Wonder Woman mixed with Star Wars and cosplayers in "Spaced Out"

Sand People and X-Wing pilots rub shoulders with Robby the Robot and Wonder Woman when Diana Prince visits a Comic-Con in 1979.

Every year, thousands of full-grown adults slip on spandex and dress as their favorite superheroes and sci-fi characters in convention centers around the globe. Comic-Cons are a major part of pop culture these days, and they seem like a modern phenomenon.

Yet the practice of cosplay and comic book conventions dates back to the 1960s, and by the 1970s fans were wearing elaborate outfits and lining up to meet William Shatner. This is no more evident than in "Spaced Out," a nerd-delighting episode in season three of Wonder Woman.

In that latter story, set in the disco-filled era of 1979, Diana Prince tracks down aerospace lenses to the Space Questicon at Los Angeles' Hotel Le Baron. There we meet the Batman-like Black Avenger.

He is a cool vigilante, but the real draw here for fantasy fans is the plethora of other licensed characters from the world of sci-fi.

True to the real world of the late Seventies (and, well, 2015), Star Wars is all the rage. In one establishing montage, we see an Imperial, a X-Wing pilot and one of the Sand People. The costumes are incredibly detailed. Check them out.

Additionally, Robby the Robot turns up and gets in the midst of a fight in a theater.

We're not sure who this golden goddess is meant to be, but we appreciate any outfit involving a football helmet and pounds of glitter.

You can see "Spaced Out" this weekend at 8PM | 7C as part of MeTV's Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night!

Bonus: A Mars Attacks alien! Hey… Is that a Trekkie with a lightsaber?

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