Stop everything and watch this delightful remake of the 'Laverne & Shirley' opening credits

They're doing it their way.

Georgia Beer Garden

When it comes to famous opening credits sequences, Laverne & Shirley stands as one of the brightest. It's the perfect opening for the quintessential 1970s sitcom, with a lot of running around, smirks and laughing as two women just try to get through the day. 

Recently, two men realized the potential of the uplifting sequence and decided to recreate it to celebrate the opening of their beer garden in Atlanta. 

The results are hilarious. 

Business partners Johnny Martinez and Brandon Ley created the shot-for-shot remake to promote the launch of Georgia Beer Garden, a restaurant and bar that took the men nearly a year to complete. 

The video, however, took two days to film at the nearby SweetWater Brewing Company.

"From the very beginning we kept joking that we wanted to recreate the opening of Laverne & Shirley," Ley told myAJC. "Laverne and Shirley is a good illustration of how we interact."

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