We made 28 business cards for classic TV characters

Because Mary Richards and the Skipper deserve it.

Television has created characters across all walks of life, setting shows in seemingly every industry. There have been popular sitcoms about brewery employees, news reporters, Civil War officers and psychiatrists. Superheroes of the small screen have had secret identities as rich businessmen, government agents and scientists.

Surely, all these people need business cards. We figured we'd make them ourselves. 

We picked beloved characters from MeTV shows and designed some branding for them to carry around in their fictional wallets. So, sure, they might not have carried business cards in the Wild West, but it's fun to pretend. 

See if you can name all the shows referenced below. Some are obvious, some not so much. We have the answers below.

Illustration: Jeannine Riske

Ricky Ricardo, I Love Lucy

Mary Richards, The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Bruce Wayne, Batman

Perry Mason, Perry Mason

Lois Lane, Adventures of Superman

Sam Malone, Cheers

Frasier Crane, Cheers

Gabe Kotter, Welcome Back, Kotter

Svengoolie, Svengoolie

Julie McCoy, The Love Boat

Jim Rockford, The Rockford Files

Mike Brady, The Brady Bunch

David Banner, The Incredible Hulk

Shirley Feeney, Laverne & Shirley

Oscar Madison, The Odd Couple

Columbo, Columbo

John Gage, Emergency!

Jed Clampett, The Beverly Hillbillies

Jane, F Troop

The Skipper, Gilligan's Island

Doris Martin, The Doris Day Show

Mrs. Wiggins, Carol Burnett and Friends

Bones, Star Trek

Mr. Belding, Saved by the Bell

Diana Prince, Wonder Woman

Miss Kitty, Gunsmoke

Lucy Carmichael, The Lucy Show

Uncle Joe, Petticoat Junction

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