15 vintage Christmas ads you would never see today

Say it ain't so, Santa.

Times change, culture shifts. Nowhere is that more evident than in advertising. After all, Madison Avenue is the place that helped define the times. We love looking back at old ads. Sometimes they're quaint, sometimes they're comical and every so often they're a little unsettling. That's even true when it comes to the holidays. 

Here are some strange or obsolete print advertisements you would not find in a modern magazine.

Lucky Strike

Image: menstyle.cz

Is it just us or does that look like Jack Palance?


Image: sallydelsteincollage.com / envisioningtheamericandream

Santa seemingly wasn't very picky when it came to his brand of smokes.


Image: popsugar

Finishing unwrapping your presents? Good, now clean up.

Karo Syrup

Image: weburbanist

Nothing builds sturdy bodies like spoonfuls of corn syrup.

Microsheen Shoe Polish

Image: fooyoh

This one would even make the writers of "Santa Baby" blush.


Image: johnwilliamson.com / oddee.com

He's been saving his pennies in a piggy bank for his first stogie.


Image: saltycotton / Flickr

Well, the little ones won't get to sleep if they're sucking down bottles of soda on the staircase all night.

Smith-Corona Typewriters

Image: ggarddenour / eBay

Where's the button for emojis?

Westinghouse Light Bulbs

Image: Linda Leepa / Pinterest

For skin as well done as the ham.

Arrow Shirts

Image: jonwilliamson

Well that got dark.

Scotch Hair Set Tape

Image: Cracked

We prefer to get through the holidays without thinking of beheading.

Tareyton Cigarettes

Image: vintag.es

This guy was not getting a job at the local mall.

Community Silverware

Image: Melody Durbin / Pinterest

Wait, this was a Twilight Zone episode, right? "Night of the Spoons"?

Kenner's Daddy Saddle

Image: Kenner Collector

The gift that keeps on giving… chronic back problems.

Zippo Lighters

Image: table-lighters

Don't rob Santa! He'll give you stuff if you ask nicely.

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