Buy a home in suburban Houston with a Star Trek Enterprise interior

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Friendswood, Texas, is a pleasant community lying southeast of Houston.

Star Trek

  • 10/23 10:00PMFor the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
    "The Enterprise must deflect an asteroid on a collision course with an inhabited planet, but discover the asteroid is a spaceship with a population unaware of the outside world."
  • 10/30 10:00PMCatspaw
    "When a landing party disappears and one man is beamed up dead, Kirk and Spock investigate and meet a pair of aliens who seem capable of performing magic."
*available in most MeTV markets
There you can find large homes in the seven figures like this one, with four bedrooms, three and a half baths, hardwood floors, a castle themed master, an indoor pool and… wait, is that the bridge of the Starship Enterprise?

When you get to the 22nd of slide of the slideshow in the real estate listing, suddenly you are thrown from suburbian into the world of Star Trek. As the listing proclaims, "Spend hours watching blockbusters in your recreated Star Trek USS Enterprise Media room above the garage." 

The room comes complete with sleeping pod, computers, glowing bench seating, chrome bathroom, and a massive screen to watch Star Trek. The house was built in 2008. Take a tour with the photos below. Check out more of the property on Zillow.

The original Star Trek series begins again from episode one this Saturday on MeTV!

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