10 gone, groovy shampoos of the 1960s

Did you put Minipoo in your beehive?

Hairstyles of the 1960s were big, sturdy and beautiful. It took some serious products to keep up those beehives, hold those bouffants and shine those bobs.

Here are some popular shampoo brands from the decade, as featured in some wonderfully retro advertisements and packaging. Do you remember any of these names?

1. White Rain

White Rain branded itself as "the first and only crystal-clean liquid shampoo." It would take Pepsi three decades to rip off the idea.

Image: Christian Montone / Flickr

2. Minipoo Dry Shampoo

Stop that snickering. This dry shampoo is so iconic, it's in a museum.

Image: Smithsonian / National Museum of American History

3. Mini-Mist

Another dry shampoo, Mini-Mist aimed for girls heading out into the Summer of Love with this groovy design.

Image: Grooveland / Tumblr

4. Halo

"A beauty bath for your hair," Halo dates back to the late 1930s, when it was offered as a revolutionary alternative to soaping up your scalp. "Soaping dulls hair, while Halo glorifies it," sang celebs like Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee.

Image: atthemanse.wordpress.com

5. Lustre-Creme

Lustre-Creme was another brand fortunate enough to rope in iconic stars as pitch people. Marilyn Monroe featured in their 1950s ads. Here is Debbie Reynolds, promoting her film The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

Image: Whimzy Treasures / tias.com

6. … and then it turned pink.

So mod! Lustre-Creme tickled itself pink proclaiming itself as "the one shampoo made just for girls." Just looking at this makes us want to dance the Swim.

Image: beatnikdaddio / Tumblr

7. Vaseline

Is it just us or is that guy dressed like Captain Kirk?

Image: Andrew Sandoval / Pinterest

8. Breck

Few brands were bigger than Breck. Screen idols like Patty Duke promoted the shampoo. Mad Magazine parodied the stuff with its mock "Blecch" shampoo ad featuring Ringo Starr.

Image: Classic Film / Flickr

9. Grey Charm

Women loved it. Cats? Not so much, it seems.

Image: Found in Mom's Basement

10. Prell

How many people mistakenly brushed their teeth with this?

Image: Web Debris

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KathyMcKinny 29 months ago
Shirley uses Minipoo on Laverne & Shirley
DarioWiter 38 months ago
Breck shampoo was too perfumy and gooey, while Prell shampoo gives you dandruff!
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