The invisible jet will be in the Wonder Woman movie — and can live on your desktop

While you wait for the super hero's big screen debut, collect an adorable figure of Wonder Woman in her awesome plane.

Recently, we listed nine things we want to see in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, which is due in 2017. Well, thankfully, we can tick off No. 2, according to rumor. The movie gossip website JoBlo is reporting that Wonder Woman's invible jet will "appear" in the upcoming blockbuster. Supposedly, Diana and Steve Trevor fly away from Paradise Island in the transparent airplane. Hey, that ticks off another of our wishes!

Other leaks to take with a big grain of salt include the film's villains (Ares and Circe) and setting (modern day and World War I). We have already picked apart the costume, now we can't wait to see how the new story stacks up against the Lynda Carter series.

Before Wonder Woman makes her big screen debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, lots of merchandise will hit shelves. Thankfully, much of it is in the classic 1970s style of the character.

Vinyl Sugar is making the adorable figure pictured above as part of its Dorbz line. You can preorder it now for $19.99, though it won't arrive until January 2016, in case you were hoping for a stocking stuffer.

Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night fans should also be aware of the cute Batmobile figure.

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