The M*A*S*H quiz results are in and most of you are Hawkeye

A week ago, we asked you all, Which M*A*S*H character are you? Now that we have copious amounts of results to sift through, we can say with some certainty how MeTV Nation breaks down personality wise.

Here are the results:

Hawkeye Pierce: 24%
B.J. Hunnitcutt: 19.6%
Radar O'Reilly: 15.8%
Trapper John: 12%
Klinger: 11.4%
Hot Lips Houlihan: 7.7%
Col. Potter: 4.6%
Henry Blake: 4.4%
Frank Burns: .5%

Nearly a quarter of respondents identify with Alan Alda's charming lead, the quick witted and caring Hawkeye. Frank brings up the rear, gathering less than one percent of the audience, which is probably for the best, as he was a rather terrible surgeon.

Have you not yet taken our quiz? Head here and answer 15 questions. It's pretty scientific.

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