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12 minor goofs you never noticed on 'Hogan's Heroes'

Calling attention to tiny mistakes from palm trees to parachutes.

15 major stars almost cast in iconic classic TV roles

Famous faces we almost knew as Spock, Gilligan, Fonzie and more.

8 classic TV characters who were recast in reunion movies

Hey… that's not the real Ginger!

13 fascinating facts about ‘The Wonderful World of Disney’

Connect the pioneering anthology series to disco, Dick Van Dyke, the Muppets and more.

Here are the voices behind your favorite animated Christmas specials

Find out which beloved holiday characters were voiced by actors behind Tony the Tiger and classic Twilight Zone episodes.

Watch: This scene from the 'Wonder Woman' movie is a tribute to Lynda Carter's earlier role

The movie moment where Diana Prince meets Steve Trevor was likely strikingly familiar for fans of TV's Wonder Woman.

Here's what's on the ground in 'The Jetsons'

Hobos, birds, concrete and parks can be found on the surface of the Jetson's world.

Here's what Spock was originally going to look like on 'Star Trek'

Can you picture Spock as a red devil? We did.

12 fascinating facts about 'Brian's Song'

Connecting 'Brian's Song' to 'Bewitched,' 'Purple Rain' 'Roots' and more.

The most deceptively dangerous stuffed toys kids cuddled in the 1980s

Warning: This may squeeze all the fun out of your favorite '80s plushies.

Before David Cassidy was squeaky-clean Keith Partridge, he was a convincing teen rebel

The memory of these early roles quickly faded once Keith Partridge found the spotlight.

What ever happened to the cast of 'Dobie Gillis'?

Sure, you know about Gilligan, but other cast members became politicians, album cover stars and directors.

6 fascinating failed and forgotten TV series from Desilu Productions

Lucille Ball gave the world 'I Love Lucy' and 'Star Trek.' Here are the overlooked shows of her pioneering studio.

Chuck Connors was also an awesome bad guy

From Lucas McCain to… blades for a hand?!

10 fantastic facts about 'Fantasy Island'

These facts are just "de plane" truth.

6 failed Hanna-Barbera concepts that never made it as TV shows

Not everything could be The Flintstones, not even The Blackstones.

Here's why this episode of 'Wagon Train' should be every Western fan's absolute favorite

John Ford owed Ward Bond a favor, and the rest is TV Western history.

10 fascinating facts about 'The Carol Burnett Show'

She fell down the stairs six times to bring you one of TV's funniest moments.

You'd never recognize the world's most popular soft drinks by these original names

Nothing beats the refreshing taste of Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda!

You never realized these 11 notable actors voiced Justice League superheroes in cartoons

Which game show host was Superman? Which 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' star played a bad guy?

Rod Serling's childhood carousel gets a perfect 'Twilight Zone' makeover

Watch the video to see the carousel that inspired terror delve even further into the Twilight Zone.

The country's most popular candies were all invented before 1980

Proving once and for all that nothing's as sweet as your childhood memories.

'The Andy Griffith Show' actress Betty Lynn once got robbed in the real Mayberry

The thief was thankfully caught, jailed and not given the key.

See inside the factory where Lucy and Ethel trained for iconic "Job Switching" episode

Was See's Candies a staple of your childhood?

George Maharis intentionally blinded himself for this episode of 'Route 66'

Eat your heart out, Jared Leto.

Do you dream in black and white? If you grew up before color TV, you might.

A new study says watching black-and-white TV shows can lead you to dream in greyscale.

Legendary sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov picked apart 'ALF' in 1987

"One is lost in admiration at this leap of fantasy."

'Perry Mason' is filled with some of the most beautiful cars ever made

Perry and co. cruised in some sweet Caddies, Corvettes, Thunderbirds and more.

'A Nightmare on Elm Street' was shot on 'I Love Lucy' and 'The Andy Griffith Show' stages

Desilu, Freddy's coming for you!

In 1975, the Wicked Witch went on 'Mister Rogers' so kids would not be afraid of her

Watch 'Wizard of Oz' actress Margaret Hamilton sit down with Fred Rogers to talk make believe.

10 super-rare cars people won on 'The Price Is Right' in the '50s and '60s

From the King Midget to massive Lincolns, these cars made contestants lose their minds.

Remember the short-lived 1990s 'Amazing Stories' spin-off 'Family Dog'?

The quirkiest character to come out of 'Amazing Stories' has been largely forgotten.

5 Star Trek Easter eggs you may have missed in ‘Discovery’

Do you suspect a remake of “The Trouble with Tribbles?”

How 'Hawaii Five-O' led crime dramas to shoot in the best locations

They're booking criminals, but we're thinking vacation.

Did you know McGruff the crime dog was modeled after Columbo?

Take a bite out of crime - and perhaps a trenchcoat from Columbo.

Barbara Eden reveals how she almost chose 'Lucy' over 'I Dream of Jeannie'

When Lucy met Jeannie, both sparkles and sparks flew.

What ever happened to the family from 'Step by Step'?

Let's take a second time around to check in on favorite stars of 'Step by Step.'

How Johnny Carson indirectly caused the death of 'Mannix'

Late-night reruns of the action show led to a tug of war between two networks.

How the TGIF sitcom block brought a capital ''G'' to families on Friday nights

Not-so-subtle morality played a big part in ABC's 1990s success.

What ever happened to Andromeda, the young Martian on 'My Favorite Martian'?

In its third season, the sitcom added Wayne Stam to its cast. He disappeared without mention an episode later. Here is his story.

This 'Twilight Zone' episode was the first modern-day zombie appearance on a TV show

Rod Serling had the braaaaains to start giving the undead air time in 1964.

12 fascinating facts about 'Dennis the Menace'

When Beaver moved to ABC, Dennis became CBS' new 'it' kid.

Gaze upon the oldest jean jacket still in existence

Don't tell Joe Cartwright, but his jean jacket doesn't exactly fit.

10 reasons Jack Lord was truly the most interesting man on television

Painter, poet, sailor, salesman, singer — the 'Hawaii Five-O' star was a true renaissance man.

Were characters on 'The Andy Griffith Show' named after small towns in North Carolina?

Taylorsville, Crumpler, Lawsonville, Campbell… just a short drive from the real-life Mayberry.

This forgotten 1940s TV show was essentially the original 'Antiques Roadshow'

For early collectors, this show sparked a new form of 'must-see TV.'

10 times Garry Marshall snuck into background scenes of classic TV shows

Our favorite glimpses of hit series creator, and occasional TV drummer, Garry Marshall.

12 celebrities who were 'Touched by an Angel' before they were stars

Jack Black, Shia LeBeouf and Brie Larson landed early roles on this tender TV drama.

Many classic TV and movie props were just toys

With a little imagination, some paint and glue, some of the decade's hottest toys could be turned into props.

See photos from the final days of the now-demolished cruise ships used in 'The Love Boat'

Come aboard. We're expecting you.