S1E13 Don't Jump George Katherine is too obsessed with winning when she appears...
24 min
S1E14 George, the Patient in Spite of Himself Webster has to have his tonsils out, so he tries to be...
23 min
S1E17 Secrets of the Night Webster battles a bed-wetting problem.
22 min
S1E21 Dreamland Webster gets nightmares because the teacher he has a...
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