What TV show would you take to Mars?

Matt Damon entertains himself with 'Happy Days' in 'The Martian.' What would you watch?

Mars is having a big week. First, water was found on the neighboring orb, making the Red Planet not as inhospitable as once thought. Over the weekend, the Matt Damon film The Martian, based on the bestselling novel, raked in serious space-budget money at the box office. Though the movie takes place sometime in the near future, it is riddled with 1970s pop culture references and music.

Disco is featured throughout, as part of a running joke. (Frankly, hey, we don't find disco to be a joke, but to each his own.) Also, Damon's stranded botanist character kills time on Mars by watching Happy Days in the astronauts' habitat. It's not exactly a spoiler to reveal this. The theme song even plays. When he poses for a picture for NASA, Damon gives a Fonzie thumbs up with an, "Aaaaaayyyyyyyy!"

So that got us thinking: Which television series would you want stranded with you on Mars and why? Sure, if we can send humans to mars, we can probably load up dozens of TV shows for the trip, but let's pretend you can only have one. 

We'd want a show that had humor to keep our mood lifted. We'd want a large cast to bring multiple personalities into our lonely life. We'd want a story that also said something about the human spirit. M*A*S*H seems pretty apt, no?

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Snickers 10 months ago
I would take Star Trek myself or maybe Lost in Space or My Favorite Martian.
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