These vintage airline playing cards say everything about the 1960s

Can we go back in time just to play solitaire in the sky?

As the blackjack hand up top demonstrates, nothing quite sums up the Mad Men era quite like steak, cigarettes and groovy bygone airlines. These sharp playing cards came to our attention courtesy of The deck was designed for Braniff Airlines by pop art master Alexander Girard, whose design works for Herman Miller furnishings and the La Fonda del Sol restaurant in New York can now be seen in modern art museums. 

In 1965, Girard began rebranding Braniff Airlines, the ultimate air carrier of the era. We are admittedly a bit obsessed with Braniff, from the company's sci-fi fashion to its gorgeous advertising. Based in Texas, Braniff International Airways flew to many Central and South American countries, which explains why these delightful playing cards double as Spanish and Portuguese language primers. Here are some of our favorite.

First we should note that the packs and back were beautiful.

Back then, you had to remember far more than your camera to take a picture. And how many times did passengers slip a four of hearts to a flight attendant in the swingin' sixties?

Here's when you've been dealt one over, and we don't mean blackjack. Okay, we also mean blackjack.

Head to Flashbak to see more cards.

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